Holme Grove Indesi, Bay mare by Holme Grove Solomon out of  Holme Grove Ich Bin born 25th March 2003.

E-mail received 3rd March 2009

Hello Susan,

It has been ages since I last wrote to you, so I apologise for being so remiss.  Indie will be six this month and has matured into a beautiful mare, full of life and intelligence.  I bought her for dressage and we will be going out and about this summer, however I couldn't resist taking her out with the Sandhurst and Royal Military Academy Draghunt last month.  I'm wearing a body protector as I wasn't quite sure how exciting she would find the day.  In the end I didn't need the protector for safety but I was very grateful to have it on as an extra layer of warmth.

I hope you think your girl is looking well

All the best


E-mail received 14th November 2006

Hello Susan,

Congratulations to all of you, HP Kalahari and HP Vabanque and on the award of elite status - what a great achievement.

I am pleased to tell you that Indie is making good progress. After an initial period on the lunge Indie was backed this summer with no fuss at all. Her movement is so big that she struggled to trot on a circle in the school but I think she has practiced in the field as suddenly her balance has improved and she is now trotting and cantering happily on large circles. Also, we have been out hacking round the local tracks on our own and in company and only last weekend we went to Epsom Downs (to play with the racehorses) and she was very good. She had a wobble as she had to pass some steeplechase training jumps and had to be rescued by our chaperone but apart from that one little hiccup she was excellent. She is a joy to ride and so confidant. Even with the fireworks going off at night she has been schooling in the outdoor menage and done some good work.

I will try and get a photo to send through with my next update - your little baby is maturing into a lovely looking mare.

Best wishes


E-mail received 8th May 2006

Hello Susan,

Just a quick note to let you know how well HG Indesi (Indie) is doing. She has settled in very well and is now part of the mare herd. Over the bank holiday weekend she started lunging, nothing to complicated, just walk and halt in each direction and she has picked it up very quickly - I can see that I will have to be on my toes to stay one step ahead of her. I will add the surcingle over the next couple of days and we will start to trot as well.

I am thrilled with her, she has been so easy to handle.

I hope all is well with you and your family