Holme Grove Chantelle , Bay Filly by Holme Grove Solomon out of PM Holme Grove Cleopatra born 2005.

E-mail update received 14th May 2008

Re: Holme Grove Chantelle - 3 years old tomorrow

Hi Susan,
Long time no speak!  I hope you and your family are all well and enjoying this beautiful weather? I was so sorry to hear about Sante Fe and her foal, such a shame to lose a beautiful mare but what fantastic news that you're keeping her line going with Sayan.
Well, Tilly has been coming on in leaps and bounds, i thought i would wait until the weather improved and she had shed her winter woollies before sending you any update pics, so here she is. As usual she is being a joy around the yard and is always making us laugh with her antics. She stands around 16hh now, so a nice height and i'm hoping to back her (or send her away for backing) this summer. I think she has developed into a beautiful young lady and im so excited about the future with her. Roll on 2009!
I can't wait to see all of your dancing babies later on this summer, do you know if Cardinal will be on display this year? He looks stunning on his advert photos.
Give Solomon a big hug from me, and look forward to seeing you all at the open day!! :-)
Speak soon
Love Becca and Tilly

E-mail update received 15th April 2007

Hi Susan,

I thought i would send you a few photos of Tilly to show you how she is getting on. She seems to be growing into those lovely long legs of hers and is developing into a beautiful swan. Im so pleased with her, i hope you like the photos..

Congratulations for HP Legend's performance test, he looks stunning!! I can't wait to meet the babies of 2007 in July and hope to speak to you soon.

Kind regards

Becca x


E-mail update received 24 January 2007

Hi Susan,

It seems like forever since i last spoke to you about Tilly, she has grown up so much and is looking very mature and beautiful !! I was hoping to contact you before christmas but unfortunately i broke my wrist in October, then lost one of my mares over christmas, so the end of 2006 was both a sad and a hectic one to say the least, however Tilly was a little angel throughout all of this thank goodness!!

I haven't officially measured her but she must be about 15.1, and is filling out nicely now. She has been absolutely brilliant throughout this windy weather and even after a day or so in when the weather has been too wet to turnout, she happily walks out calmly to her field the next day. Shes a little star.

Following the strong gale force winds on Thursday we lost quite a number of roof tiles on our outbuildings, so over the last couple of days we have had the builders around and Tilly has been fascinated by it all. She just stands and watches them quite contentedly bless her while they put the roof back on, you could almost see the cogs going around in her mind!!

I must take some pictures when she finally decides to have a clean day in her field, it has been so mild this year that she has been left 'naked' and has perfected the art of finding the deepest puddle to roll in!!

I hope you are all well at Holme Grove and Holme Park stud and look forward to seeing lots of little baby trakehners at your open day this year!!

Give Solomon & Cleo lots of hugs from me!!

Take Care & Speak soon

Becca & Tilly x x x


E-mail update received 17 April 06

Hi Susan,

Hope you have had a lovely easter break?!

Chantelle is growing into a big and very striking young lady, she is progressing really well and is loving the better weather now that its finally here!!

She just loves attention and would let you cuddle her for hours if you let her. She is quite funny in the mornings when i am mucking out as she suddenly turns her bottom on you, reverses up and waits patiently for you to finish what you are doing and scratch her bottom!! Tilly is certainly boss over our other yearling evie in the barn but as soon as something scary approaches (usually the farrier) she stands behind her for protection. She is just so chilled out as a person as well, when we turn everybody out in the mornings everyone bar Tilly trots off to get some grass, but she just stands there to have a quick chat with you first and then wanders off leisurely.

A couple of weeks ago i decided to bit the pair of them and Tilly took to it like a duck to water, i have attached some photos of her with her little bridle on - she just looks so sweet!!

Your new arrivals look absolutely gorgeous, i am especially taken with Solo!! What a little smasher, i can't wait to see them at the open day!!

Hope everyone at Holme Trakehners is well, and hope to see you later this year at your Open day.

Regards and best wishes

Rebecca and Tilly x x

We were delighted to receive the e-mail below on 10th January 2006 letting us know of her progress.

Hi Susan,

Happy new year!!

I just thought i would give you a quick update on how Chantelle (Tilly) is progressing. She seems to have settled in very well to life on our farm and is best friends with her foal companion Evie. She is very sweet natured and loves nothing more than coming in from the field to have her daily groom and cuddles. She still loves her mad gallop around the field with her friend and showing everybody what lovely paces she has... i could stand and watch her for hours!!!

All being well i am hoping to take her to a Sport horse show in April. Its just a few miles down the road and i think she would enjoy all the attention and fuss. Its an unaffiliated show so it will be fairly low key and she can see all of the sights and sounds of the day and enjoy herself. So hopefully if i decide to take her, i will be able to provide you with some photos of her big day.

I have attached a couple of photos for you, these were taken at the weekend as i was getting her ready for bed, she does look rather cute.

We are all very pleased with her, and love her to bits!!

I hope all of your horses are well, and i can't wait to start seeing your new little babies on your website later this year.

Best Wishes

Becca and Tilly (Chantelle)

x x x