PM Holme Park Kaskade , Black mare by Holme Park Krug out of EM Holme Park Kalahari born 2001. Owned by Pat Marlin

Holme Park Kaskade received Premium Marks at her TBF grading in 2006 and passed her mare performance test in 2007 to confirm her Premium Title.


Sheepgate Tack & Togs Elementary Restricted Champion - 27th June 2009

6th Hickstead Masters Novice Championship -   21st July 2009


Email received 7th May 2009

Hi Susan

Just to update you on Kassie's progress for this year...

She has now completed her qualifications for the following :-

The Summer Regionals @ Novice Open & Elementary

The Hickstead Masters Championship at Novice & Elementary

The Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championship at Novice Open & Elementary

The Winter Elementary to Music

What a little super star she is.....

 She will now be competing training for the rest of the summer, to preserve her points!

Pat xx


Email received 31st March 2009

We have been at Sheepgate since Thursday, trying to secure our qualifications for their Championship & the Hickstead Masters Championship again...I'm sure you may have heard...Good old Kassie & Diane won all four test's on Friday!! two with over 70% ++

She was just pipped into second place in the Elementary on Sat & third in the Novice, so a very good weekend.

We have qualified for the Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championship at Novice & Elementary. the Regionals at Novice & only need one more win to qualify for the Elementary regional.

We won the Hickstead qualifiers, but have to wait till may to see if we have enough points with our % scores.

So, not a bad start to the year.... kass had nearly two months off after Xmas, due to the weather...saddle problems...the weather again! so we have only been out again in the last two weeks.

We are having a go at our first Music's soon, so looking forward to that.

Love to all

Pat xx

Holme Park Kaskade Reserve Champion of the Arab/Trakehner Event click link to see full results

Email received 8th June 2008

Re: Kassie's new career!

Hi Susan
I know you are still away, but will be keeping a close eye on your mail....All those lovely babies to see!!
Thought I would just let you know about our newest convert.....
We went to a BD Ben Verning clinic yesterday, gymnastic exercises for the dressage horse.
Kass took it all in her stride and it was good for Diane to do, as she hasn't really jumped since breaking her hand when kassie was younger.
Kassie wasn't too impressed with the small jumps and just toddled over them nicely. When they got bigger, she got interested & so did he!!!
He couldn't believe how she could look so good going over them, her natural ability, technique, etc etc praise from on high!
I didn't mind too much, except, I then spent most of the rest of our lesson answering his questions about your breeding programme, etc etc. He even asked how much we paid....Did we realise what we had???? and when Laura politely told him she wasn't for sale, he replied he could never afford her in his wildest dreams!!!
he had been telling me how he didn't really like Trakehners, as he had previously had three and he had been disappointed.
He said he couldn't believe a Trakehner could look like she does, an athletic sports type.
I just can't tell you how much he admired her and proceeded to then ask me if I would consider ever selling Iffy (as we told him how fab he is) I think he thought he might get a bargain.....NOT....
The RDO was there too and was telling me that if Diane is successful in being selected for the Home International team, they are then going to run a European Competition....How exciting (& expensive!!) would that be....should we get selected...
I know that this sounds like bragging again...but, it is just astonishing how people are reacting to her. We only went along because I wanted them both to experience something different. Now we have a whole new fan do you!
Hope your not missing home too much?
I have attached a couple of pics, hope they come out.

Pat x x

Sent: 25 May 2008 22:30
Subject: Update:

Hi Susan

Just thought I would update you on our final results.

As you know, kassie pulled out all the stops & won the Novice  yesterday, against 52 other horses. Her  score today was was 68.4%, she was placed 4th, out of 52 again. This was added together with yesterdays result to find the overall winner so she was second overall in the whole competition. She got 138.1 & was beaten by bloomin close, but still brilliant!

Diane's team  was also second in the team test (three others in her team) out of the 42 teams, so that was great too.
Her total individual score was the second highest of any combination in all levels She had an overall score of 69.02% the highest being 69.25%.
Our region (Eastern) came second, third & fifth in the team tests, so everyone was chuffed with that too.
Unfortunately, H&H were only interested in interviewing the overall winners, so once again!!!!
I wish I had a penny for every person that came up & asked about her. They all wanted to know her breeding, where she came from, etc etc.
You would have been so proud of her, she looked like a real grown up. Such pressure on her last night to go last, in front of everyone there, it was breathtaking to watch I was so excited I was nearly peeing my pants!!
We are all very tired tonight, being there since Friday, it's a long slog (so glad she didn't want to do three day eventing!)
I was so proud when she was selected and I didn't dare hope she would do this well. This must bode well for the home International fingers crossed.

