Holme Park Heavenly was born in May 2003 she is by Holme Park Krug out of the black mare Holme Park Holy Night

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e-mail 14/08/2008  Re: Holme Park Heavenly (Evie)

Here goes!

Since my email to you in June she has had another successful outing scoring 64.5% in a prelim we are going to try our hand at Novice next weekend and I am hopeful that maybe I can qualify her for the Petplan Finals at Towerlands in October so fingers crossed.  She is also going to try her hand at jumping next week - not my thing but I know she will love it and I know a very experienced youngster desperate to have a go so we are going for a jumping lesson!!  In September I am planning to take her over to Paul Fielder's for some more lessons at present we're training with Rachel Hillier - don't know if you know her but she has been excellent for us.
Will keep you up to date with any more news hope you like the photos.
kind regards



e-mail 22/06/2008  Re: Holme Park Heavenly (Evie)

Dear Susan

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with Evie, she competed in her first Affiliated Dressage on Saturday and was placed P18 - 1st with 64.58% and P14 - 2nd with 63.50% lots of 8's but canter is still a little ropey and gave us the odd 5 but a great start to her career also she was impeccably behaved. The judge loved her.

I have to admit that last year she proved a challenge and I hit the ground on more than one occasion but I persevered and didn't rush her and this year I have a completely different horse, brave, calm and an absolute pleasure to own. She hacks out confidently and always likes to take the lead even when she is a little unsure, she has also had an introduction to jumping which again she tackled with confidence and interest. She will only get better and better now.

I look forward to updating you again when she qualifies for the Regionals!

Kind regards

Sara Campbell