Holme Grove Limbo Bay gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of  Holme Grove Lady Arwa born 27th January 1993.

Limbo has been a much loved friend and Schoolmaster to Liz Attew for the past 6 years and has just been sold as Liz has finished University and started work so did not have enough time to do him justice as she is bringing on other youngsters.  This was a very sad goodbye for Liz with many tears but has been made easier as Clover who has bought him is going to spoil him and love him to pieces. Thank you Clover and have fun with him.

E-mail received 25th December 2006

Re: Limbo Crimbo!

Dear Liz
So sorry for not emailing sooner! Christmas preparations have been hectic to say the least!
I went for a lovely Christmas hack with Tracey today. Unfortunately i forgot to take my camera which is a real pity as Tracey had decorated our riding hats with tinsel!! Tracey's horse Alix is almost the spitting image of Limbo (obviously not even half as stunning though!!) so we looked really great as a pair riding out together!
Limbo is such a star. I am so in love! Unfortunately with all the organising for Christmas i have not ridden as much as i would do normally over the past two weeks. I usually ride five times a week so ive really missed it although i have been up to the yard for pampering sessions. These sessions are mutual as Limbo seems to nuzzle and fuss me almost as much as i do him! He really is a softie. On the days i have not been able to make it up, my friend Kelly grooms him for me (she is but one of his adoring fan club!)    
Overall he such a joy to ride! The right rein is near on perfect but I am stillI still struggling to be just as fantastic on the left one!!!! I feel it his his weaker side and it is also definately mine! The only naughty thing he does with me is try to walk off when i mount and also when i tighten my girth or adjust my stirrups! Not sure if he used to do that with you too? He is not happy to stand still and just wants to be getting on with it!!
He has got a 'spark' about him which i love! He is very sprightly on hacks and is almost always on his toes but feels totally safe with it and it's as if ive been riding him for years! I can honestly say when he is going well (thank goodness this is 98 % of the time!) he is one of the most gorgeous horses i have ever ridden and in fact his canter is by far the best i have ever ridden (on the right rein!).   
I still cant believe i have gor such a fantastic horse and simply adore him. I really do promise to take some pictures in the next few weeks and will email them to you.
I hope all is well with you, Susan, your dad and of course all those beautiful horses and dogs at Holme Park Stud!
Limbo and i send you all lots of love and will email you in 2007!
Wishing you all a very happy new year.
Clover x


Email received 20th November 2006

Re: Limbotastic !

Dear Liz and Susan
I am sitting typing this email with a huge grin from ear to ear. I have'nt stopped smiling for days! I pinch myself at least five times a day as i can not believe how wonderful dear Limbo is, how lucky i am to have him and how close i was to missing out on him!!!!!!
He has settled so unbelievably well. It's as if he's been at the yard forever. I had been concerned as he had been with you for many years and the last home he had before that had not been a happy one for him. I need not have worried!
He has a massive fan club already. Everybody loves him! Susan, when you said how much he loved people I didn't realise quite how much. I have never been around a horse who is so soft and loving. Im sure he would let you fuss him all day long! 
He is turned out after breakfast and comes in after lunch. I have been riding him in the afternoons so he has his time to chill in the morning. We have schooled and hacked almost every day since his arrival and he has not put a foot wrong. I feel as if i have been riding him for much longer than a couple of weeks and every time i ride him we click that much more. He has restored my faith in my riding ability! It takes time to gain trust and confidence with a new horse but Limbo has made it so easy for me.
I promise to get some pictures as soon as i can. Limbo sends you his love (as do i).
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. He is one in a million.
Love Clover