Holme Park Fiasco was born 1st April 2007  by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of the  mare Holme Park Fantine.  He has been sold to Jo Woolger .

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Holme Park Fiasco has lived with the other youngsters in the barn at Holme Park for the winter but on Good Friday Jo and her Mum collected him to take him home!  See below for his progress since he has moved:-

email 20 November 2008

Hi Susan,

As promised, Mum has FINALLY given me the CD of all the pictures she took of Fiasco at his first ever show!!!

We entered the 'Youngstock' and 'Foreign Breeds' classes and he was the youngest by a long way in both.

Despite my competitive nature we didn't go to win, as being only just a year old I knew he looked rather scrawny and still very fluffy from his first winter coat. We just went so he could see what a show was all about. And he did me proud! He traveled like a seasoned professional, had a few calls through the day just to say 'Hello' to any other horses that would listen, but was otherwise fantastic!!

Being so long ago (back in May) looking at the photos myself I can't believe he has grown up so much over the summer. He looks completely different now, so I shall have to send you a few more recent pictures soon.

Hope all is well.

Take care

Love from

Jo & Sco!


email 25 March 2008

As for ďI hope he is still being a good boyĒÖ. I think Absolute angel is more accurate!!!  He really has surpassed all of my expectations regarding behaviour!!  He didnít even batt an eyelid at having a rug put on (just a rain sheet so when he is out during the day he doesnít go to bed wet and end up cold)  I have to say he looks adorable in it!!  Kind of like a real horse, only smaller!!!

Take care


email 23 March 2008 (Easter Sunday)

Here are a few pics of Fiasco!

Including him coming off the lorry, meeting some new friends and being walked around by Mum!!

We went for another little walk today, past lots of scary things including geese, vans, horse trailers and roadworks....again, he didn't even bat an eyelid at any of it!!

We put a measuring stick against him and he stands proud at 13hh and half an inch!!!!

Now completely settled and doesn't fret when the others go out.

Hope all is well and you have avoided the snow!

Take care

Jo & Fiasco!!

email 22 March 2008


First update on the little superstarÖ

We arrived home yesterday after a very uneventful journey.  So much for all the research that says horses prefer to travel facing backwards, Fiasco tried it both ways several times and much preferred facing forwards, so we stopped off at south mimms at did a bit of a heath robinson job on the haynet so he had that at the front.

Arrived home and he walked off the ramp as if he was a well traveled professional!  Had a few calls to introduce himself and all the others came to the end of the field by the yard to see who this young upstart was causing so much fuss.  Walked him round the yard a few times to stretch his legs and he sniffed some of the others over the fence and they all seemed fine with him.

He fretted a little when he was put in the stable on his own.  I think he was expecting to walk in and find all of his holme park posse there waiting for him.  But he soon settled into his hay for the night.

This morning he was perfectly happy and had his breakfast.  He fretted a bit again when some of the others went out for a hack and he thought his new friends were leaving him, but once they got back he was fine.  Iím sure over a few days he will learn the new routine.

Mum and I have just got back from taking him for a little walk down the lane.  Had a bit of games getting him out of the car park onto the lane, mainly because the gate squeaked when I first opened it, but after that you would have been so proud!  After the gate he just walked out so well.  We were over taken by three cars, two from the front, and one from behind him, and not a problem at all.  Past a van with the reflective tape like a police car, and a house with loud music and no problems what so ever!!!  I have had a grin on my face ever since!!!

Really pleased with how he has behaved. He really is a little superstar!!!!  Lots of pictures to follow!

Take care

Love you everyone on two legs and four!!!

Jo and Fiasco!!

See what happened during a recent visit by Jo and her boyfriend Ben when they came to visit Fiasco at Holme Park Stud.  Many congratulations to Ben and Jo!

e-mail 04/11/07
A Romantic Proposal !

Hi Susan,

Hope things are all well with you.

Thank you ever so much for getting the girls to give Ben and I some time to ourselves when we visited.  Ben took the opportunity to propose and I donít think I have stopped smiling since!  He meant to email you himself but deleted your email address from the computer and your number from his phone so I couldnít stumble across them accidentally and wonder what he was up to! So he wanted me to pass on his thanks too.  The whole thing was a complete surprise and Iím thrilled to bits!! 

Take care