E-mail received from Mr James Back of Rosewood Trakehners, Canada, January 7th 2003

Hello Susan!

Thank-you for the lovely Christmas card again, this year. My family and I

extend our sincere best wishes for a prosperous and healthy New Year.

I presented Holme Grove Cappuccino to the American Trakehner Association

this past Fall, where she took premium status with a mark of 57. In the

words of the principal inspector, Mr. J.L. Thornton, she was "the best

combination of size, quality and movement I've seen in a long time"; her

trot, "one of the best I have ever seen". Also, just last week, I received a

call from the ATA registrar advising me that this wonderful mare was

receiving the designation of 'Model Mare'. which apparently is only given to

approximately 2 - 3 % of the mares accepted into their main stud book.

Congratulations to your breeding program, again! I am likewise, very proud.

Incidently, we have a beautiful filly, rising two this Spring, by Holme Park Vincent

and out of this good mare, which may even prove to be superior to her

mother. She is registered as 'Camelot of Rosewood', thus paying homage to

that mythical and enchanting nameplace and the English ancestry of both her

parents. This filly is very fluent and dynamic already in her movement and

promises to excel in the highest level of dressage, where she will be much

noticed for her scope and attractiveness.

Finally, for now, do you still have Satin (u.d. Shakara)? Is she offered for


Looking forward to further updates from you, I remain,

your 'American ally',

Mr. James Back

[Susan Attew] We are very proud of Holme Grove Cappuccino - Congratulations!

Sorry Jim Holme Park Satin is not for sale - she is one of the best fillies

we have ever bred and are planning to compete her under saddle and she will be a good

ambassador for Holme Trakehners!