Holme Park Kalibre, Bay Colt by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Park Kremona

Holme Park Kalibre has changed hands again and is now owned by Pam Bushell and ridden by her daughter Natalie Banks (nee Bushell) 

More Great News - Natalie and Holme Park Kalibre have been selected for the BD Young Professional Final to be held at Tallands Equestrian on 15th February 2010 - see more info

From: Pamella Bushell
Sent: 15 October 2009
To: Susan Attew
Subject: Holme Park Kalibre

Hi Susan

We have recently had some more good news, Natalie and Kalibre have been squaded with the BEF Regional Foundation Squad and have signed a 2year contract with them for training etc, so we hope that this will bring him more into the public eye.
They have qualified for the Regional Championships for Winter 2010 at Novice level, actually winning 4 tests on very good scores, only 3 were needed.
He is just about to upgrade to Elementary level, only a few points left in Novice, and is working well at home at Medium and starting half steps too!
Best wishes,

From: Pamella Bushell
Sent: 22 June 2009 11:52
To: Susan Attew
Subject: Holme Park Kalibre

Hi susan

The horse and hound rang to do a small report on holme park kalibre due to his recent 2 wins at sissons farm in the novice open classes. 66 and 67%, he also scored 65 and 71% at Addington last week. Such a lovely horse.

Natalie banks who rides him took 2 horses to the show and won 3 out of 4 classes and a 2nd. 

He has his father's temperament. Delightful.

Best wishes for Sunday, sorry we cannot attend this year.

Pam Bushell

From: Natalie Bushell
Sent: 01 September 2008 15:15
To: Susan Attew
Subject: RE: Holme Park Kalibre

Hi Susan,
Attached I have scanned two pictures taken back in June of Kal out competing/training xc.
He is getting an all round education and loves his jumping - my aim is to train him advanced dressage and jump him for fun.
Best regards

From: Natalie Bushell
Sent: Mon 01/09/2008 12:54
To: susanattew@holmetrakehners.com
Subject: Holme Park Kalibre


Dear Susan,
Just to update you on Holme Park Kalibre - We purchased him recently from Nicola Nash of Thurleigh after he came to Natalie to be ridden, she fell in love with him and he is now here to stay.
We recently took him to a BD show, where he won overall the two novice classes, first on 73% and then the qualifier on just under 69%.
How delighted are we - he is now going out again to fulfill his qualification for the Winter regional championships.
We are then putting together a novice freestyle test so that he can also contest the music classes at the regionals.
Fingers crossed for us.
There will be a report on their success in next weeks Horse and Hound.
Best regards
Pam Bushell (new owner) and Natalie Banks (nee Bushell) (rider)

Holme Park Kalibre was purchased by Sue and Mike Clark as a Stallion prospect, however as he was not approved he was gelded and is proving a talented sports horse.  As Mike and Sue were moving to France and more interested in breeding they have exchanged Kalibre with Holme Grove Infini (Holme Grove Solomon/Holme Grove IchBin by Hohenstein) owned by Nicky Nash.  Nicky now owns Holme Park Kalibre and sent the email below on his progress.

email received 6th December 2007

Hi Susan
Just a quick email to let you know how the boy is getting on.
He had been with us under a week when we took him to an indoor eventer trial at Keysoe. Throw him in at the deep end and see how he gets on, we thought!
He was a superstar. He turned a lot of heads in the dressage section and jumped round a very tight packed arena of jumps with just 4 faults. He ended up 6th from 35 starters.
Amy has fallen in love with him and rides him when ever she can and he looks after her like a school master.He has a wonderfull walk and canter!And a very springy trot!
Last week he did his first BD on a ticket just to see how he would be under pressure. He was brilliant. He did two novice tests under list 1 judges and from one judge had three eights.He had 67% with a spook!!! And 66% in his other test.Winning both sections.,
He has now gone off to Natalie Banks ne Bushell for her to compete after christmas in dressage. If all goes well he will stay with her, as she is a much smaller rider than Douglas who at 6ft 3inch looks a little tall on him and Amy at 13 is still to young really to compete on him (we dont tell her that!!!).
Hope you have a good xmas and good luck next year.If we get a good picture i will send you one. Not heared if Infini is settled in France but i am sure she is fine.
Hope the Gemini babies are growing well. He had a winner at HOYS this time and one went round Badminton, so his stock are still doing well.
All the best Nicky (Romarnic Stud)