"Honey" and "Millie"

We bred Millie again in 2010 but sadly a week before she was due to whelp in September 2010 she got an infection (pyometra)  and had to have emergency surgery to save her.  She had to have a full spey and lost the puppies but thankfully she is now fully recovered. 

Honey (right) and Millie (left) our beautiful Boxer girls are both due to have puppies by the same dog "Henry"

Honey and Millie have been re-mated to Henry for 2009 puppies

Honey was mated 29th June 2009 so should be due around 31st August 2009 - 3 puppies born 30th August 2009

Millie was mated on 2nd July 2009 so should be due around 3rd September 2009.- 8 puppies born 5th September 2009

Dawdlers Rosie Red (Honey)  Pedigree  


       Seconds out Round Two (Millie) Pedigree

Click here to see photos of their 2008 Puppies by Henry.

All the puppies have now gone to their new homes and we have received wonderful emails with news of them being happily settled and loved by their new families!

Click here to see an email from "Kujo" one of Millie's puppies letting us know how he is getting on in his new home

These are the last remaining Boxer Puppies for sale at 10th November 2009 - Just gorgeous!

Photos by Anne Hellmuth (owner of the sire)

Pictures taken 11th October - all puppies now together.

Puppies pictured on 27th September 2009. 

and Millie's 3 weeks old

Honey Red DogHoney Red DogHoney Brindle DogHoney Red BitchHoney Red Bitch
Honey's are 4 weeks old

Millie has had 8 beautiful puppies born 5th September 2009 - 1 Red Flashy Bitch, 2 Red Flashy Dogs, 3 Brindle Flashy Dogs & 2 Brindle plain dogs.  So only one Bitch and no whites this time.

Puppies a week on on 12th September 2009.  Honey's Pups have their eyes open now and crawling about.

3rd September 2009 and Millie is getting very big!  She is missing her friend who does not want to know her at the moment and she needs lots of cuddles! This photo was taken last night 2nd September on her due date.

Honey's Pups born 30th August 2009 - 1 Brindle Flashy Dog; 1 Red Flashy Bitch & 1 Brindle Flashy Dog


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