Holme Grove Salsa, Black Filly by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of PM Holme Grove Sante Fe by Kostolany born 31st May 2007

Holme Grove Salsa has been sold to Sue Olsson in South Africa to be a wife to Holme Grove Goldcard.  She has spent a month in quarantine in Germany and yesterday 7th May 2008 she flew to South Africa.  She will still have another month's quarantine in South Africa before finally going to live with the Olsson's

e-mail received 8th May 2008

Hi Susan,

Well the little girl finally landed at 21:20 on Tuesday night. I visited her while she was still in the jet stall before the horses were offloaded. What a gorgeous child and so tiny for such a big adventure!!. She wasn’t phased by any of the goings on, she just enjoyed being cuddled and having an ear scratch. When they offloaded she was bright and interested in everything and now we have to wait for quarantine to end. One of the sky jockeys asked if the little black girl was mine and then said that she was an absolute angel and just did whatever the handlers asked her to do and they all loved her to bits.

She is so fine and pretty.

Will keep you posted on events.