Holme Park Karachi , Black gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Park Kalahari born 1996. Owned by Ann Plumb and Tina Atkinson


From: Ann Plumb
Date: 1 December 2013 22:35:57 GMT
To: Susan Attew
Holme Park Karachi

Dear Susan,

I just thought I should let you know that Archie got his best scores to date in the Grand Prix at Bury Farm High Profile show this weekend. He scored 64.32% in the Grand Prix and 69.54% in the Grand Prix Music and came 3rd.

Ann x



On 15 Jul 2011, at 17:15, "Steve Plumb"  wrote:

Hi Susan

Archie has just come back from Hartbury Premier league. He came 8th in the Inter II and 6th in the Grand Prix. Tina went for a lesson with Pammy Hutton the day before and she said he felt fantastic on the day, he just made a few errors due to his lack of experience at that level.

His next outing will be the Inter II at the Nationals.  I'll let you know how he gets on.

Love Ann

From: Steve Plumb
Sent: 04 May 2011 12:46
To: Susan Attew
Subject: Holme Park Karachi

Hi Susan,

More good news!

Archie has just competed at the Sheepgate Premier League show.   Yesterday he won the Inter II and was 4th in the Grand Prix. Today he competed in another Inter II and again won the class, he also competed in another Grand Prix but Tina said he didn't go as well as he was a bit tired.

Archie is becoming a right little "super star", although he did blot his copybook at the winter championships, where he found the indoor arena too electric and was naughty.

Love Ann


On 10 Apr 2011, at 18:20, Ann Plumb  wrote:

Hi Sue,

Some fantastic news!

Further to my email in February advising that Archie had competed and scored well in his first Inter II. His progress was so remarkable at home that Tina decided to attempt a Grand Prix without any further attempts at Inter II.

We took him to the Keysoe Premier league show this weekend and he was an absolute star.  He hasn't yet established the transitions into and out of piaffe but the piaffe itself is very good and he has only been passaging for the last 3  months, but despite this his basic work was so good that he scored 62.48% and was placed 10th out of 19 starters.  The foreign judge had him laying 5th.

Yesterday, he competed in the Inter II. This test wasn't as good; as he was a little tired and so 'a bit flat'. We have a problem where he will not eat up properly when he stays away from home and so sometimes becomes a little lathargic, but again he received a respectable score of over 61% and placed 12th. Then last night he competed in the PSG to Music and was 4th with a score of 65%.

He has really grown up these last couple of years and thanks to Tina's quiet and kind approach to training he is now starting to excel.

I am just so thankful that Tina agreed to take him on in his early years.



e-mail receved 20th July  2010

Hi Susan,

Long time no speak!!

Just thought I would let you know the latest.  Archie is going exceptionally well.  He has qualified for the regionals at PSG and Inter.1.

Tina has only been going to the odd Premier league and he has gained all his qualifying points from them.  He is not far away from Grand Prix.

His movements are now all established apart from passage.

Pammi Hutton said she can almost smell it.... its that close but he is struggling as he doesn't naturally have a knee action, but he is getting there. Once the passage is established Tina will attempt Inter.II and GP.

I'll let you know how he gets on.



e-mail receved 19th September 2006

Hi Susan,

Just an update about the Summer National's.

We were really pleased with Archie, he worked in really well with the other horses (no naughtyness) and was well behaved in the stable as we were there for the whole weekend.

Unfortunately he couldn't contain himself in the test. His trot marks ranged from 6's to 8's, but when he went into canter he got a bit over the top and started showing off. I think we won the prize for the most flying changes in one test. Conseqently his scores ranged from 2's upwards. Had he held it together, he would definitely have ended up in the top 10.

Tina brought him out to exercise him the next day and show me his latest party pieces. He is now working at Inter 1 level and she is hoping to attempt one in the next couple of months.

Tina recently took him to Pammy Hutton for a couple of lessons, and Pammy really likes him. She says Tina should take him next year on the sunshine tour.

Unfortunately, it will be down to finances, as Tina will receive no help from BD, but if we can scrape together the funds she may well take him along with Swayze.

Pammy is sure that Archie will make grand prix (lets hope so - if nothing goes wrong).

Speak to you soon



e-mail received 3rd March 2006

Holme Park Karachi has qualified for the Winter Dressage Championships 2006 5 times !!!  We are very proud of his achievement.

Congratulations to his owner Ann Plumb and his rider Tina Atkins

Hi Susan

Tina has just phoned me to say that British Dressage have just contacted her. Apparently she not only qualified for the medium music she has also won a wild card for the other 4 classes including the PSG to Music. They said there is only one other person this has happened to.

He has therefore qualified for 3 different levels which has given Tina a dilemma. BD want her to compete in the gala evening on Friday in the PSG but she feels it will be too explosive for him (being his first test) so we have decided to go for the medium and advanced medium to music and the normal medium and advanced medium.

What a little star !