Holme Grove Cezanne , Bay mare by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Grove Cointreau born 1999.

Holme Park Kalibre, Bay Colt by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Park Kremona

These two horses were purchased 2004 by Mike and Sue Clarke.

Mike and Sue moved to France in 2007 and as they would not have the facilities to continue with Holme Park Kalibre's training under saddle they exchanged him with Nicki Nash for Holme Grove Infini who was in foal to Romarnic Ranger.

Email update received 28th April 2008  Re: Holme Grove Cezanne & Holme Grove Infini

Dear Susan, Paul, and family,

I thought I would email and give you an update, and also to say how very
sorry Mike and I were to see the sad news about Sante Fe, such a
beautiful, beautiful mare, what an awful thing to happen.

Nicky obviously told you that we did a swap with Infini, and Libre. We
both thought it made sense as I just wouldn't have had the time or
indeed the facilities to do Libre justice, and it would have been a pity
to have just turned him out in a field, when Lucy Wiegersma had done
such a fabulous job with him.

The two girls are doing just fine, they have both foaled this month,
Cezanne has had a super bay colt by Fairlyn Gemini, (who was born on a
lovely sunny morning, in the field at the most civilized time of 10am,
and he was up suckling and cantering around within an hour!!!), and
Infini, has had a gorgeous (looks to be black), filly by Romarnic
Ranger. Cezanne is still only 14.3hh, and was graded into the BWBS Pony
Studbook last year, with some very nice comments. We are hoping to find
out more about Trakehners in France, as it would be nice to also get her
graded with the Trakehner stud book. She produced a colt last year that
looks as though he will remain pony size, which may well be a bonus for
us, as we have been told that quality warm blood ponies are the way to
go, who knows we may produce a Trakehner pony stallion, watch this

Will keep in touch.
Sue & Mike


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Email update received 31st December 2006 Re: Holme Park Kalibre

Dear Susan & Paul,

We thought we would send you an email to update on 'Libre's progress.

Lucy phoned last night to ask if she could take him to an Unaffiliated show Jumping Event at 'Tall Trees' a local Equestrian centre. We were obviously keen to see how he behaved himself on his first ridden outing, so went along to watch. Well we are both so proud of him, he behaved impeccably, and bearing in mind he has only been fully clipped out since last Thursday, (Lucy said he was very angelic whilst being clipped), and add to this the fact that 'Tall Trees' is on the top of a hill and it was incredibly blustery, we just couldn't fault him. He did everything that was asked of him (travelled with five other horses including another stallion), took everything in his stride, just getting on with jumping, and not being at all silly or spooky, and even brought home a

rosette for the clear round.................

He is making such brilliant progress, John (who rode him today) said that he is so laid back compared to the other stallion, who incidentally he started hacking out with last week.

We have attached some photos of our handsome boy, hope you like them.

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year.


Sue & Mike


email update 5th December 2006

Dear Susan & Paul,

I am not sure if you received my last email but I though I would just drop you a quick email to say that 'Kalibre' has gone to Lucy Wiegersmas's for the winter, the cunning plan is then for her to present him to the Sports Horse Stallion Grading in March. We took him over on Saturday (she is not very far from us) and she promised to let us know in a couple of days how he was getting on. I had done all the necessary ground work in preparation, and we were delighted last night to receive a call telling us he has been re-backed and quite happily trotting around the arena.

What an awful thing to have happened to Legend at the grading, I bet you were all disappointed, but it looks like you had an otherwise successful show.

I have seen the photo on your website of your new mare, she looks a real stunner.

Will keep you informed about Kalibre.

Sue & Mike

We were delighted to receive the e-mail below on 2nd May 2005 letting us know of their progress.

Hi Susan
Thought I would give you an update on Libre and Cezanne.
Cezanne has settled in well with the mares and is particularly chummy with a two year old by Darwin, and a yearling, (they even share feed buckets in a threesome), she has decided that she is far more important than one of my mares and has certainly moved up the pecking order. We are hoping to back her later this year, but at the moment we are spending a lot of time on Libre.
Libre is excelling himself, he is long reining superbly around our country lanes, (picked it up instantly), and he has now been backed. He has been such a super star, because all through this we have had mares coming in season and calling to him, but he has been the perfect gentleman. I have started to ride him down our drive when we return from our long reining (because I think it might be just too much of a distraction to take him in the school as it is very close to his future harem) but he has behaved impeccably, just such a lot to ask from him. He really is the most amazing boy, and I am quite sure that no other horse has managed to worm his way into Mike's affections. The other morning he was still led down when I had gone to do the morning feeds, and he didn't even bother to get up when I put his haylage in his munch station, just led there quite relaxed and munching away. I will endeavour to do a DVD for you shortly as I would love to hear your comments on him.