Holme Grove Goldcard - THS  Medium Dressage Championship 2007 

18th September 2007

Hello Everyone,

Despite being out of touch over the last few months we have not dropped of the face of the planet. Sadly family members and a very dear friend have passed away this year as well as one of our retired ponies who we had owned for 16 years, so 2007 is not a year we will remember with kindness.

On a happier note Goldcard is very well and (with some hiccups) performing very well. He was brought out at the beginning of the year at Advanced, although we have kept him graded as Medium this year. I donít think our test levels are quite the same as the UK.

I will give a separate results sheet for the database, but he has not had a score below 60% in Advanced this year, which considering his young age is great.  click here to see full record of his results

At the end of 2006 he was in the top three in the Dressage Derby where the top three riders from the qualifiers have to compete on each others horses in the Derby competition, with a 3 minute warm up before riding the test. We never expected him to qualify as he was up against such established advanced horses, but he did and we were very proud of him. He was the third placed horse in the competition but he was great.

He competed in the SA Champs in 2006 and was quite highly placed. Someone produced statistics for the show and they showed that at Medium:

The average age of the horses was 13.3 years (Goldcard was nine)

Of 67 competitors only 8 scored above 70% (Goldcard was one of them)

He scored the second highest marks of the show (72.42%). Sadly the horse with the highest score of the show was in his class. Donít you just hate it when that happens!!!

At this yearís SA Champs in August he was second in every class with his marks on or about the 67% mark, apart from his freestyle to music where he scored over 69%. He was therefore the SA reserve Medium champion and reserve champion in the Medium freestyle.  

This last weekend (13-16 August) we had the THS championships (probably the equivalent of your Regional Championships). He was very naughty in the warm up class on the Friday and Lilian was very cross with him.  While he was being plaited for Saturdayís championship class Helen had a serious conversation with him concerning rusty kitchen scissors and his future in breeding and he obviously listened very hard and he won the class and is now the THS Medium dressage champion. Weíre very proud of him and delighted for Lilian Moller who has put so much work and faith into him. In the musical freestyle on Sunday he was second by just 2 points, so he had a very successful show.

We now have the FEI World Challenge coming up and this years Dressage Derby and then he can concentrate on his breeding schedule for the season. I am looking forward to this years foals and I hope they are as good as his previous ones. We are so excited about the purchase of H G Salsa and the prospect of beautiful purebred black Trakehners in South Africa.

Love as always

The Olssons and The Boy


Holme Grove Goldcard -  News Update from The Olssons

1st January 2006

Dear Everyone,

I canít believe that another year has gone and we are starting a New Year. I sincerely hope that 2006 brings all you wish for yourselves, and your beautiful horses go from strength to strength.

Susan, I hope the surgery went well and you are buzzing around as normal. Please take care.

Iím sorry that we werenít in touch as much as previously but it was a very hectic year. My boss was diagnosed with Ca breast at the beginning of the year and life became a little hectic after that, as I am her Deputy Head of Department. Fortunately she appears to be doing well and hopefully she will be able to continue with no ill effects in the coming year. She and I have worked together for over 20 years so it was an emotional time for us both.

On a brighter note Helen graduated in April 2005 in her Social Sciences ( Psychology) degree with an overall distinction, and she will receive her Honours degree this year, also with distinction. We are very proud of her, and now she is job hunting. I hope she finds something she enjoys after all her hard work! 

It was a relatively quiet year for Gold Card with his change of rider. Maud found a boyfriend who she moved in with and was no longer prepared to travel to ride or teach. We were not prepared to let Gold Card move to someone we did not know and so the partnership came to an end. I have no regrets as her relationship did not last and the boy would have been shipped around too much. His new rider is Lilian Moller, who is manager of the South African Lipizzaners. Riders from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna come out on a regular basis to train the riders.  She is a full time dressage rider who trains and teaches and she is a very sympathetic rider. She has worked very hard on improving his engagement and carriage and he is working very well. We hope to have a video later this year which the Warmblood Society is putting together for advertising the stallions. We will send you a copy of his performance.

His highlight this year was a 4th place at Elementary-Medium at the S A Champs, and was 3rd in the freestyle at the same show.  I have some photos from the show which I will email, but I may have to send them separately in case the file is too big. He will now be upgraded to Medium for this year. His lateral work has come on in leaps and bounds and he is starting tempi changes.

The most exciting news is that his first foal was born on the night of 22/23 December 2005 in Kwa Zulu Natal and is amazingly like Daddy at the same stage.  He is a black colt with two white socks behind and a white star (like Grandma). I will include the photos we have which are all within the first 24 hours, hopefully we will have more soon. The owners are delighted with the new arrival and, when her other mare foals down, she will put her to Gold Card. It is all so exciting!   His next foal is due this month and we have some other mares lined up for this season.

I promise to stay in touch more regularly and will furnish you with all the photos as we get them.

Our love to you all

From Sue, John and Helen, and of course, the beautiful boy

Holme Grove Goldcard's first foal born 22/23rd December 2005