Holme Park Highspec was born in May 2002 he is by Holme Park Krug out of the black mare Holme Park Holy Night.  He was sold to Mandy Otten as a foal

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From: Mandy Otten
Sent: 27 August 2010 19:16
To: Susan Attew
Subject: Holme Park Highspec

Hi Susan

Hope you are all well at the stud

Just to give you an update on Harry.

We went to Sheepgate Equestrain Centre last week to their 2 day BD show (20/21 August). Had never been there before. Would definately make the 3 hour journey to go back, fantastic set up there. 5 full size arenas.

We traveled up on the Thursday and stayed 2 nights. I wanted to do this as Harry had never stayed away from home before and competed.

Well he surpassed himself.

On the Friday he won the Novice open qualifier with 71.61% (scoring 5 eights). This was the highest score of the entire show!! He also came second in the elememtary class (scoring 3 eights, inc an eight for some collected canter work).

On the Saturday he won the Novice qualifier with 67.69% and whilst tired gave his all and went on to win the elementary test with 64.83%.

We couldnt have asked any more. Whilst he was tired on the second day he still manged to out shine the other horses, even those who did not compete on the friday. Proving that correct training and building that all important partnership with your horse can make all the difference.

He has now qualified for the winter regionals next year at Novice (open), and added another 15 points to his BD total !!!.

So Steve and I are very proud of our Holme Park Trakenher. We had so many people come up to us saying how much they enjoyed watching him.

Got the DVDs from the open day, so once again many thanks for inviting us.

Mandy and Steve 


email received 30th June 2009

Hi Susan

I am sorry that I have not been in touch for what is probably an eternity.

I hope you are all well ?

I still have Harry (Holme Park Highspec) who is now 7.

To give you an update, we got him out a few times as a 5year mostly competing H/C at small shows although he did win an affiliated prelim class and would have won the second but insisted on doing flying changes in the test.

His attitude overall was fantastic, so much so someone came up to me and asked me his breeding when I told her she didnt believe it, thinking all trakenhers were naughty.

Last year was not so good he had to have  9months off due to having an infection in his  offside hind suspensory ligament. this wore into the ligament causing some damage. We went to Andy Bathe  in Newmarket who recommended a course of shock wave treatment. Harry was so well behaved, such a professional patient!!!! that they only had to give him a light sedative each time. The last scan in Oct 08 showed the ligament had repaired itself although there were still some areas of weakness.

He is now back in full work showing no signs of any problems we will rescan in oct this year.

After a frustrating 2008 this year I am glad to be back in the saddle I thought Harry might be strong and unruley after  time  off  but he took to work like he really missed it. Yes we had a couple of juvenile moments but i would be worried if we didnt. He still shows the same great attitude as before, willing to plse and putting great faith in the rider. He does get anxious at times but all it takes is a stroke of the neck and a word of encouragement and he is right back with you.

I have enclosed some pics which were taken a couple of weeks ago. I hope you like them.

I have been looking at your website very regulary and you have some super foals this year.sorry we couldnt make your open day we were away, plus I if came I might have bought another one !!!!

I have my eye on Harry's full brother who is 3 this year.

I think all the foals from HolyNight/Krug  seem to have the fine elegant head and such presence.

Anyway that's our update

regards Mandy Otten

e-mail 13/12/2006

Hi Susan

Hope you are well I thought I would send you some pics of Harry (Holme Park Highspec)

He is doing really well and is enjoying his work, with a really good attitude.

Haven't managed to get him out under saddle this year but have great plans for 2007

Hope you have a good Christmas

Mandy and Steve