Holme Grove Black Pearl Black Mare by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of  Holme Grove Barbarella born 3rd February 2001.
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Holme Grove Black Pearl was purchased as a foal by Paula but due to a change of circumstances and a new baby she reluctantly asked us to find her a new home as she had not time to do her justice.  Liz and I picked her up in December 2006 and she has been in schooling with Liz for 6 months in preparation for sale and has now found a wonderful new home with Anna and will be living in Windsor Great Park - lucky girl!  Anna collected her from Holme Park Stud on 3rd July 2007 - see her email communications below.


From: Anna.Furber@gxs.com
Sent: 18 May 2010 10:57
To: Susan Attew; Susan Attew
Subject: Little Update

Hello Susan,

As usual I hope that my email finds you in good health.

All fine with me and B, in fact, all is VERY fine with me and B.

We heard this morning and we have both passed our Level 3 Parelli Assessment with a “Pass Plus” mark, which is a better mark than just a simple “Pass”.

I am so so so so thrilled with B, she is such a superstar, it’s been amazing that she’s managed to achieve so much in just under three years, she is just so clever.

I leave for an eight day course with B in Kidderminster tomorrow, then pretty soon after that I leave for my Fast Track Course in the US, when B will just be “let down” and have a well deserved holiday.

I’ll miss her so much while I’m away, I just hope that the pony I get allocated in the US will be as brilliant and clever as B!

Must get back to work now, as really struggling to clear everything up before I go.

Take care now and much love to you all.



From: Susan Attew [mailto:SusanAttew@holmetrakehners.com]
Sent: 18 May 2010 11:04
To: Furber, Anna (GXS)
Cc: Attew, Elizabeth
Subject: RE: Little Update

Hi Anna

Many congratulations to you and B on passing your Level 3 Parelli Assessment.  We are so sorry that we are unable to show you off at our Open Day – perhaps next year!

Are you happy for me to add your email to our web news?

Have a great trip to USA and I am sure the pony you get allocated in US won’t be a patch on B J


Susan x

From: Anna.Furber@gxs.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 3:03 PM
To: SusanAttew@watkiss.com
Cc: Attew, Elizabeth
Subject: RE: Little Update

Hello Susan,

Thank you so much, I am so pleased with B, she’s amazing!

Yup, very happy with you to put my email up on your Website, I’m right up for telling the world, it’s been a very long journey.

If you have a spare two minutes, and if you can ignore the fact that I look like a heffer on the videos, you can actually see my Auditions on You Tube.

If you search on “Anna and B Audition”, you will find them.

There is one for On-Line, one for Liberty and one for Freestyle (bridleless).  If you do get to watch them, it would be good to hear your thoughts.  The bridleless riding and trailer loading at Liberty are probably the most fun to watch.

However, they ain’t earthshattering performances, and certainly don’t show B or me at our best, but they were safe, which is a good game to play when you aren’t allowed any “cuts” or “retakes” during filming.

Either way I passed, and my Brilliant Little Pony is now working at Level 4!!


Thank you so so so much for giving me the opportunity to purchase her, she really has been a horse in a lifetime!

With much love.



From: Attew, Elizabeth
Sent: 19 May 2010 12:43
To: Furber, Anna (GXS); SusanAttew@watkiss.com
Subject: RE: Little Update

Hi Anna,

I watched the videos last night – you guys are amazing!  I can’t believe you can do that so effortlessly and she is with you every step of the way!  I was also so happy to see how relaxed she looks – taking it all in her stride and happy as can be J 

If I ever manage to own another horse I will have to ask you for help in achieving that kind of relationship.  By that time you’ll probably be an instructor anyway!

Thanks again for keeping us updated and good luck on your trip to the US… love to you both x

Kind Regards,

Liz Attew


From: Anna.Furber@gxs.com
Sent: 19 May 2010 21:27
To: Elizabeth.Attew@eon-uk.com
Cc: Susan Attew
Subject: RE: Little Update

Awwwwwwwwww, thanks Liz, that was a lovely email, thank you so much, it really made me smile … thank you.

It was really nice of you to take the time to watch our videos too, and I’m glad you think B looks happy, cos that’s all I want for her really.

And, the reason B and I have done so well, is actually down to you, and the fantastic foundation you and your family have put on her.

She wouldn’t be half the horse she is today, without that solid grounding.  So you should be very proud!

I’d always be delighted to help you with any new horse you might buy in the future, it would be fun, but somehow I don’t think you would need any help from me!

By way of a little update, B and I have arrived safely in Kidderminster.  She was so funny when I unloaded her from the lorry, she just walked into her “holiday field”, put her head down and started eating.  Bless her.

The course starts tomorrow, and between you and me, I just know she’ll be the best here.

Over the years, more and more people ask me where I bought her from and I always give them your Stud’s name and web site address, hope that’s okay.

Well time is marching on, it’s been a long day with an early start tomorrow.

Thank you once again for your lovely email, take care now and all the best.