Oh well, back to normality tomorrow...probably still be on cloud nine.

Will send you over some pics, as I think laura got some nice ones.

Love to all, as always

Pat xxxx

From: PatMarlin
Sent: 12 May 2008 23:08
Subject: Results:

Hi Susan

hope you are all well.

How clever was our girl this weekend. She is so good now,she travels well & doesn't get even the tiniest bit stressed, being away from home, no matter how long it's for.

You really couldn't ask for anything more from a horse, could you? She is such a superstar in every way.

I hope Liz is ok after her exploits....Just what you need, more worry! It's terrible when you can't see them, isn't it? but at least with todays communications, we can all keep in regular contact, which is reassuring, isn't it.

I will give you the scores that you have not got recorded for Diane. We will now be competing in the training sessions of all competitions, as she has qualified for everything we have planned to do.We really don;t need to keep racking up the points unnecessarily. It's a shame, as people judge you somewhat on your points, but kassies too good and will rapidly knock herself up into Elementary, which she isn't ready for yet.

05/03 - The College Nov 20(T) 69.2% (would have been first overall)

08/04 - The College (unaffiliated) N28 1st 74.2%

08/04 - The College (unaffiliated) E 44 1st 68%

20/04 - The College (C&T Dressage Championship Final) Nov 30  3rd 66.9%

08/05 - Addington Nov 38(SQ) 1st 69.35%(Qualified for Summer Novice Regional)

08/05 - Addington Nov 22 2nd 64.48%

10/05-  Sheepgate Nov 33(SQ) 1st  67.90% (Qualified for the Hickstead Dressage Masters Final)

10/05 - Sheepgate Nov 22  1st 64.75% (Qualified for the Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championship)

11/05 - Sheepgate Nov 33(SQ) 1st 67.24%

11/05 - Sheepgate Nov 22 2nd 67.24

We are next out at The College with the Inter Regional squad Team on 24th & 25th May. We are doing a team test on each day & an individual test each day. It should be fun. Diane & laura are staying over for the three days again. I will be doing the chores at home with the other two, then travelling there each day, so busy, but I think it will be very good.

Kassie has the viewing day for the Home International Squad on 6th Sept in Essex, but we will hopefully be ok to bring them both on the Sunday. She's fine with the travelling now and used to being out & about. It will be fun to bring them both together (I think!)

Better shoot, still have to try & fit work in,,,,even if just to pay for the three bottom less pit's (Rob's phrase, not mine!)

Speak soon
Love to all

Pat xxxx

e-mail received 18 April 2008

Hi Susan & everyone,

I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss.I have been away in Las Vegas and have only just got back.

You must all be devastated at loosing such a beautiful special mare. I know it is a risk that comes with breeding, but I don't think anyone ever thinks this will happen to a horse so young. She was in her prime. Do you think you will be able to keep the last filly?? to keep the line going? I hope perhaps the new owners allow you to.

At least you made the right decision and didn't let her suffer, that would have been unbearable for everyone, but still a hard decision to call.

I hope Barbara is ok, please tell her I was asking after her.

I know it's no consolation to you, but you should be really really proud of Kassie. She's out there doing it for her Mum!

She did her first Elementary test last week and scored 68%. She was 5% ahead of anyone else. It was the qualifier for the Chiltern & Thames Championship this Sunday. She also qualified for the Novice final on 74.17%!! again about 5% ahead of anyone else. What a star. The judges comments " It was a pleasure to judge her" She is really changing at the moment. She is getting so much stronger. We had to get her a new saddle, as the Jaguar was making her back so sore. What a difference this has made. It has made such a difference that Diane has had to go back to rising as she can't sit to the paces at the minute! This will be ok, when Kassie gets even stronger, she will carry herself differently and be easier to ride.

