Holme Grove Lucerne , Bay mare by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Grove Lady Arwa born 1999.

Holme Grove Bahamas, Liver Chestnut Gelding by Pascal out of Holme Grove Barkehman born 1999

Holme Grove Laurenti , Bay mare by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Grove Lady Arwa born 2000.

These three horses have been purchased  by Ina and Steve Dressler-Pearson.

email update received January 2007

Dear Susan,

Here, family and horses are all very well. Steve is quite busy with his work and therefore only rides out on Bahamas at the weekend, regardless of the weather. I am mentionning that, because we both got wet through this morning hacking out on Bahamas and Laurenti.

All three horses give us a lot of pleasure. During the week I do dressage training with them and once a week I have a lesson on Laurenti.

She is fantastic. A very quick learner. She actually seems to enjoy learning new movements. Ok, she will get frustrated initially, but once she's grasped the concept, she will do it again and again and again.

Lulu is still my very special horse - she must be the reincarnation of a human soul. It sounds naff, but I am convinced she empathises. And she is of course still the alpha mare in our herd, which makes my life very easy, as nobody will play up, when she is there. Many months after my accident I had a bit, actually a lot, of a nervous reaction. I suddenly became totally frightened of riding, was shaking like a leaf. Would not give up riding, but every time I got on a horse, I was hyperventilating, the lot. And what cured it? It was Lulu. Steve, Pippa and I went on a funride - the first we have ever been on. Our horses were not used to all these horses, trailers, Lorries smoke, etc. I was a gibbering wreck for 3 hours or so. How Lu could keep calm - most of the times - is a mirracle. But she sure kept her head and brought me back safely. Despite Bahamas playing up majorly at the sight of bullocks behind the hedges!

However, Steve is such a sure seated rider that nothing could get him off. So back to the fort in one piece and all my worries had gone for good.

Bahamas is a much more settled horse now. He is a beautiful sight, he has muscled up nicely and is just a pleasure to behold. Pippa(13) is having lessons on him and then I cannot keep my eyes of them - such an elegant sight! He just floats.

Talking of horses, better get out there and start the mucking out.

Hope you are all well, family and horses. Wish you all another successful year.

Love Ina xx

We were delighted to receive the e-mail below on 13th April 2004 letting us know of their progress.

Dear Susan,

Since the dear boy (Bahamas) arrived at our place, our lives have been transformed. We are now all very horsey. Steve and I have riding lessons every week on our respective steads. Both Lulu (Lucerne) and Bahamas are coming on in leaps and bounds. Lulu is a great, sometimes stubborn but always very affectionate character - she and I have bonded to the point, where I can ask anything of her and she will do it. Nearly every day Steve and I will go out for hacks before the school run and whilst Bahamas can be a bit spookey - but always obedient, Lulu is the safest hack I ever had the pleasure to ride out on. Before Christmas we had a proper arena built - which has made a tremendous difference to our life with horses. Steve is so pleased with Bahamas and their shared progress that he announced to some government consultant (who hands out grants for the personal development of M.D.s) that his aim is to train for the 2012 Olympics. Well, good luck. The two certainly look good together. Bahamas has settled in very nicely, he is so sweet: he gets on well with everybody, whether it is the other horses, dogs, chickens, children. Apropos the latter, both Pippa (11) and Jo (10) can safely ride him in the arena and though they obviously haven't got the strenght, he will oblige and do what they ask of him. I cannot tell you how very, very pleased we are with him. He is such a lovely character and so wonderful to look at, that we feel very privileged to have him as part of our family.

When he met Lulu for the first time at our place, it was as if they recognised each other immediately and though Lu is the alpha horse in our herd, the two of them are very friendly with each other.

One thing is for sure - Steve and I are very big fans of your horses, we think you and your team are doing a fantastic job and should we look for another horse we will come to you again.

Please give our kind regards to your parents and say hello to your stable ladies from us.

yours Ina.