Email received 6th June 2008

Re: B the Superstar!

Hello Susan,

I hope my email finds you in good health and that Liz continues to enjoy her travels.  Please give her my love as and when you speak with her.

I was riding B, in Windsor Great Park yesterday and decided there and then that I needed to send you a little update as to how brilliant my Perfect Pony is.

Firstly, as you can imagine, now that the summer is here, although Windsor Great Park is the most beautiful place in the universe, it’s kind of busy at this time of year.  And as a result, we had quite a lot of hazards to contend with yesterday.  Namely, huge great big polo trucks zooming past us on their way to Smiths Lawn, actual polo matches being played on Smiths Lawn right next to the riding track, kids on skateboards, mothers with push chairs, deer, armies of men with chainsaws felling an ancient oak tree and a tractor armed with an electrical hedge cutter.  And you know what, B calmed marched passed the lot of them, without giving any of them (apart from the deer) a second look!  What a Superstar she is.

She really is such a sweetie, so so so good.

Due to her huge dislike of wearing traditional shoes, which she invariably pulls off within two or three days of being shod, (arghhhhhhh!) as you know I’m now going barefoot with her.  And she’s just fine, no problems whatsoever, she’s grown spectacular feet.  Predictably, and to be on the safe side, at great expense I’ve bought her some little boots, they are like trainers for horses, which I will put on her if I think she’s struggling being barefoot in any way. 

B and I are doing some truly amazing stuff as part of the Parelli Program, which as you know I am passionate about, I would love to be able to send you a tape of what she can do, she’s really really brilliant.  Unfortunately however, although I work in IT (how worrying is that!), burning the little Camcorder Tape onto a CD would totally stump me, so give me a shout if you’d be interested in seeing what she can do, and if you would like me simply to send you a little tape thing, which you could slot into your Camcorder, and I’ll get something recorded for you.  You’ll be very impressed with her, but maybe not quite so impressed by me!

Her tummy is absolutely fine and she looks the picture of health!

I continue to be thrilled by her and am so delighted that I was lucky enough to find her.

Thank you so much (as usual) once again!

Anna and B


Email received 17th March 2008

Re: My clever pony!

Hello there Susan, Hello there Liz,

I hope my email finds you both in very good health!!

All fine at my end, and having discussed it with B this afternoon, we decided that an email to both of you was long overdue.

Well what can I say about my very very very clever pony, apart from the fact that she is just perfect.  Faultless really.

We did have a little hiccup in early December, when I splashed out on a brand new dressage saddle for her and B told me in no uncertain terms that she was unhappy with it by completely and utterly broncing me off !

I was fine, only my pride was dented – I hadn’t fallen off for about eleven years!  However, following on from a visit from lovely Tanya, I decided to get her back checked out (probably should have thought of that myself!), and her back was very sore.

However, she’s had six or seven sessions with the Back Lady, and seems a billion times happier and much more comfortable now.

I’m going to continue with a monthly visit for the next year or so, just to keep everything in check.

So, apart from that little upset, all I can say is that she is absolutely brilliant, and won me over completely.  She really is the cleverest little horse in the universe. 

The only problem I have, is that I want to be progressive in my training of her, and I’m gonna run out of things to teach her very soon.

Whatever, I ask her to do, she just ……… does.  It’s truly extraordinary, and believe me, it’s definitely not down to my training, which leaves a huge amount to be desired.

Heath wise (apart from her back), she’s 100%, her tummy hasn’t caused any trouble whatsoever, she hasn’t been lame, she’s always very bright and cheerful and overjoyed to see me – or perhaps it’s the continuous supply of carrots that seem to appear whenever I am around that she gets so excited about

In closing, I totally and utterly adore her, she has proved to be the perfect horse to walk into Lovely Faithful Ellie (who is still fighting fit and keeping the throat cancer at bay!) shoes and I am just so lucky to have found her – so thank you.

It’s getting late now and I’m pretty tired, so I’m off to bed.

I hope everything is well with both of you, take care now and keep in touch.

With all the very very best.

Anna and B

Email received 6th November 2007

And what can I say about B ………….. well she’s just perfect, perfect, perfect.

She really hasn’t put a foot wrong.  Not once.

Words cannot describe her, she really is quite extraordinary.  I have never ever ever ever known a horse to be quite so clever.  She is amazing.

I honestly only have to show her something once and she picks it up straight away (and bear in mind I’m a really cr*ap teacher, so her cleverness ain’t anything do to me).  I’ve only taught her really silly things, nothing that’s going to change the world, but she has learnt loads and loads and loads.

She’s an absolute joy and so easy.

Only this evening I was riding her bareback (I think I mentioned to you, I prefer riding bareback than with a saddle), at walk, trot and canter in the school, and she was faultless – and it’s worth mentioning that there were loads of fireworks tonight too!

