Holme Grove Constable (Tom) by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Grove Copelia and Holme Grove Gwygion (Henry)  by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Grove Genevieve are now living with  their new owner Shelley Rand.  They were being backed and schooled ready for her at Holme Grove Farm.

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Tom and Henry Blog - Take a look at their Blog showing they are now famous at Marks and Spencers!

Click here to see a video clip of Shelley with her boys! (added 31/10/08)

email received 8th August 2009

Apple Bobbing Part 1

Tom&Henry, the story so far...once upon a time in a land not far from the M25, in a sleepy little village called Woodham Walter (except at the moment when their harvesting..but you get the picture), live 2 little boys 7 and 8 years old. They are tall and shiny, their personalities an inspiration for all, and their beauty undeniable.  It was one quiet afternoon when their butler/human thought of a new game:

You’ll never believe what happened next...

Let me paint the scene – hot day – hot horses, a bit bored...

I dropped a bag of their apples en-route to their fridge in the feed room – i didn’t want them going bad, so i tossed them in their paddling pool (large bucket of water, which is often the scene of paddling), thinking they might play with them.  I did not expect what happened next....HENRY of course.

It played like this...Henry bobbed for the apples...plunging his head into the deep water, right up to his eyes...watched over by Tom, whose disapproving looks were unmistakable...he of course knew i’d give him some from the fridge anyway, so what was the point in all the extra work?... anyway....well Henry doesn’t shy from a challenge, and he was determined to get all 8 apples...and he did – even the pear i chucked in as an experiment, did you know pears don’t float??

The thing is...Tom waited for Henry to bring the apples out and pinched half of them!!  Well it’s farer that way.

Henry was up to his eyes in it to get the job done.  Their antics draw everyone’s attention – even our vet said Tom&Henry have more personality than any horses he sees!! ... the boys have star quality..and they never let me down.

Tune in next week boys and girls to find out what Tom&Henry did next...goodnight xx


email received 9th July 2009

The boys have reached a new level of extreme gorgeousness, and we have audiences wherever we go, even watching from over the hedge – it’s like being on tv.

 They are very entertaining, they put on a show of spritely prancing and synchronised galloping and turning that is a spectacle for all.

 Your babies look great, maybe we could pop up and see you and them soon?

 Shelley xxxxx

Holme Grove Constable ( Tom ) Holme Grove Gwygion (Henry)

email received 15th September 2008

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I wonder how many people who buy a horse from you have so much fun with them? Who relish every moment they spend with them, who love their different characters as much as we do with the humans we call friends and family? 

My 2 are very different:  Henry is a feisty, fidgety little nutter, always doing something, or going somewhere, and he is very sweet and loves to be around me when I’m in the yard.  He is always a lively ride, so i have to be on constant alert, i cannot ride him half asleep.  He is predisposed to very fancy dressage manoeuvres which he has probably got from his Dad, and when very excited will crissy crossy sideways down the lane (there is probably a fancy dressage name for it), i feel like I’m on water .  Henry has the most amazing slow bouncy trot – my dressage champ neighbour loves it, i don’t like too much trotting on the roads so i have developed a trot i call Shelley style, it is very slow but full of bounce and energy, the horses don’t thump their hooves on the hard ground, it’s more of a tip-toe.

Tom is very much a baby still, and a little unpredictable, he has a dislike of all white flowers and puddles, and sometimes would rather go backwards than forwards!! (not sure what that’s all about)  Tom however is the sort of ride you can never forget. Every time i get on him i am amazed at how wonderful he feels, he is just like nothing i have ever sat on before – and his movement is smooth and powerful – it is difficult to explain but i can feel the energy and the power but he makes it feel so easy and graceful.  I sometimes feel i am just watching the show rather than being part of it. Once i was riding him on my neighbours land early one Sunday morning, we had just done the 4 mile circuit of the fields and were homeward bound, we had just come to walk from a very nice floaty trot, and i swear Tom rocked me to sleep with his movement!!  Before i knew what was happening i had slid from his back and was waking up on my arse watching Tom canter back home!!   So let that be a lesson to all who own such a Trakehner – don’t ride tired!!

