Elizabeth Smith MRCVS
Tel: 01767 627317.

Any owner may request a Veterinary Surgeon of their own choice to attend his/her horse at Holme Park Stud (HPS) and in such case the Owner or a representative must prepare the horse and accompany the Veterinary Surgeon on all such visits. For non emergency situations requiring a vet the owner will be contacted prior to the vet being called.  In the event of emergency, injury or illness, horses will be treated at the discretion of HPS, either by the above or a Veterinary Surgeon of their choice.  Owners are directly responsible for paying all expenses incurred for veterinary visits, examinations, treatments and medicines. 

Farrier – Matthew Bradley

All horses' shoeing, and hoof trimming requirements will be attended as required.  Charges for these services (which are at the discretion of the Farrier), will be added by HPS to the Clients' monthly invoices. Owners wishing to use a farrier of their own choice must make their own arrangements and accompany the farrier during such visits. 

Worming, Veterinary First Aid and Immunisations

HPS will at the (Owner's expense), administer a de-worming medicine to all horses on arrival and periodically as due thereafter.  Unless otherwise agreed in advance with the owner, the type and brand of medicine will be determined by HPS.  Regular worm counts are taken and if consistent clear results are received then chemical wormers may not be required.

First Aid items / medicines used by HPS in the treatment of horses will be charged to Owners at the normal retail price.

All Horses at HPS will require to be immunized against Equine Influenza and Tetanus.  Vaccination Certificates will be held by HPS and Owners reminded of renewal dates.  Unless otherwise advised to HPS by the Owners, arrangements will be made by HPS for inoculations to be updated at the Owner's expense.

 Terms and Conditions

Liability:             HPS will take every care to ensure that all horses receive the best possible care and attention, however Owner's leave their horses in the care of HPS entirely at their own risk.  HPS cannot accept liability for injury or illness to either the horse or the owner/rider, howsoever caused, while at livery and using the Stud’s facilities.

 Payments:          All livery fees are payable monthly in advance, the first payment being due on the horses arrival. Livery charges and all other expenses will then be invoiced monthly and become due for payment within 7 days of the invoice date.  All accounts will be paid up to date before the horse is allowed to leave the yard. One month’s notice of leaving is required with payment due in lieu if departing in less than a month.  In the case of unpaid livery exceeding 60 days overdue, Holme Park Stud have the right to lien and can retain horse or equipment and sell such items as required to pay the debt.  Should funds be raised through a sale in excess of the debt due and costs incurred this amount will be returned to the owner, or if the horse is still at livery, retained as a deposit against future livery costs.

 Damage:             Should a livery horse cause damage to property or equipment at HPS the cost of repair may be re-invoiced to the owner on the next monthly livery bill. 


All clients that will be either handling or riding horses at HPS are required to sign a disclaimer agreement before doing so.  Although HPS hold full public and employers liability insurance they are not responsible for personal accident to individuals.  All clients, visitors and staff must follow the Health and Safety regulations of the Stud.

 Access to Holme Park Stud

Regular Monthly Livery clients will be loaned a Gate Zapper so that they have access to the Security entrance gates at Holme Park Stud.  This Zapper remains the property of Holme Park Stud and must be returned at the request of HPS or when your livery contract is terminated.  A deposit of £50 will be charged on the first months livery invoice and will be refunded when the zapper is returned. Should the zapper be lost or broken the cost of replacement is £50. 
You are welcome to visit your horse at any reasonable time but we would be grateful if you could telephone us prior to visiting so that we can ensure you have no problem gaining access.  Should you require access to the tack room out of work hours please liaise with our Stud Manager to arrange this.  Normal working hours for our grooms are 8am – 5pm 7 days a week.

Contacts telephone numbers:
Office                                                       01767 685705
Susan Attew - mobile                              07803 271110                                                            
Holme Park Stud                 House          01767 627196  
The Cabin – Managers Accommodation 01767 627178
Sharon Woollaston- Stud Manager         
07731 789728

For full list of charges see Livery page