HOLME GROVE GOLDCARD - 2nd in THS Novice Championships, South Africa


Subject:      From Prelim to 2nd in the T.H.S. Novice Champs in just 4 Outings

E-mail received from John, Sue and Helen Olsson 8th April 2003

Hi All,
News as promised but first a big thank you for your kind and warm hospitality on our recent visit. It was great to finally meet you all face to face.
On arrival back in South Africa Helen had organised a transfer service direct from Johannesburg International to the T.H.S. Showgrounds for the final of the T.H.S. Novice Championships.Goldcard's ride time was 10.42 - we arrived 10.36!!!!
Approximately 60 horses entered this years T.H.S. Novice Champs. They were divided into 2 pools of 30 for the first qualifier and the top 15 from each pool went through to the second qualifying round the following week. The top 15 horses from this second qualifier went through to the final the following day - Sunday 6th April 2003.
Yet again Goldcard was a star and considering only his 4th time out and after only 4 months of active work did us all proud!!!
VENUE   DATE       TEST      SCORE                POSITION       JUDGES COMMENTS
THS    30/03/03    Novice 4    76.96%                    1st               A pleasure to judge
THS    30/03/03    Novice 6    68.80%                    3rd              A super horse with lovely paces
THS    05/04/03    Novice 8    72.08% Judge C       2nd            A horse with exceptionally free paces and lots of cadence
                                            72.50% Judge  B                        Balanced active test
THS    06/04/03    Novice 8    77.50% Judge C       2nd            Wonderful stallion well ridden
                                            71.67% Judge B                         Active expressive test
 In the final the judge at C had Goldcard in overall first place in the competition and he was finally beaten by the last horse to go - a well established imported stallion from Germany that has been under saddle for 4 years so all in all we were very pleased with his performance. He continues to draw attention at every show because of his temperament and we have had many enquiries about our breading plans from him in the future.
Pictures to follow shortly.
The Olsson clan & Goldcard