Holme Grove Barbados, Black Mare by Pascal out of Holme Grove Barbarella

This mare is owned by Richard Bayston who also now owns Holme Grove Barbet

E-mail received 3rd June 2008

Hi,  Just a few photos from Bishop Burton intro last weekend.  Double clear and ok dressage so very pleased with how she went.  Also took Breeze for an outing last weekend -  just half an hour up the road for a lesson with my usual instructor.  Its the first time Toni has seen her under saddle and was impressed with how shes coming on.  Still lots of growing to be done so not doing too much with her.   
Regards, Richard



E-mail received 22nd November 2007

Hi Susan, Hi Barbara,
Just come off the phone with my saddler having ordered a new made-to-measure dressage saddle for Breeze! (aka Barbet). So bang go the savings but she's worth it.   Her paces are fantastic and every time I ride her I finish walking back to the stables with a a big grin 'telling anyone who's around 'blo*dy good horse that!'  She's very much the product of both parents and is so kind and loving in the stable or field and then in the arena shows so much talent its incredible.  Its very hard to describe her in words...  She's big, but not heavy.  Tall,.. but then not the biggest I've seen or been on. (that would be hard as its still the 3yr old 18.3 Suffolk filly I backed when I was about 16!)  She's so elastic and overly generous in everything she does!  Anyway, I think she'll be good!  So, far I've managed to persuade her not to buck with me on and having seen what she can do when she lets rip in the field I'm keen to keep it that way! 
Beth is also well although fitter than I had thought at the moment!  On Saturday she was silly, spooking at some jumps as soon as I got on, and rather than argue I decided to canter it out of her............45 minutes later she was just starting to settle!  Still cantering with the same degree of 'jump' as when we started and had barely broken sweat!  She's looking well at the moment and on Sunday had got out of bed the right side and showed me some collected canter on the lunge that shes never shown before.  Something must be working!! 
I'd really like to get some current photos of them both but the weather and work keep interfering.  When I do I will forward some on.
Best regards,  Richard x

E-mail received 27th May 2007

Hi,  We finally made it all the way to the end of the event today - 3rd time lucky here after attempting it last May and October unsucessfullly!  It went well and we were very lucky with the weather and draw of the running order.  I was 2nd on with dressage at 8:05 so despite having to get up at 4am to get ready etc it did mean that I'd finished the XC by 9:45 and had the benefit of both the best ground and missing the rain! 
The scores were 37.5 dressage penalties then clear both SJ and XC although we got 26 XC time penalties.  Wasn't really bothered about the time today; the priority was getting round and it seemed that most people had time faults today anyhow.  Not sure of placings yet as I left before the end but I've attached a couple of pics from today taken at the bank on todays XC. 
Barbet is very well and growing up to be stunning.  Her paces are fantastic; trot just eats the ground up. 
Hope all is well and see you in July. 

E-mail received 13th November 2006

Please pass on my congratulations to Tanja; it was lovely to see the photos of their big day. 
Beth and I qualified for the 2nd round of trailblazers SJ yesterday taking second out of over 80 at Willerby Hill in the 85cm class.  Unfortunately we got one down in the 95cm class but she did really well as it was such a long day and by the time she went was obviously tired.  We were at the show for 7 1/2 hours due to the vast numbers in each class.  Next time we won't go till lunchtime!!
Regards, Richard
ps we won 8 quid.... its a good job we're not in it for the money!

E-mail received 21 August 2006

Just returned from a long but worthwhile day at Richmond One Day event.  Conditions were pretty bad and the going on the XC (and the dressage!) were really heavy.  The dressage didn't feel great to ride - fairly sure she was unhappy with the ground and it was on the side of a hill!  Despite that the score wasn't as bad as I expected and finished on 43 penalties. 
SJ ok but got the last down.  My mistake and Tracey Newman would have told me off for it!!  Didn't correct a canter lead before the 2nd last and it put us wrong for the last.  Anyway,  still ok compared to some of the cricket scores!!  The cross country went really well and finished clear despite the time penalties most people had due to the ground.  The course seemed bigger than Skipton with quite a few 4 foot hedges but it rode well and today was the first time I've gone at a decent pace all the way round; it really felt like we were motoring so all in all a usefull few miles on the clock today.  Not sure of placings yet. 
Having said that I'm fairly sure I got a speeding ticket on the way!! 
Hopefully doing Standish in 2 weeks then Bishop Burton in October. 
Regards, Richard

E-mail received from Richard 22nd March 2006

Just a note following a training session on Monday.  I took her to an all weather XC and gallops facility in lancashire.  1st time out since October and she was absolutely fantastic.  The jumping was excellent and boy can she gallop!  I'm still smiling about it 2 days later - if thats what she can do after 10 weeks back in work we could be in for a good season. 
Next on the agenda is an unaffiliated ODE at Nothallerton followed by training at Horse camp the week after, Then SJ training early may at Tracey Newmans then will hopefully affiiate BE.
Hope all well


We received the e-mail below on 24th August 2005 letting us know of her result.

Dear Susan and Barbara,
Just to follow up the vague answer phone message I left on your mobile Susan last night I did an unaffiliated one day event on Barbados at Northallerton EC.  Its the first one we have done so just did the smaller of two classes.  We won!  The dressage was P7 and my score was 67% ie 33 penalties and then went clear jumping and cross country.  I think there were 38 in the class.
Best regards,