More news from Holme Grove Colvin

E-mail received 4th November 2004

Hi Susan
Just to let you know how Colvin got on at his third competition since Stephanie bought him.  He hasn't been out since August because of holidays and work commitments but has been for lessons with Patsy and also two training session with Paul Fielder.
Last night he came second in the Elementary to Music competition at Rodbaston College gaining a mark of 66.04%.  He was beaten by only 0.40%!  We were very pleased with him because the competition was running really late, due to problems with the music player, and instead of his 8.50pm time he actually did his test at 9.40pm.
He is very well and enjoying life with the companionship of our 'senior' Trakehner Saxon.
Sue (Stef's Mum)


We asked what Paul Fielder thought of HG Colvin and this was her reply:-

Hi Susan
Paul loved him!  Especially his trot and 'look at me' attitude.  He thinks with the correct training he will go to Grand Prix!  He wasn't just being nice because he doesn't pull any punches and told the chap before her to sell his horse because it would never be any good. 
Patsy kept saying "He likes him, he really likes him" as if she had never heard him say that before!  He still liked Colvin even after he nearly knocked him over when he held him for Stef to get on because he was fresh.  He said "all of the very best horses can be difficult at times".
Needless to say we continue to be delighted by Colvin and will do our best not to let him down.