Email from Archie and Alfie, 2 of Millie's 2009 Boxer Puppies now owned by Lauren and Rhys

Received: 29th December 2009

HI Susan

We wanted to let you know how we have settled into our new home and we have attached some photos so you can see how much we have grown. We have put on about 4kg and now weigh about 7kg. We have had a great 1st Christmas and had lots of attention from Nana and Grandad and the family.

We have learnt walkies off the lead in the big garden at Nanas. We were very good and didn't run off at all. Mummy might try it at the stables out in the fields next but she is a bit worried that Blossom might tread on our poor's! So she said we will see about that!

We are almost toilet trained now and sit at the back door when we want to go out. Sometimes no one notices though and we can't hold it for very long. We think we know what we are meant to be doing though.

Our favorite bones are Jumbones but we only have them every now and then as they are quite rich in flavor.

We have not chewed any carpets yet and we have been very good with the Christmas tree. Only had a couple of ball balls down and they were plastic not glass which was a relief!

Alfie seems astonished by the snow!

Archie chasing mummy in the snow!

Having a cuddle


Unfortunately someone bought us Burberry coats! Which we are not massively happy about Smile emoticon But it's ok as we have been trying really hard to outgrow them!

Another sneaky cuddle with Dad

Alfie's poor trick

Archie's poor trick

Boxing day with the family

Helping find the selotape for mummy!

Archie and Koren our cousin

Us being very good boys as usual!

Alfie with Daddy

Helping Mummy Wrap the pressies

Archie Sleeping

Having another snooze

Sitting down trick waiting for treats. We have now taught this to Gemma and Bruno too!

We have pulled the curtains down twice now  Surprised smile emoticon But it's ok as Daddy has repaired the damage!

We have had a very busy Christmas so far and so we have been sleeping lots since we got home yesterday.

We hope you all have had a lovely Christmas like we have and we hope you all have a very happy new year too.

Lots of love and Best Wishes for 2010.

Alfie and Archie

Rhys and Lauren xxxx