Holme Grove Brahms , Black gelding  by Pascal out of Holme Grove Ballerina born 1998. Owned by Michelle Marshall

Michelle Anne Marshall 20 July 2010 at 04:39

Subject: Holme grove brahms.

Hey me and brahms have had a great year so far. We have had a couple of quiet years as me and my hubbie had to save for the wedding so competing got put on the side line. LAst november we qualified for novice music with 71.11% we went to addington winter regionals came 5th with 66.28% our 1st regional rosset i was so pleased. Since we have had 5 outings and got 5 firsts and 3rd in the sheepgate tack and toggs so far we have got 65.71% ,65.81% , 64.62% ,71.43% in novice with for 1st we got 66.2% in the sheepgate tack and togs and came 3rd also we have 66.21% and won in our first ele for 2 years and half qualified for the winter and iot was only four days in to qualifying. i am so pleased with my boy. I am hoping to do the dressage at the TBF this year so u may be able to see him. He has really grown up these last couple of years but he still keeps me on my toes. my profile pic is the addington winters