Holme Grove Cinnebar , Chestnut gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of PM Holme Grove Cleopatra born 2001.

Holme Grove Baroque, Bay filly by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Grove Barkehman born 2002
Holme Park Sophia, Black filly by Holme Park Krug out of Holme Park Schakara born 2008

In June 2004 Dawn Terrill came to visit us to purchase a youngster to bring on for dressage but fell in love with two and couldn't decide which to buy so she bought both!  Both are by Holme Grove Solomon.  Holme Grove Cinnebar  was a very immature 3 year old and Holme Grove Baroque a 2 year old.  Nearly 4 years on and Dawn has backed both of them (backed Cinnebar while she was pregnant!) and is now competing both of them very successfully.  She has called me with updates several times and she has kindly now sent an email update to share

August 2008 Dawn has purchased the beautiful black filly Holme Park Sophia by Holme Park Krug out of Holme Park Schakara to add to her Trakehner family.

From: TerrillNS
Sent: 08 March 2009 20:24
To: SusanAttew@holmetrakehners.com
Subject: Addington Regionals - HG Baroque

Hi Susan

We did it!  Baroque was a star as usual - we led most of the way with a score of 70.46% in the novice restricted, but were pipped to the post at the end by a score of 70.57% (how close can you get!) but still qualified for the winter championships.

We also picked up Sophia as planned - isn't she just gorgeous.  She was a very good girl to load and they both travelled home very quietly.  What a long day that was, albeit a very memorable one.





From: TerrillNS
Sent: 02 December 2008 18:54
To: Susan Attew

Hi Susan

Hope you're all well.  How's my darling little Sophia? I'm assuming she is now weaned - did it all go ok? 

I'm really looking forward to having her at home so I can really get to know her!

I came up against Carl Hester's Being Bling twice again with Baroque (he was in the elementary open at the National championships and is now being ridden by another lad in the restricted section).The first time was at Hunters on 29.10.08 where he beat her into second place by about 1% - we scored 66.2% and I was delighted to be so close and so far above the rest of the field.  The second time was on 26.11.08 - it was a very big class with everyone out to get their last minute winter qualifications and I came 4th with 66.2% again, but beat Being Bling by nearly 3%. It's really satisfying knowing that we can compete with the top young horses in the country.

Cinnebar is going really well and is now at last starting to look like a grown up horse.  I'm looking forward to getting him out again - we're doing a novice qualifier tomorrow.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best wishes


E-mail update received 11th September 2008

Hi Susan

Hope you and Paul (and your family, horses, dogs etc.) are all well and, of course, my darling little Sophia.

I went to the Area Festival at Wellington Riding last week.  I was getting muddled with the rules when I mentioned that I was going to do the novice with Cinnebar - of course I couldn't because I competed at that level in the regionals this year.  I did do the elementary with Baroque though and was delighted with a third, as I haven't done much competition at that level yet.  As with the winter regionals it was annoyingly close - 1st was 66.21%, I had the same score as the horse that came second, with 66.03% but just lost out on the collectives.  One judge gave me 68% and the other 64.2% ( which would still have put me third or fourth as most of the scores were 62% or less) - pity the second judge didn't like her as much as the first

Baroque also did the Strada Saddles 6 year old championship on Sunday and I was delighted with 4th place and a score of 7.14, knowing that the horses ahead of her were already well established at much higher levels. She scored 7 for her trot, 8 for her walk, 6.5 for her canter, 7.2 for general impression and 7 for potential as dressage horse.  She is an angel.

That's all for now.  Take care.


E-mail update received 21st March 2008

Hi Susan 

Summary of what I've been doing with Baroque and Cinnebar:

Cinnebar still seems to be growing and, due to his overall size/length etc., he has taken a lot longer to get his work established than Baroque (he also has not had the advantage of a naturally strong topline that she has).  Having said that, when everything comes together just right he is absolutely great and has achieved scores of nearly 74% at prelim level and nearly 73% at novice. 

Cinnebar competed at the winter regional championships at Addington but, unfortunately, the results in no way reflected the way he is going as he spent the whole time calling Baroque in the lorry which affected him very badly.  Both of them travel very well alone and I think in the future that is the way it will have to be.

More recently he has done his first elementary test in the training section and would have been second with a score of 65.2% if he had been competing.

Baroque is probably the most focused, consistent (and prettiest!) little mare I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She had a couple of blips to her consistency last year whilst she had splints forming in both hind legs (at separate times).  One of these was unfortunately during the summer regional championships.  She was a very close third in the Strada Saddles 5YO championship with a score of 8.24, having qualified on an even higher score  - she scored a 9.5 for her walk. 

Baroque came third in the winter prelim regional championships at Addington, a great result but it is tinged with disappointment as I know she  would have won it very easily if I hadn't taken Cinnebar as well. Whilst she didn't call as much as him, it was enough!

Baroque won her first 2 novice qualifiers for the summer championships so we are now just doing some elementary training tests (scoring 67.5% and 66.89% in her first ones, which would have been an easy first had she been competing).  

Photos still to follow.