Holme Park Legend , chestnut Stallion by Holme Park Krug out of SPS Holme Park Liaison II born 2003.

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28th May 2012 - Very exciting news from Germany this morning that Holme Park Legend competed in 2 major jumping tournaments in Germany over the weekend at M-level (1.35m) with International level horses and he has been placed 6th both times out of more than 53 entries with clear and good times. This now qualifies him for S level (Advanced 1.45m). We are very proud of him!! His new owners are absolutely thrilled and excited about his future as it seems that the bigger the course the better he jumps!

4th February 2012 Holme Park Legend at Trakehner Stallion Show in Münster Handorf, Germany

Paul and I were proud to watch Holme Park Legend wow the crowds with his jumping ability at the Stallion show this weekend. 

  Youtube video of Legend at Stallion Show 4th Feb 2012

See a great photo of Legend jumping on the Trakehner Verband website. (photo by Stefan Lafrenze)

photo Simone Schönbeck


March 2011 Holme Park Legend at Equitana   Youtube video         

How proud were we to watch Legend on show in the Stallion Show at Equitana in front of 5000 spectators in the most amazing atmosphere!  We were so nervous waiting for him to enter the huge arena but we didn't need to worry as  he was totally unphased by the whole thing and performed really well ridden by Jens Hoffrogge.

This is the Youtube comment

"Holme Park Legend by Holme Park Krug is the first British Bred Trakehner Stallion to be sold back to Germany.  He was invited to take part in the prestigious Stallion Show at Equitana 2011 on 13th March 2011 as part of the Group representing the famous Trakehner Stallion family of Kostolany where they were presented to 5000 spectators.  Kostolany aged 27 was present was present shown in hand by his owner 79 year old Otto Langels.  Legend was ridden by Jens Hoffrogger.  Jens and Legend gave an impressive jumping display.  Graded Trakehner Distelzar by Gribaldi and his son Donauzar joined the group giving a wonderful dressage display"


Update February 2011 - Holme Park Legend Sold to Germany!

Since 2008 Legend has been  ridden and competed locally by our Stud Manager, Jessica Götting trained him with the guidance of Nick Turner (jumping) and Jeroen Hulsman (Dressage).  Jesse moved back to Germany November 2010 and we therefore had no rider for Legend and this is why we decided to send him to Germany to further his competition with Jens Hoffroge (Bronze-medalist at the 2010 German "Bundeschampionat" eventing) and to stand at Stud with Frank and Inge Weißkirchen Gestüt Isselhook Germany.  Frank and Inge also purchased Holme Park Sunita a 4 year old Black Premium graded mare by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Park Sundowner by Holme Park Krug.  She will do her Mare performance test in Germany this year.  Both horses travelled to Germany at the end of January 2011

Frank arranged for him to be shown in front of 2000 spectators at the Trakehner Stallion Show in Handorf-Münster on 12th February 2011 just 2 weeks after arriving in Germany and being with his new rider.  He made a real impression at the show and had crowds around his stable wanting to see this beautiful unknown stallion!.  One Breeder wanted to bring two mares to breed to him this year but wanted to meet him again at the stable and see him ridden.  After seeing him working and how wonderful he was in his temperament and his beautiful looks and ability he asked to buy the whole stallion not just the nominations!  We have just completed the sale of Holme Park Legend and he is now German owned!

One of the most famous Stallion shows in Germany is at the Equitana Fair in Essen but this is of all breeds and is by invitation only.  Holme Park Legend has been invited to be shown at Equitana in front of a 5000 audience along with many other famous stallions from all over Europe.  We are extremely proud to have bred such a wonderful stallion and hope this is the first of more reciprocity between Germany and Britain.

Update May 2008

Sarah Bullimore did an excellent job with Holme Park Legend in 2007 and ended up just outside the top 10 placings  at the 4 year old PAVO Young Event Horse Championships at Tweseldown in October 2007.  Legend had a very busy year with this and his grading and Performance Tests in Germany as a 4 year old so came home to Holme Park for a holiday in November 07.  In December he went to West Kington Stud for collection and freezing of semen.  

In February 2008 he returned to Sarah's yard to start his fittening work ready for his competition career to continue.  Things started well but as the Spring developed Legend was becoming more and more full of himself with "Spring fever" and hormones kicking in and it became impossible for Sarah to take him out in a group of horses on the Lorry (including mares) and expect him to stand quietly and wait his turn.  He was becoming too dominant on Sarah's small yard and therefore a decision was made in April to bring him home.  He was finding it difficult to cope with his hormones and unfair on Sarah who had other clients horses to take out and unable to give him the one to one attention he needed.

Carly Tyler ( our Stud Manager) and Jessica Götting (our Stud groom from Germany)  are now looking after him at home.  Jessi is riding him and having dressage training with our Dutch trainer Jeroen Hulsman and Event rider Nick Turner.  He is much calmer now he has returned home but we will take things slowly with him this year as he had such a busy year as a 4 year old.  We may try for some of the 5 year old young event horse classes later in the summer if we feel he is ready.  He is looking really well and will be ridden at our Open Day on 29th June by Jesse just so that our visitors can see how he has grown on and developed.  His first foals will be due in 2009.