She has been asked to go forward to the second viewing day for the senior team selection. Paul Hayler gave her a lesson the other day & really liked her. Lots of people were coming up & asking all about her breeding etc, so she's a marvellous advert for you too. We are hoping to compete in the senior squad inter regionals & then if we do well, she could be picked for the Senior International squad competition. She would be entitled to wear the Union Jack Badge, how good would that be. It's such a joy to watch them both, I'm totally smitten....

The little man, isn't quite so little...nearly 14.2hh. I have had to buy 5'6 rugs now, can you believe it! he is sound again now and is showing flashes of the same fabulous movements his big sister has! He is truly such a pleasure to be around. He's so much like kass in his ways, but much more personable. She is always that bit aloof, but he would jump in your pocket, if he could & be quite happy to stay with you. I'm dying for his coat to all come out, to see what colour is under there? Can't quite decide yet.

Panache, is just my adorable panache. We managed to get her back into work, but she was still slightly uneven in front, so she has been rested again. She is now out hacking daily & we shall just have to wait & see how she copes. On a plus note, she doesn't care if she's ridden or not!

Hope Liz is doing ok & enjoying herself. She will be back before you know it.

Well, better go & try and get back into the swing of things at work.....uhh!!

Once again, I am really sorry for your sad loss and I hope you will all pick yourselves up & look forward to all those amazing babies you have yet to come.

Love as always

Pat xxxx

PS Kassie ended up 3rd in the Chiltern & Thames Novice Championship with 66.92%

e-mail received 28 June 2007

Hi Susan
Just to clarify your superstars results
Prelim 17 = 70.83%. First place & first overall
Novice 22 = 70.00%. First place & second overall.....AND QUALIFIED FOR THE HICKSTEAD DRESSAGE MASTERS LEAGUE 2007.
What a superstar. Roland Tong only beat us by 2%!
The final is an open class, so it will be very difficult to be up against such established horses & riders this year. She has done brilliantly to get through the qualifying classes. This time next year, she will give them all a real run for their money, but what a great experience for both Diane & Kassie to go through at this early stage of their competition career.
Bring it on!!!
Pat x x

e-mail received 3rd May 2007

Hi Susan
Well, didn't they both do well. I'm so proud. It has seemed like an eternity, waiting for this time to come for them both to be ready to go out & compete, but boy was it worth the wait.
Kassie is such a star....troddling along beside all the big boys, not letting anything bother her her at all.
There were some lovely horses there today and it's such an achievement for both Diane & her to do so well in their first ever affiliated competitions.
As well as winning both her classes, she came second overall in both of the classes. What a confidence boost!!
Onwards & upwards, you should be equally as proud!!
Love to all
Pat xxx
e-mail received 30th April 2007

Hi Susan

Just to give you an update on Kassie.
She travelled & behaved so much better on Saturday, which was our aim. She was only shaking a little bit on arrival & didn't really neigh much either. She was much more confident in herself too, so hopefully, things can only get better.
As I said, I was very proud that she won both the ridden warmblood class & The style & performance class and has now qualified for the Herts county show.
I don't think we will go to the final, as it is the weekend before the Trakehner show & the most important thing this year for us is for her to get the best performance test results. This showing malarky is such a long winded thing and especially at the Herts show will take forever & I think it will be tiring for her.
If we do manage to qualify for the nationals..... or Hickstead.....think BIG, these are also on the following the weekends in Sept and this will definitely be a lot for her.
Our aim is for a dressage star!!! We already know she is a brilliant warmblood and of course has bags of Style & Performance!!!!
Still very nice to have it confirmed....
Hope you had a good weekend & looking forward to seeing more babies soon.
We have our first affiliated dressage tests at Addington on Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed for us.
Speak soon
Love to all
Pat xxxx

e-mail receved 28th April 2007

Hi Susan
Well, finally got the results through for our little superstar...
Kassie's first ever Novice test (only her 2nd ever test) she won with 70.8%
Her second ever prelim test she was second with 66.31%.
Not too bad for starters. As you can imagine, we were all thrilled and proud as punch.
I'm more pleased with the fact that she behaved impeccably around the other horses. For a feisty youngster, she did not put a foot wrong and us & the new lorry got home in one piece.
Here's to the start of her long last.
Once again, congratulations on your fantastic achievement with Legend.
Hopefully see you all soon
Love to all
Pat x x x x