I’m not saying that things wouldn’t go wrong with her very very quickly, she could most definitely become quite explosive if she got into the wrong hands, and if people were too harsh and rough with her.  But as long as you are polite and gentle and patient, consistent and firm with her, then she’s a total angel – so willing.

I adore her and love her to complete bits.

Her canter is becoming a lot more consistent, I just accept the canter that she offers me on the day without being too critical, and as a result she offers more and more and more as each day passes.  She did put in quite a hefty buck when I first had her, which was my fault as I was simply being too clumsy with her, so I tried to be a little more polite in the future, and to stop riding as if I was in a pony club gymkhana!  Yikes.

So in a word she’s fabulous, I’m so thrilled to have her, I will never ever part with her and appreciate how very lucky I am to have found her.

In closing thank you so much for your email.  Please do keep in touch, I hope you have fun when you find a new horse to play with.  Please give my regards to your Mum, and thank you so much once again for putting such a fantastic foundation training onto B, she’s a credit to you!

Lots of love and don’t forget to keep in touch.

Anna and B



Email received 9th July 2007

Hello there Liz, Hello there Susan,

I hope you are both well and that you had a weekend that was probably a little quieter than last!

Just a quick email (yeah right!), to let you know how my weekend with B went, in a word …………. she was a complete Superstar.

She’s settled into Blacknest Gate really well and seems to be very happy, as you can imagine she’s being totally charming to everyone, eating really well and the grooms love her cos she’s such a pleasure to handle and she’s also very very clean in her stable!  

She’s out in the field now every day, from about 7.30 til about 4 p.m., with her two friends, Rosie and Folly (one of which is owned by Lucy Higginson the Editor of H&H – how posh is that!).

However, after three or four days of just chilling out, with just a very low-pressure lunge every night, I thought that the time had come this weekend, when I should take her on her first visit to Windsor Great Park.

I took her in the School first, to do some pre-flight checks, and she was perfect.  So, it was off into the Park.  I only rode her for about 40 minutes, and went up a very very quiet Sandtrack, and she was amazing, she didn’t put a foot wrong.  Not once!   After Ellie (who is still in very very very good health and fighting fit), who as you know, is a total tearaway, it was a very refreshing change!

When I turned her round to take her home, she didn’t rush or get silly in any way, she just took everything totally in her stride.  The only thing she was slightly worried about, was the cut logs that littered the side of the sandtrack, but a friendly stroke on her neck and a kind word, and her worries were soon forgotten.

So we got back to the yard safely from what was a fantastic first ride.  I was thrilled with her.

Tomorrow, my friend Julie is going to escort me and B round the Park for our first circular ride, which will take in all the sights i.e. Polo at Smiths Lawn, Virginia Water Gardens, occasional sights of Prince Philip Carriage Driving, The Famous Copper Horse, Prince Andrew’s House and Windsor Castle.  Keep everything crossed.

With all the very very best to both of you, take care now and I will be in touch with you again very soon.

Big kiss.


Email received 4th July 2007

Hello there Susan, Hello there Liz,

Well what a very very busy, but thoroughly fantastic and exciting day today has been.

B travelled back to Blacknest Gate absolutely 100% perfectly.  She was an utter angel.  Perfect!  Bless her.

She was actually quite cute in the Truck, cos every time I talked to her she chatted back to me.  Soooo endearing.  I’ve obviously completely over-interpreted that to mean that she loves me already J

When we arrived at Blacknest Gate at around 4 p.m. she unloaded perfectly, and just stood around staring at her new surroundings.  I gave her the choice as to whether she wanted to take a look around her new home, or just go straight into her stable and she choose the latter. 

As soon as she got into her new stable she had a good roll (which I obviously completely flapped and panicked about), but she was fine as she got up straight away, had a good shake and started noshing her haynets, without even bothering to take a look over the stable door.

I made sure she was settled, then went to Chobham and did Ellie.

Then we went to feed the polo ponies.

Then back to see B at about 6.30, and she was still munching away, happy as anything.   And she’d eaten all her tea!

We took her for a walk in hand, round all the fields, so she could take a look around, have a pull of grass and stretch her legs, and she was perfect.  Not pushy, or bargie, or worried about leaving the others.  

She even walked through a huge puddle, which was quite deep, without any problems at all.

After about 40 minutes, we put her back in her stable, mostly because my feet were soaking wet and left her alone.

I’ve just been back to Blacknest Gate one last time, got there at about 10 p.m., to make sure she’s okay and she’s just fine.  Very very very chatty however, to anyone who’ll listen!

So it looks as if she’s fine, so I’ll be able to sleep well in my bed tonight, although I’ve already set my alarm clock for 6 a.m., so I can get up and double check on her before I go to work.

Thank you so much once again both of you, for all your lovely emails, patience and support over this rather long winded Sales Cycle.  You’ve both been brilliant, and I’ll never forget your kindness and generosity.  So thank you.

Thanks again, take care and will be in touch again very very very soon.

Big kiss.

Anna and B (of course!)