Holme Grove Gershwin , Black Gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of PM Holme Grove Genesis born 1997.

Holme Grove Ferretti , Black Gelding by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of  Holme Grove Fanfare born 1997.

hi Sue yesterday gershwin came 10th in the pet plan medium open and 3rd in the pet plan  advanced meduim restricted, he was a real star.

October 2010


e-mail received 27 April 2009

Sent: 27 April 2009 13:59
To: Susan Attew
Subject: results

Hi sue just a couple of results for ferretti , he is settling down well in his work now and getting some decent scores, gershwin is well and has done several 12mile fun rides this  spring and will be doing some dressage soon. 

2nd april south view n 36 64.62 4th

                               Elem 44 65.2 3rd

4th april kingswood elem 43 64.48 3rd

25th april kingswood elem 42 62.5 1st

                                     elem 49 65.0 4th

will be doing petplan at kingswood in sept with both of them.

regards jo

e-mail received 23 January 2009
Hi sue attached are a couple of pics of the boys from last year, both are well ferretti is still growing and filling out . We are coming out at elem / med this spring he has established his changes at home and is working really well. Still a little green in the arena as he is quite sharp and has a lot of natural energy he finds everything so easy.  Gershwin will be doing adv med and advanced also in the spring.  
best wishes to the family

regards jo

e-mail received 22 April 2008

Hi sue just a quick note took Ferretti to Prescott affiliated last thursday he won novice 25 with 68 percent .

Have bought top hat and tails and will be bringing Gershwin out at advanced at the end of may. will send photos when weather improves.

regards Jo

e-mail received 5 April 2008

Subject: H G Ferretti

Hi sue, we had our first outing to a competition today.  I jumped straight in and we entered an affiliated novice 22 at kingswood. He won the class with 65.29 percent, he was an real star today  behaving so well. Another  star in the making i think.

will keep you posted on further results.

regards Jo

e-mail received 24th December 2007

Hi Sue hope you are all well.  Gershwin has qualified for medium, advanced medium and medium music for the
winters. He has been under the weather after the summer regionals where he went very flat so we had
him blood tested and he was very anaemic.  He has been on a course of blood builders and is feeling a lot better.

Ferretti is going well as he is growing a lot still we have been taking it slowly, he went out in the lorry today to our
local riding school and worked well in their very spooky indoor arena.  i will start competing him in the spring, we regularly have lessons
with Jos Edwards who thinks he will also be a star like Gershwin. 

I will keep you posted on our progress.
Regards Jo Walker

e-mail received 5th December 2005

Hi Susan, just a quick update on the boys.
Gershwin has has a pretty consistent season, i did not compete at the regionals due to my gran passing away the same week, so i returned to Jersey. 

I got married on 5th nov and honeymooned in Egypt on the redsea for 10 days which was fantastic.

I will still be competing under my maiden name at the moment, Gershwin has been upgraded to med level now and we are working on our changes over the winter to come out at Adv in the spring.

Ferretti is fab, everyone who meets him falls in love with his very exuberent character.  He is only horse i have come across that likes to play football.  He is very playfull and has lots of natural energy.

I am backing him at the moment and he has been an angel so far, he really enjoys his work.

I will send some pictures of them once the weather improves a bit and they do not look like mud monsters! 

Have a great xmas & new year
Regards Jo Walker (Craydon)