The Derby Show 2007 - Holme Grove Goldcard - "Dressage Derby Champion"

7th October 2007 I received a phone call from Sue Olsson to say they had just returned from The Derby Show.  This is based on the Hickstead Derby complete with bank and HUGE jumps. It is definitely one of our most prestigious shows, with major sponsorship and big crowds and an amazing atmosphere.  At this Derby there are Championship classes for jumping, driving, Compleat Horse (which Goldcard won in 2004) and dressage.  In the Dressage section there is a "Champion Rider" and a "Champion Horse" which are not linked as a partnership!  Each horse and rider combination do their dressage test and then the leading 3 horse and rider combinations have to ride and be assessed on each others horses and also each horse is scored by each rider for rideability.  Lilian Moller and Holme Grove Goldcard were in the top 3 and Lilian's trainer and her horse were also in the top 3.  After the final scoring Lilian's trainer was the Champion Rider and Holme Grove Goldcard was the Champion Horse.  This meant that in the final Prize giving ceremony Holme Grove Goldcard was ridden by the Champion Rider!

Our congratulations go once again to Sue and family as owners and to all the hard work and patience put in by Lilian to make this success possible for Holme Grove Goldcard.

I am promised that photos will follow!





Hi Susan,

Sorry to have taken so long to reply, WORK!!!!!!!

You must be over the moon with the results from the TBF show, I think HP satin is stunning.

I see Santa Fe did well too. How is Skylark, has she been sold yet?

On the home front, about a week after the last champs. Maud wad presented with the elementary Victor Ludorum trophy as they forgot to ward it at the show. So THS champs was even better.

Last weekend (7-10 Oct) was our Derby show. This is based on the Hickstead Derby complete with bank and HUGE jumps. It is definitely one of our most prestigious shows, with major sponsorship and big crowds and an amazing atmosphere.

Included in the show is a dressage derby, showing derby, driving derby and one called the compleat horse. This is a multidisciplinary championship with 5 phases and the top 5 from these go forward to do a free test on derby day in the main arena. All entrants are judged on conformation and turnout, ride by the judge and utility.

He won conformation with 29/30, didnít like the judge who did the ride, and showed it, so got 10/20 for manners (!) but good marks for schooling and overall impression in that section and did a lovely utility test, which was quite tough. The top 15 from these three classes went forward for the dressage and show jumping phases. G C was lying first going into the dressage which he won by 5 marks and at this stage was leading by 11 marks. His show jumping round was, shall we say, a little enthusiastic. He only knocked one fence ( thanks to Maud ) which lost him 4 marks, but he was so exuberant between fences that he lost another 4 on style.  This meant that of the top five who went into the final phase, the free test, G C was leading by 4 marks and Maud had qualified another horse in fifth place. Both her free tests were good. Goldcardís test was performed side saddle, which we only tried out on him 3 days before. He entered the arena at the trot, side saddle and totally blindfolded with a scarf. The blind fold was removed and he then performed dressage, jumped the scarf, carried a small child on Mauds knee walking over a white sheet on the ground. The piece de resistance was at the end when Maud flipped back the skirt of her riding habit and pulled a red rose from her garter and presented it to the male judge. Needless to say they won Compleat Horse at Derby and the lap of honour was quite spectacular.

At the moment he is in Shongweni in Natal for the FEI world challenge ( our group ). His first class is today at 12:05 so Iíll keep you posted. After this competition he will start covering for his first season at stud. Itís all so exciting, my little boy is going to be a daddy!!

Thank you for breeding such wonderful horses