Holme Grove Catalyst, Black colt by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of  Holme Grove Cointreau born 3rd March 2001

Holme Grove Catalyst was sold to Germany as a foal and is now owned by Sonja Dehne.

E-mail received 15 June 2007

"Greetings from Bavaria"

Hello to everyone!

I send you some photos of our training for "GHP"- it is a contest becoming more and more famous in Germany. You have to go through 10 stations and the horse should stay interested but relaxed all the time..one station is walking over some plastic an other is walking past rising ballons and a rattling bag,.....for example..... i donīt know if you have something similar in great britain....

catalyst did it very well, I think he enjoyed it very much- he loves to get my whole attention ....

you could do me I a great favour- I had some problems with my computer and lost some files.... Can you send me the photos of catalyst as a young horse, they are no longer on your homepage... You would do me a very, very big favour!!!!

I just looked at the youngest photos of the foals- they are so cute.... I would love to see a baby-picture of my horse, it is a pity, that you started putting pictures of the foals on your website one year after catalyst is born....

Kind regards

Sonja and Catalyst

Hi Sonja

Here are some photos of Catalyst as a foal - Wasn't he beautiful !