Schedule of foals due 1999 Dates in green = confirmed in foal                  Dates in red = Date foaled

Name of Mare Stallion Due Foaled Description Foals Name
Holme Grove Farm . . . . .
HG Barbarella Pascal 25/01/99 25/01/99 Black Filly HG Barbados
Copelia Pascal 09/03/99 22/03/99

Bay Colt

HG Chicago

HG Genesis HG Solomon 09/03/99 22/02/99 Black Filly HG Gineta
HG Barkehman Pascal 13/03/99 16/03/99

Chestnut Colt

HG Bahamas

HG Chorus HG Prokofiev 02/04/99 04/04/99

Bay Filly

HG Capri

HG Donauwoge HG Prokofiev 05/04/99 14/04/99 Bay Colt HG Dubai
HG Florence HG Solomon 05/04/99 31/03/99

Chestnut Filly

HG Fiji

HG Galaxy HG Prokofiev 11/04/99 09/04/99 Black Filly HG Gestadt
HG Cleopatra HG Solomon 14/04/99 15/04/99

Bay Colt

HG Colorado

HG Donaumay HG Prokofiev 20/04/99 24/04/99

Chestnut Filly

HG Dresden

HG Flamenco HG Prokofiev 23/04/99 19/04/99

Bay Filly

HG Florida

HG Finesse HG Prokofiev 05/05/99 26/04/99

Black Colt

HG Ferrand

HG Genevieve HG Prokofiev 27/06/99 14/06/99

Chestnut Colt

HG Globetrotter

HG Lady Arwa HG Solomon 16/06/99 07/06/99

Bay Filly

HG Lucerne

HG Ballerina HG Prokofiev barren
HG Marcella HG Prokofiev barren
Hertzblatt HG Prokofiev barren
Holme Park Stud
HP Katarina HG Solomon 21/01/99 13/01/99 Chestnut Colt HP Kabul (pts)
HP Fenella HG Prokofiev 07/03/99 28/02/99 Chestnut Colt HP Floyd
HP Velvet HG Prokofiev 09/03/99 02/03/99 Chestnut Filly HP Valley
HP Sundance HG Prokofiev 10/04/99


Bay Colt HP Schubert
HP Kalahari HG Solomon 11/04/99


Bay Colt

HP Kookai

HP Kremona HG Solomon 13/04/99


Chestnut Colt

HP Krakov

HP Holy Night Sapros 23/04/99 06/05/99

Black Colt

HP Holy Smoke

HP Venezia HG Prokofiev 11/05/99 28/04/99

Black Filly

HP Verena

HP Schakara HG Prokofiev 15/05/99 12/05/99

Bay Filly

HP Satin

HP Vabanque HG Prokofiev 13/06/99 27/05/99

Bay Colt

HP Victory

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