As you know Henry and i did a 6 mile ride with the Essex Bridleways, it was lots of fun and Henry was very excited, but he was a very good horse, we cantered in the woods, and jumped a ditch.  It was very good for him to experience this kind of event.  They live a very quiet life my 2, and this was horses everywhere, boxes arriving, being overtaken in both directions, it must have been worrying to him but he didn’t show it.  He was lively, but only a few notches up from his usual!!  I had the hugest smile on my face when we got home safe and sound with our first rosette.

We were asked by many what breed he is, because he is so beautiful – and it’s getting silly now, people are stopping their cars to watch them, they roll the windows down and tell me how pretty they are – well tell me something i don’t know!!!!

"Henry" with his first Rossette!

email received 10th September 2008

Henry and I now have our first rosette! I will send pictures as soon as I can.

We did a 7 mile pleasure ride at the weekend, and despite there being over 100 riders, lots going past us in both directions we had a great time.  I am so proud of my nutty little horse; he was such a good boy. We cantered through the woods and jumped a ditch, plus Henry did some very nice sideways dressage manoeuvres when he got excited.

He was definitely the most handsome horse of the whole day, and got many comments from the stewards, all asking what breed he is and where he came from.

Can’t wait to do another one.  Can you believe I am considering buying my own horsebox and riding all over Essex on them – there are some very nice beaches in Suffolk too.  Can you imagine?  Not sure how they will go in a horsebox, but maybe we will find out soon.  Will keep you up to date with our antics.

I am so happy.

Shelley Rand


email received 9th November 2007

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have been very lax in my email sending, sorry about that.

But today Tom & Henry have been with me a whole year!  I cannot believe it.  At the moment they are charging around the field in the sunshine, it is very windy today and they are making the most of being young, fit, healthy and above all happy and gorgeous! Although Tom made a crazy turn and threw a shoe!

In fact they are so stunning people have been lurking around our entrance just to look at them.

John and I have been looking at some of the last years photos and it is so wonderful to see them settling and getting on with their lives. 

Firework night was interesting, John and I put on our puffas and hats and spent most of the evening out with them, as they pelted about, but becoming calmer as they realised nothing was going to hurt them.

They are still out day and night, i still have grass and it’s been dry so the fields are ok, but as soon as it gets nasty they’ll come in at night.

They are really really the tonic for the madness of life, as soon as i look at them, all the worries and stresses melt away, because they become unimportant.

Hope you and yours are all well, hope to see you sometime, i will email you some pictures soon too.


Shelley, Tom & Henry

email received 21st July 2007

Hello Ladies!

Today Tom and I went out for a whole hour and a half!  Our ride was brilliant – it was like police-horse training…what can we possibly meet…and we do – umbrellapram, skirt blowing lady at bus stop, combine harvester, large straw rolls, man cutting grass with Landrover (along the bridlepath), man fixing tractor (along the bridlepath), another man with piles of bits of tractor (you’ve guessed it – all along the path) plus haylage bales and little ponies galloping about in the field!!!! Phew!!! Then caravans with flapping tent things attached, people shouting ‘what a lovely horse!’ (well it’s true) blue bags, horseboxes, cardboard, skips, wind, and a strange topiary hedge!!!! You’d think I’d have lost the will to live – but then……a small white flower (we didn’t like that), but Tom was brilliant – and he had lots of cuddles when we got back to the yard.

Henry is now hacking out very calmly (well a Henry version of calm!). and he is so gorgeous and everyone tells me I should do dressage with him because his movement is so graceful and floaty – his dishing wouldn’t matter. But Henry disagrees – he wants to play and munch – so that’s what he does!  He is such a lovely little horse, and likes just to hang around with me while I’m fiddling about in the yard – and Tom has just started enjoying this too.  They are such a funny pair too – last weekend I had the hose in my hand and I sprayed them in the field till they were soaking and they loved it – rolling around in the dry hot earth and getting very grubby – then going for a gallop around the paddock – just cant stop watching them.  They have access to their yard and stables day and night – they put themselves in have a nap and eat some hay – when it’s hot they have a lie down in there too – and we can watch it all from work on the ponycam!

