Holme Park Versace, Chestnut gelding by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Park Velvet born 22nd April 2003.  now owned by Sandra Wilkes of Holme Ranch, Celina, Texas USA

Youtube clip of Versace before he left November 2011

See write up on the ATA Website

From: "Sandra Wilkes"
Date: 4 June 2012 15:27:28 GMT+01:00
To: "Susan Attew"

I am so proud of Versace he was amazing this weekend first time out for us as a team I'm not sure if he has ever done anything other than schooling shows but there was quite a lot of pressure this weekend and work. He coped with that very well, we had temperatures in the mid to upper 90's which made it very hard for him but he is a good drinker and always goes to his water when we come back to the stall and he gets eletrolytes orally, which he hates by the way .

On Friday we schooled in the ring getting ready for Saturday and Sunday shows, Versace decided to dive out of the ring entrance during this which took me by surprise and alerted that this could be a problem during the test (he was just nervous). Anyway worked on that and I made especially certain I have my outside leg ready during the test to make sure he didn't decide it was time to leave lol!

On Saturday he was smoking hot and forward, he loved warming up with all the "big boys and girls" for some reason the training level (that would be us of course) had to warm up with the upper levels. We managed to dodge everyone, it's so difficult to know what those guys are going to do they might be on the rail then suddenly decide to half pass across the arena so I didn't just have to keep a handle on my green horse but also watch out for oncoming traffic, good job I am thick skinned; yikes! We placed first in our Training Level 1 with a 66%. That afternoon Versace was shocked when I went to get him tacked up again with temperatures well into the 90's now he thought he was done for the day, poor guy. He reluctantly walked over to the warm up arena for the third time that day; but once in there he got right back to work and we took 1st again in Training Level 3 (a qualifying ride) with a 64.2%. He was given high scores of 7's today for his gaits and the judges commented that he has lots of potential, he just needs to relaxed............ no kidding!!!!

Sunday both V and I were feeling a little flat and hot, it was humid this morning, our first ride was at 8.14 so I had to get up at 4 a.m. again to be at the show in time to feed him, walk him around and lunge to loosen him up. I felt our first test did not go well just didn't have the same energy as the day before, however, we were placed second and had slightly improved our score up to 67.9% the gal I beat on Saturday was placed 1st with a 70%. This time the judges gave him an 8 for his gait, 7.5 for impulsion which was a nice surprise since I thought he felt a little less energetic today. Again remarks said "talented horse", I have to work on my preparation and getting him more relaxed. Training Level 3 went a little better this time we placed 2nd with a score of 64.6% again 8 for gaits and comments saying "super horse"!!! This is our second qualifying score for Regional's in November (we just need two) so now we will work on perfecting Training 3 and start work in first level .............. I am so excited about our future!!!!!

Had lots of comments about Versace, everyone loved his movement it was so cool to have people say what a lovely mover, I love your horse etc......

So, a very successful first time out for us and the Holme grown Trakehner! We really had no idea how he would behave since he still does like to express his opinion and can get nervous in new situations, I gave him some slack for that and gently persuaded him that he has to go to work then he gets to rest and cool down with a nice cold shower. I feel that he is really beginning to trust me and I so enjoy riding him, he feels lovely under saddle once he is relaxed and over his back. We both still have so much to learn but we will have so much fun together I am sure.

Sadly no pictures Steve was home looking after mares and babies!

Love to you all.

Sandra Wilkes
Holme Ranch Trakehner Sports Horses
Celina, Texas


From: Sandra Wilkes
Sent: 20 November 2011 14:56
To: Susan Attew
Subject: VERSACE

Hello All
Versace arrived safely after his long journey, the 18 wheeler that transported him from Kentucky was too big to get down my drive and turn around safely so we unloaded him from the road, he was so good.  Vance, the guy that drove him was just lovely he and his wife does this all the time and practically live out of their rig!  I think the scariest thing for Versace was spying the donkey a vision that probably had never bestowed him until yesterday and very small horse with huge ears SCARY!  He was amazing though very calm as soon as I put him in his stall he ate the carrots and started on the coastal hay.  I did not give him grain yesterday but he did have 1lb of grain this morning with carrots and he packed that down very quickly, I will increase his grain gradually to probably about 2lb am 2lb pm just like the girls.  He drank water from the auto feeder immediately too but was a little alarmed at the noise of the filler hose but soon got used to that.  The girls were eating when he arrived and did not flinch an inch all three of them are very relaxed and accepting of their new living arrangement.  Actually, while cleaning out FC this morning I left her door ajar while I was in there and she stepped across the aisle to say hello to Versace! if I do this with Devaux she stays put but that little FC mare is so inquisitive!!
So .... I will keep you updated on how he is doing but so far very good, the entire barn at Legacy wants to come see him so I think we are going to have lots of visitors today!
Love to all
Sandra Wilkes
Holme Ranch Trakehners
12607 FM2478
Celina, Texas 75009
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