Progress report on Holme Park Krug

Holme Park Krug went down to Peter Storr on 13th April 2004 to start his training with him while Julia had her maternity leave.  Unfortunately on the journey down there he managed to loose his balance and stood on his front leg with his hind and ripped his travel boots and damaged his leg.  This was a real blow as we had so looked forward to his time being ridden by Peter.  After a couple of weeks it was obvious that he had more than just superficial injuries.  Although sound there was heat and swelling and so we brought him home to Holme Park to recover.  Xrays showed no bone damage but scans showed an inflamed and bruised tendon sheath. If we had carried on working him like this we could have done more serious long term damage to the tendon.

In order to speed his recovery we hired an Equine Spa from our friends Julia and Phil at Future Equine Therapy.  Having the unit on site we were able to spa Krug twice a day for two weeks.  He was so good in the Spa and did not seem to mind the ice cold water.  The scans before and after the treatment showed 100% recovery of the tendon sheath which was great news.  We would definitely recommend the benefits of spa treatment to aid recovery.  He will now be slowly be brought back into work and we hope will go back to Peter's later in the summer to do some training and competing with him.  He has however been fit enough to do all his own covering while he has been home so he has enjoyed his "time off".

Having had this time off work we decided not to rush things to have him ridden at the Open Day so this year he will be shown in hand.  His long term soundness and wellbeing is more important than showing him off at our Open Day.

Susan Attew
2nd July 2004