I love them soooooo much.

Kind regards


email received 10th May 2007

Hello Ladies,

Hope all is well with you and your new foals, they are just gorgeous……..speaking of gorgeous……

Yesterday, Tom & Henry have been with me for 6 months!!!!!!  And what an amazing learning journey it has been for us all.  Just looking back I remember asking advice from Jon how to put a rug on Tom, because he really didn’t like it – I take it for granted now that I can just chuck one on them.   And Henry, not wanting to go into his stable, and how I let him take himself in when he was ready and wanting his dinner – and after a while he learned that it wasn’t so scary.  An separating them, you remember Susan I asked you about this very early on – this was my biggest challenge, because I didn’t want to upset Henry or Tom at all, and clearly Henry was very anxious to have Tom out of his sight – but John has helped me work very hard on this, separating them very gradually, and leaving John around to be with Henry.  The turning point was (contrary to all advice), John suggested we put Henry out in the field – he is much happier here, and I can now go out on Tom for nearly an hour!

They are really living the life I always dreamed my horses would live.  They are comfortable, well fed and have many outfits – but above all are happy, healthy and very loved – they really have their whole lives looking forward to being horses, and being ridden in lovely places, with no pressure.

I really am the luckiest girl in the world – Tom and Henry are the horses of my dreams, and I still can’t believe my luck – they are so beautiful and shiny and full of life – I really love them to bits, and can’t stop watching them.

Off now to get them their dinner – they are back in for the night because it has gotten very nippy at night here and blowy and wet – good for the grass – but not so good for my horses comfort – we wouldn’t want their hair getting all messed up now would we?.....now should I put carrots AND apples in their dinners…..?...you know the answer – yes, and a parsnip too…..

Kind regards
Shelley Rand

email received 11th March 2007

Hello Ladies,

Rode the boys this morning (beautiful summery day here today)….John is so brilliant following me around with the camera (we have Chris to blame for that!), and walking beside us on the roads.  Tom was gorgeous and little Henry was a complete star again!!!  A load of hideously bright cyclists wafted by us and Henry just stood and had a look, he was not scared, I think he was about to give them some fashion advice!!!!  He stands still when I get on AND picks up all 4 hooves on command now.

Put them out and mowed the lawn, boys not fazed by mowers either (we have Chris to blame for that too!).

Good luck with the foals – I’d LOVE to see a foal being born.


Shelley, Tom & Henry.

emails received 21 February 2007

Tom meets Moose - and suddenly the usually calm 18 year old horse, grew in height and started showing off - and Tom copied everything he did!  Tom was excellent on his first prpoer road outing, he was not at all spooky and was very calm the whole time we were out. we met several cars, and there was chainsaw activity in a garden, some dogs and logs and rubbish in hedges - Tom was watching Moose, and being very good.

...and here is Tom pretending he's done this loads of times before.....but it's his first time properly on the roads!

...and Henry is just wonderfully mad, and he has a great bum!

email received 14 February 2007

Dear Susan & Barbara,
Yet another successful outing on Tom, he's such a good boy.  we left Henry in his stable, and he seemed fine when we returned, so maybe he'll be OK after all on his own for a bit.
Back to the Tom....we met a huge black car, a lady on a bike and a girl with a bobble hat walking 2 greyhounds, we did a bit of roadwork, then onto open trackways, and he was an angel - I cant stop smiling it really made me happy.  and that Henry was OK too - even better.
John is going to put some new pictures on the site when he gets a chance.
hope you are all well,

I can’t tell you how much I love those boys – I’m just the luckiest girl.

Shelley, Tom & Henry. 

email received 17 - 21 January 2007

Boys are out playing in the sunshine, and I have a smile on my face from one ear to the other.  I have just ridden Tom again, windy day, 4 year old horse, hasn’t been ridden since Xmas, probably expecting too much that he’d be wonderful, listen to me and calmly ride away from Henry up the lane and back…but HE DID – he has such a brilliant attitude – and Jon’s right my saddle is a dream. Henry, I am hoping will learn to calm a little, but John was with him to make sure he was OK.

