Holme Park Vanity Bay mare by Holme Park Krug out of  EM Holme Park Vabanque born 14th April 2002.

Vanity was purchased by Vikki Scott as a foal when she was living at Holme Park and saw her born.  Thrilled to receive this email to say how well Vanity is progressing.

E-mail received 20th November 2006

Hi Sue,

I hope all is well with you, the family and all the ponies...

I just thought I would touch base with you again to let you know how Van is doing. We had a great lesson at Ferdi's the weekend after I saw you, and have since been up and stayed over for a stint of 2 sessions which makes the journey a bit more worthwhile... Van has been fab all the way, and Ferdi said he thought she was really good. He said she had 3 excellent basic gaits accompanied by an excellent way of going - a really good start for a young horse. We worked on the basics plus introduced a little shoulder fore and counter canter in the end. She finds it all so easy…. Tho on her stiffer rein she changed in canter twice, both of which were clean and v expressive! Ferdi's response was that she shows a talent for the changes then! Anyways, I had a great time at Ferdi’s; his training style is brilliant and he had us both going really well.

We also went to our 2nd comp yesterday to do an affiliated novice at Fenning Farm. The warm up is quite small and hectic, but we worked through and I have to say Van went totally beautifully, better than last time. She was also fab in the arena but still backed off my leg a little so that she occ went on the forehand and a fraction deep. But these are all experience and strength issues; there is just so much scope everywhere that things will only get better. Our medium strides are good, but not like they will eventually be - again it is just strength and I am cautious not to push it too much as young horses can get forelimb suspensory injuries this way if not ready. However, we got 67.39% and won convincingly overall in a class of 17 (2nd was 65.5ish%). We also got our first 8 for give and retake of the reins in canter! So high hopes for Vanity after her 1st and 2nd performances in the region of 67.5% (also bearing in mind only 2 1/2 months of consistent schooling prior). I truly think scores will get even better with just time, let alone the influence of training also.

Anyways, I just thought I would let you know how things are. I have another lesson with Ferdi next weekend, which will be great. I am def hoping to compete again before I go to the US, and closer to home this time so let me know if you might be interested to see her and I will give you the date when I have booked it.

I hope Vogue is still doing well, and of course Vabanque and the big man Krug.

Keep well,