"Honey" and "Millie"

Honey (right) and Millie (left) our beautiful Boxer girls have both had puppies by the same dog "Henry"

Honey and Millie have been remated to Henry for 2009 puppies see details

Dawdlers Rosie Red (Honey)  Pedigree  

Honey's pups arrived today 17th July but did not go quite to plan as she had to have a caesarean as 2nd puppy got stuck as too big. she also had 2 other puppies that had died and were being re-absorbed.  Thankfully she has 2 healthy pups a dark red dog and a dark brindle bitch. See photos below. Sadly the little dog had a cleft pallet and had to be PTS.

       Seconds out Round Two (Millie) Pedigree
Millie started her first stage labour at about 6.30pm Monday 21st July and delivered her first puppy at 06.10am on Tuesday 22nd July.  First to arrive was an all white dog! Followed by another 8 puppies with the last being born at 11.40am.  She had 5 Whites (one with a large brindle patch over one eye) and 3 flashy brindles and 1 flashy Red.  They are all super strong puppies but a lot for her to look after.  We have therefore adopted 3 of the whites onto Honey to keep her only child company!  Honey took to them straight away - see photos below


All 2008 puppies are now sold and gone to their new homes.

What's happening?
Puppies at 2 weeks old - eyes open and crawling around
Puppies at 3 weeks old - how cute !!!! - walking and sitting now...
Puppies at 4 weeks old.  Honey and Millie are now sharing all 10 ! Whichever milkbar arrives first the puppies latch on! (24-31/08)

Puppies Growing up! Aren't they adorable!

Far left is Brindle & White Dog "Biggles" and the others  are "Roxy" the Red & white Bitch.

This is Roxy - one of Millie's puppies from last year - thanks for the email update Andy

These photos are of "Summer" the 2 on the right are at her first Birthday party!


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