Love…..again……Shelley, Tom & Henry

…ok, there’s more…..gale day: power off, all kinds of shenanigans and branches flying about, trains delayed – home late – had to bring them in in pitch darkness, put them into dark stables, and fumble about with rugs in the dark – were they fazed at all?……..no!!!  those boys…nothing ceases to amaze me, their capacity for being calm in difficult conditions, yet getting Henry to stand still for hoof picking…that’s a task! Funny old life.


…now some people might say taking young horses out of their stables in the dark and 40mph winds, tying them up (with a haynet) and grooming them at 6am, is a little bonkers…….but Tom & Henry are very good boys and don’t mind one bit.  I can’t tell you how much pleasure they are giving me; I am a much calmer Shelley, and thinner! 

Thank you,

email received 16 January 2007

Dear Susan & Barbara,

The boys have cameras in their stables!!!  I can watch them on the TV, the PC and even log on at work and see them in the field!! It works in the dark too, so when I bring them in at night I can sit eating dinner watching the secret nightime life of horses. Watch them take it in turns to lie down, pull all the hay out of their haybars, sleep…everything.  It’s wonderful, but it’s addictive.  Plus I kind of think Henry knows we’re watching him, because he looks into the camera, and if I call his name, he twitches an ear like he can hear.

Of course we’re totally nuts, but we love those boys, and want to keep them safe and happy.


email received 16 December 2006

You must be so thrilled when you get emails from people who now have the pleasure of looking after your horses.  And while I am very happy to read about your horses doing very well in competition, I would like to add some comments about how fabulous they are just being horses.  When I put them out this morning the pair of them went tearing around their field – full gallop – bucking and kicking – whinnying and spinning round, stopping, snorting, then off again, always stopping just in time so as not to go right through the fence (luckily we have proper fencing).  I guess they must be happy – they had just had their Sunday brush, and rolled in the mud to put it all right again!!

Looking forward to the holiday, to spend more daylight time with them – and maybe start to ride a bit too.

Have a great Christmas to you and all the family.

Lots of love

Shelley, John, Tom, Henry + 4 cats xxx


Email from Shelley 2nd December 2006

Hello Barbara,

The boys are sooooooooooooooooo wonderful, it was super windy and slashing rain here last night and this morning, our electricity went down in the village, and I was expecting high jinx to the field when I put them out, but was proved wrong again.  They were calm and fabulous and I can’t believe they are mine. They have such lovely personalities, they love to nuzzle and snuggle in my arms (I like it too). Henry is like a coiled spring and Tom is laid back, they are the perfect pair.

I have not sent you a lengthy update, as reading your other customers’ winning this and that, thought it might not be as interesting but – I LOVE THOSE HORSES. They are settling very nicely, and appear much calmer in their new surroundings, and are getting into the rhythm of what they have to do.

They both now are happy to have rugs on, which is brilliant as you can imagine they both have an extensive wardrobe! Henry has seen the farrier and they have both been freezemarked.  The incident last weekend with the at least 20 members of the hunt hurtling past their field in pursuit of fox went more or less without concern – they looked and sniffed, but deemed the skanky neds as unworthy of their full attention, besides they still have grass in their field! Even covered in mud they are by far the best looking horses in the village.

They won’t eat treats or mints, suspect they are health freaks, and Tom hates garlic – well you can’t win them all.  Over the Christmas holidays I plan to begin to ride them with my neighbour and her HUGE Dutch Warmblood Moose – up the lane and back to begin with so they each get used to the other being away for a short time, but back again. Moose is brilliant and will be a good life coach for Tom & Henry, and will show them how to behave on the roads etc, so long as he doesn’t bore them with tales of his glory days as a dressage champion, and the somewhat unprovable lineage to Milton (who I thought was Trakehner).!

Anyway, things are going slowly and carefully, in the proper way, winter is a good time to have new horses because they get handled a lot, rugs and turnout etc, it’s a good time for us to get to know eachother.

Keep in touch.



PS, excellent news about the Jaffas – spread the word, and they are low in calories. xx