Holme Grove Guinness  Black gelding by Holme Park Krug out of PM Holme Grove Genesis and Holme Park Valhalla   Black filly by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of PM Holme Park Vogue are now living with  their new owner Veronica Mellor October 2010. 

From: veronica mellor
Sent: 24 June 2012 20:20
To: Susan Attew
Subject: Guinness - Just 3 Years Old

Hi Susan - I hope you are all keeping well
Guinness was officially 3 years old on Friday 22 June, and we took these piccies of him today 24 June.
This is only the 5th time I have ridden him around our own property and today we even ventured out onto the lane outside too - Just with David walking ahead on foot !  They are the first ridden piccies I have of him myself and just thought I would share them with you.
Taking things really slowly with him as he still needs to mature - but he has been such a good boy in general and now just need to build things up slowly with him.  He is e really lovely person and as you an see is growing into a handsome young man - and he moves sooooo well too.
I really must get some pictures of not so little Hallelujah for you very soon too.  She is absolutely stunning - such a pretty and affectionate mare.
By the way just out of interest Guinness actually measures just a tad under 16hh now - and I mean literally just a couple of mm under - it's so close.  How big do you think he will end up from your experience.  I'm thinking 16.2hh, Natasha thinks 16 or 16.1 tops - maybe I should place a lettle bet with her!
hopefully I shall see you at the Trakehner Show in September.
Bye for now - Veronica

From: Veronica Mellor
Sent: 27 October 2010
To: Susan Attew
Subject: RE: HG Guinness & HP Valhalla

Thankyou for two amazing youngsters Susan

We also put the two of them in the school together last night to show them off to some friends and family with food and wine afterwards.  They trotted around showing themselves off beautifully - and then let us walk straight up to them again !  They will soon loose school better than some of my older horses at this rate !!!!

Take care - and if ever you are over this way then you know you are more than welcome to come and say hello

Love Veronica xxx

From: Veronica Mellor
Sent: 26 October 2010 13:14
To: Susan Attew
Cc: "Jessica Götting"
Subject: RE: HG Guinness & HP Valhalla


Just a quickie to say Guinness and Valhalla are settling in so so well

Guinness was so tired after his journey back and looked really dopey till the next morning bless him

Then they went out to play on the Saturday and walked really sweetly round the boundaries with us before we let them loose to eat and they didnt even kick up their heels just heads straight down!  They also walked straight up to us that evening after watching the other horses come in - I think they knew it was thier turn.  Their field at the moment is opposite my riding arena so they have lots going on to keep them entertained  :-)

Valhalla was a bit nervy of us to start with but is certainly enjoying all the love and attention now.  They neigh at us of a morning when we go into the stables too which is so cute.  They are in today with this awful rain munching hay with my other horses = we have american barn stabling so its nice and social for them all in there to be able to see each other

I shall send you some lovely pictures of them as they grow up

Thanks for everything