Holme Grove Carnegie, Black colt by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of  Holme Grove Cointreau born 20th April 2005.

E-mail received 3rd June 2009

Hi Susan,

Just a quick email to let you know that Carnegie has entered the world of grown up horses and today he has started his backing process.

He is starting out with a brush up and expansion of his groundwork and today has had a reminder lesson in spacial awareness and basic manners.

Things are to be taken slowly and carefully with him with no hurry to progress through each stage. I'm hopeful that done sensitively and to his pace there will be few problems as whilst fairly sensitive himself he is very intelligent and quick to learn and please.

Very, very excited about what the next few weeks/months/years holds...

We spent the weekend before last with him and he's looking incredibly well and is very laid back and relaxed about life at present.

Nice to see your foals arriving safely, my favourite so far being HG sherlock though HP Van Gogh is rather attractive in a quirky sort of way.

Look forward to seeing you all soon and hopefully being able to update you on Negie's progress as all being well we'll be coming straight to you from a few days with him.


Email received 17th March 2008

Hiya Susan.

Hope you are all well.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your first foal of the season, he's lovely but shame Liz missed his birth. Look forward to seeing the rest of your arrivals over the coming months.

Carnegie is doing great. He's coming out of winter looking well after his first year with no rainscald/skin issues at all. He has held weight extremely well this year so has a good start going into the spring.

He travelled on a short trip with another horse for the first time a couple of weeks ago which he took in his stride being very patient whilst the other was loaded after/unloaded before him. He's very calm and relaxed about the whole travelling thing himself but it's good to know that he's also happy to travel with another.

Looking forward to the arrival of some better weather and getting him tidied up a little as he does resemble something of a wild beast at the moment. Overnight he must have found a nice patch of mud as you can see from the attached photos today he was covered in mud.

He did attempt to clean himself up by literally clambering his front legs into their water and 'paddling' after which he treated us to a great show af airs above the ground. It's the first time I've witnessed him like that as apart from playing with others he's usually reluctant to spend any more energy than absolutely necessary.

Have attached a couple of photos from a few weeks ago as well just to show that he doesn't always have a layer of mud over him.

Anyway good luck with the next arrivals.


E-mail received 21st December 2006

Hi Susan,

Hope you're all well!

Just thought I'd let you know Carnegie is great. We've been down to see him today and he's looking really well. He's very fluffy and a nice weight to be going into the winter with.

He's grown a little and is quite bum high again and he's definitely going through quite an ugly stage at the moment but looking very sweet with it.

Most importantly he appears to have settled in really well there, he's very chilled and relaxed and even pleased to see us and straight over to say a lovely friendly hello which was really nice.

It seems to be doing him the world of good being there and it's good to see him happy.

We won't see him now until the new year and I'll let you know how he's getting on when we do and hopefully get some photos of him.

Anyway hope all at Holme Park & Holme Grove have a good Christmas and a very happy New Year

Love Karen & Carnegie

Email received 16 April 2006 (Easter Sunday)

Hi Susan,

Hope you're well and please pass on our belated congratulations to your mum and dad on their Golden wedding anniversary.

Delighted to see you had another foal arrive safely, he's very cute and what a lovely name.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that Carnegie went off to his first show today and despite not doing at all well in his class he really did make me proud of him.

He stood quite happily first thing to be groomed and have his mane plaited. He loaded straight away despite only one practise session yesterday (during which he was happy to walk in/out). He travelled very well and unloaded as well as he loaded.

Once there other than a bit of calling he was amazing, he walked round quite happily amongst what was a rather busy local show with nothing that really phased him at all.

He really was amazing and numerous people commented on how well behaved he was and couldn't believe that it was the first time he'd been out anywhere or that he is still a colt.

It was all going so well...

His class was a different story altogether and unfortunately he didn't really show himself as well as he could have. I think he was getting tired by the time the class went in or he was just plain bored but he was slightly too laid back with little sparkle and ended up last of the ten in the class.

A little disappointing but as he was the only yearling in class and also the only non native breed (the judge didn't actually know what a Trakehner was??!!) then perhaps not totally surprising.

He was still very good though and again loaded straight away to come home so on the whole we really were delighted with him and he did get plenty of compliments when he was there which was nice.

Would have liked a chance to speak to the judge afterwards to see just what he didn't like about him but as was judging the class straight after there wasn't really a chance to and we wanted to get sleepy boy home.

We still love him though and are especially proud of him tonight. Can't believe he'll be a year old this week, still doesn't seem five minutes since we first came to see him when he was just four weeks old.

Looking forward to seeing more beautiful foals shortly


Karen & Carnegie


E-mail received 14th March 2006

Carnegie is looking really well though showing no signs of losing his winter coat. I'm not really surprised given the weather we've been having - doesn't seem as though winter is ever going to end at the  moment.

His angelic behaviour is continuing and he's changed the minds of several people who when he arrived were keen to voice their concerns of Trakehners being difficult/awkward/temperamental etc as a breed.

I'm happy to say as yet he's been none of those and of the several  yearlings he's with he is by far the calmest and gentle natured.

Delighted to see the arrival of your first foal of the season and what a lovely colt he is, hopefully he'll be followed by more of the same - shame I can only 'window shop' this year.

Take Care & Love to you and yours

Karen & Carnegie


We were delighted to receive the e-mail below on 8th February 2006 letting us know of his progress.

Carnegie is doing well, he's grown lots and is looking well. He's winter coat is unbelievably long and thick so he's very cuddly at the moment.

He's very affectionate and now races to the gate when he sees us which is nice. We've just started taking longer walks outside of his field and so far he's taken everything he meets in his stride well except the squirrels he met today that took him a bit by surprise.

We're planning to get him out and about to a few shows later this year and hopefully he'll be so calm natured about that too.

Will let you know how he's getting on and get around to sending you a decent photo of him soon.

Take Care