Holme Park Flute by EH Caprimond out of Holme Park Fenella born 1997. 

Exported to New Zealand by his owner Sacha Rowson
Supreme Champion Sports Horse

Email received March 2010

Hi Susan & Paul,

These are some pictures of our boy taken yesterday doing a ridden display for Matthias Werner at our Trakehner Classification day . We would like to thank our friends and customers that came and supported us, also to all owners of Flute babies that were presented for inspection.

Many thanks for the compliments on Flute.  We were really pleased with how the weekend went.  Matthias was very complimentary about Flute and his progeny. Flute has now been granted full approval on his ridden performance and his progeny :-) I have attached some pictures of his progeny, who were graded and the younger ones were evaluated,  Estelle & Lady Devorow scored 54 points, Kindred Spirit 55, Samba 55, Lambada by Arentino 56.5 & was reserve champion of the whole tour (interestingly the champion was a filly by Arentino with 57 , and third reserve was a 2yr old by Kasimir with 56)

Flute's mare bookings vary, but it ranges from 10 to 20 mares a year.   The quality of his progeny far surpasses any other Trakehners registered. Even part-breds are stamped by his type.

I had some news regarding Flute's oldest son Eyford Fidelio (ex DV mare) in the UK, he has been purchased by the UK based Ozzie rider Sam Griffiths, who speaks very highly of the horse, so we are keen to see how that combination get on.  He is a sensitive horse in the dressage and jumping, but a real XC machine.

Kind regards


Holme Park FluteHolme Park FluteHolme Park FluteHolme Park FluteHolme Park Flute

Flute & SachaLady Devorow & Arentino coltKindred Spirit Champion MareDevorow Estelle - All Breeds 2010Devorow Lambada & Lady DevorowDevorow Samba


Email received 22nd April 2007

Hi Susan and Paul,
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must all be overjoyed, I took a look at the video clip of Legend on your website, he looks superb, more expressive paces and very laid-back about the whole thing, a real credit to you. Is he a keeper?!!
My graded trakehner stallion is just fine!! I have just started riding him again, as we need to get fit for his performance test.  He has had another good season at stud with a total of 19 mares which is great, it was definately the right move to bring him with us, he has paid for himself and the trip over here comfortably.  His youngstock are doing really well, with a yearling by him going supreme part-bred at the National Arabian show under an american judge, and his oldest and only six year old Eyford Fidelio is proving himself successful as an event horse under the young rider Helen West who won team gold at the 2001 European young rider championships. I have attached a picture of him.
Go Holme Trakehners!!
All the best and kind regards
Sacha and familyx

Holme Park Flute Graded Trakehner Stallion in New Zealand - 3/4 March 2007

Dear Susan and Paul,

Great news from down under! Flute was accepted into the trakehner stud book, he scored as follows; 9 type, 8 neck and frame, 7.5 foundation,  8 walk, 7.5 trot 7.5 canter, overall impression 8.
We also had our mares classified and Flutes progeny evaluated, all his progeny scored 0.5 - 1 mark higher than there dam, which is great he is improving his offspring.  My yearling filly by Flute scored the highest mark for her paces throughout the whole NZ visit of the Germans, which was a great highlight for us, all in all a very successful weekend.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards
Sacha, Geoff, Sam and Reubenx



Email received 2nd November 2004 from his owner Sacha Rowson

Dear Susan,

Many thanks for your open day DVD, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and was very taken with the quality of all the youngstock, I would love to import a filly to NZ (but too expensive!!) new bloodlines are badly needed here.  Prokofiev looks superb, you must be very excited about his future.
Flute is fine, I have started training with a lady called Fiona Craig, who spent 17 years in England, she seems very good, we did our first competition last week at Hawkes Bay county show, Flute was awarded Supreme Champion Sports horse,(attachment at show) which was a great start to his competition career here in NZ, he will now have a break to start stud duties, I have taken on a mare from Sylvia McLean by Falkensee out of LiebchenV by Ith.
Sylvia McLean has said that Flute would be able to come forward for grading here, which is good news, they are hoping to bring a judge over in 2006.  I have had some good response from mare owners, I feel that his future is bright, sport horse and trakehner breeding is still very young here. Stallions of Flutes quality and beauty are few and far between.
I hope all is well with you, keep me updated on all the trakehner gossip! We will have a website for Flute up and running next month.
Kind Regards

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