Holme Grove Goldcard takes Supreme Champion at Autumn Gold Cup !

I had a very excited Sue Olsson on the phone last night (22nd March 2004) from South Africa to say they were just opening the Champagne and sitting in front of one of the biggest trophies you have ever seen as Holme Grove Goldcard (HG Solomon/PM HG Genesis)had become overall Supreme Champion at one of South Africa's biggest shows, the Autumn Gold Cup.  He won the Ridden Warmblood Championship and then in the overall supreme where all the championship winners were judged against each other from Welsh Sec A's to Hunters and Holme Grove Goldcard was judged Supreme Champion!  A full report will follow shortly from South Africa giving full details.

Holme Grove Goldcard has proved to be a real allrounder winning in Dressage, Showjumping and now showing as well as being a fully graded Stallion with the South African Warmblood Society - CONGRATULATIONS to you all.

http://www.horseandstable.co.za/  click this link to see report  (thanks to Kym Wright for this link - see her e-mail below received 25th March 2004)

"Hi Susan

Thought you might be interested in some news on Goldcard - he is fast becoming one of my favourite horses on the circuit so I've been keeping an eye out for him and his achievements.

Have a good weekend



Sorry this has taken a while but work became a little hectic. To fill you in on the boyís progress this year, heís been very good.

He had his first official dressage competition at Elementary in January. Unfortunately Maud pulled a muscle in her back the day before and rode in great pain. In fact we had to rush off to the chemist for pain killers for her, and as a result she could not ride too positively. However he was very kind and didnít take advantage of her, but he was a little long in the frame. However he got 63% for his first test and came second, and won his second test on 73%. Not bad for a beginner!!!

He was supposed to jump in the E grade festival in February but it rained so hard that the arenas were under water ( yes, even in South Africa!). This was postponed until March. In the meantime on the 20 Ė 22 March we had our Horse of the Year show, which is one of our top showing shows. I asked Maud to enter him in the Warmblood classess as I thought it would give him exposure for his stud season. Being Maud, she got the bit between her teeth and entered him in several general breed showing classes as well. His first class was the show hunter at 5:00 pm on the Friday night and, with our luck, just as we offloaded him someoneís stallion broke loose and went careering around the parking area and came cavorting over to him. Well,  that was all he needed to set him off, after all he was much better looking and he let everyone know it. It says a great deal for Maudís courage and skill that she still got on and warmed him up for his class, despite some very interesting airs above ground. We did suggest she scratched but she was adamant that he had to go into the showring and behave. He was very tense but he was very good, he even gave a very good ride for the judge ( mind you Helen and I had our hands over our eyes in case she fell off, but being English she rode beautifully) The end result was that he came fourth, which was completely unexpected.

The next day he came nowhere in the Show Riding Horse class, 2nd in the large Warmblood under saddle and knocked three poles in the Warmblood potential show jumper because he wasnít concentrating enough. On the Sunday he was getting the hang of this showing lark and he won his working riding horse class. I donít know if you have these in England. The horse has to perform a variety of tests such as bending poles, trotting poles, carrying sacks, walking over plastic, etc. depending on what the judge sets. It is a test of obedience and trust. This is the class he won and went on to become the Champion Adult Working Riding Horse, however in the supreme championship later that day he was unplaced. Enough to say that the supreme champion was ( deservedly ) a Section A Welsh pony  and the distance of the trotting poles was not altered for the large horses!!

One month later he was entered in the Autumn Gold Cup, which is our other major showing show and again we had judges from the UK for both the Horse Society and the Warmblood classes. As I said on the phone Jo Bates was one of the judges for the Warmbloods and she loved him. He gave her a very good ride in all the classes she judged.  Overall he was Champion Warmblood under Saddle, Champion Warmblood Working Hunter, 1st  in the Working Riding Horse class and unplaced in the General Breed Working  Hunter as he just tipped one pole. In the Supreme Working Hunter Championship he hesitated at the top of the bank which lost him marks, and tipped one pole again but in the Supreme Show Horse under Saddle the heavens opened with a vengeance and the arena was sodden. All the horses and riders were soaked through to the skin and Maud deliberately kept Goldcard til last and then he just showed his paces even in the mud and rain. He was the only one to show elevation and obedience despite the conditions and was the unanimous choice of the judges. I do have a rather awful picture of him receiving his enormous trophy but he was cold and wet and wanted to go home and have his supper so he would not stand still.

Eventually he did do his E grade championship and got a double clear but was not fast enough for a place. This last weekend he was at a jumping show and in his first three classes just knocked one pole in each first round but in the championship class he went clear and, despite slipping on one of the turns in the jump off, still managed to get a 6th place, I think there were +/- 60 in his class. He is becoming a good all round horse and we are receiving lots of phone calls wanting to know when he will start breeding. Due to our horse flu outbreak at the beginning of summer we had to hold back a year as there was a ban on all horse movements until the scare was over.

Please tell Genesis that her boy is doing her proud, and looking at your Christmas card, he is so like her it is amazing.

His next outing is at the end of April, which is our annual Musical Kur festival. It is celebrating itsí 10th anniversary and  Jenny Loriston-Clark is our guest judge. and Maud is doing her  first ever dressage to music with GC. I havenít seen the test but Helen says it is very good ( despite being to Bee Gees music, which she loathes) We will keep you updated on this one.

I will ask John to download the pictures we got from supreme and send them, sorry they are not better.

All the news for now

Love from the Olssons,  Maud and of course The Boy
This photo was taken at his Grading