12/5/2008 /SBA


Sarah Bullimore and Holme Park Legend had their first competitive outing this weekend 15th September 2007 at Stafford where they were competing in the PAVO 4 year old Young Event Horse and they have Qualified for the Championships which will be held on 9th October 2007 at Tweseldown.  We were  reallly proud of him to qualify on his first outing - click on the photo below to see some photos from the day.

Holme Park Legend makes History!!               Click here to see PRESS RELEASE         Grading report by Lars Gehrmann    

***  Link to Stall Bescht

Final Days of 70 Stallion Performance Test. 2/06/07 - 10/08/07

We are delighted to announce that Holme Park Legend has passed his 70 day test with flying colours. He was together with 26 other graded stallions from Holsteiner, Oldenberg, Hannovarian, Trakehner, Rheinlander, KWPN and Anglo Arab breeds with owners from Germany, Menorca, Australia, USA, Canada, Holland and England.  The pass mark for achieving the required level for the Trakehner Verband is a Gesamtindex of 85 and we were thrilled when Legend was awarded a score of 106,53 which was 7th out of the 27 horses!.  His dressage index was 101,13 and jumping index 107,80.   This result shows he has a good ability in all disciplines but definitely loves the jumping.

This mark is made up of about 24 different marks out of 10 accumulated during the 70 days training as well as the final testing days.  Some of his scores during his training were - Character-8; Temperament -8; Rideability-8; Stamina 8.5; Walk-8; Trot-8; Canter-8 and in his final testing days he scored 8.5 from test riders for showjumping and for Loose jumping he scored 9 for ability and 9.5 for Style

We are of course thrilled with his results.  He was collected from Stall Bescht on Sat 11th August and will arrive back in UK on Sunday 12th when he will go straight to Sarah Bullimore's yard to start his training with her.


Holme Park Legend's 70 Day Stallion Performance Test is drawing to a close with the final testing days to be held this week on the 8, 9, 10th August.  Below is the programme of events for his final days.  Mum, Dad, Paul and I, Liz (our daughter), Julia (my sister), and friends Tanja Davis, Ellen Hönoch, Liz Simpson, Erhard Schulte, and Beate Heise will all be there to cheer him on!  Looking forward to it but getting nervous - fingers crossed that he does well.  We arrive home on Saturday 11th August and will publish the results as soon as possible:-

Tuesday 31st July 2007

Jumping under saddle with test riders - Legend has already completed this phase but we do not know the results

Wednesday 8th August 2007

13:00                          Testing commences at Stall Bescht

                                    “Basic Paces and Rideability”  Test Rider 1

Thursday 9th August 2007

08:30am                     “Free jumping”

13:30pm                     “Basic Paces and Rideability”  Test Rider 2

Friday 10th August 2007

09:00am                     “Cross Country”

PM announcement of results


News on Holme Park Legend 6th July 2007

Legend is progressing well with his 70 day test in Germany at Stall Bescht.  We will be going over to see him on his final testing days 8 - 10th August 2007.  He will then return to the UK and go to start his competitive career with well known event rider Sarah Bullimore.

Sarah has ridden competitively for over twelve years having achieved some impressive results, both at the highest levels of the sport and producing young horses successfully:
  • Riding Ballycotton to his record setting 7th completion of Badminton CCI 4*.
  • 10th Burghley CCI 4* (winning the Under 25 prize)
  • 4th Bramham CCI 3* (also winning the Pro-Am).
  • 6th Blenheim CCI 3* 
  • 5th Windsor CCI 2*
  • 12th Punchestown CCI 2*
  • 4th Chantilly CIC 2* (also winning leading lady rider)
  • 3rd, 5th & 8th Burnham Market CIC 2*
  • 10th Osberton CIC 2*
  • 1st PAVO 6 Year Old Breeding Championships
Sarah was selected to ride for Great Britain at the 2006 Young Horse World Championships at Le Lion d'Angers on the horse she also won the PAVO Championships.  (Unfortunately the horse was unable to travel after picking up a virus.)
Sarah has also had great success in the Burghley Young Event Horse Championships winning several qualifiers and finishing 2nd in the 4 year old final in 2004 and 7th in 2006, plus 7th in the 5 year old final in 2005.

It is planned that Holme Park Legend and Sarah will compete in the PAVO Breeding Championships as well as the Burghley Young Event Horse next year.  We will keep you posted on their progress.

Apology to Godington Stud




We were thrilled to receive these beautiful photos of Holme Park Legend in Germany taken by Peter Richterich while at Stall Bescht just before his grading.  copyright:  www.zuchttierfotographie.de

After his outstanding Performance Test Holme Park Legend was invited to take part in a grading to be held by the Trakehner Verband, near Hannover on 19th April 2007.  We are absolutely thrilled to report that he was approved by the German Grading Commission  and is now a fully graded Trakehner Stallion!  This is the first time that a British Bred Stallion has been performance tested and then presented and approved in Germany and we are extremely proud of him.  He is 3rd Generation British Bred !  He was presented by Helmar Bescht.  He will now stay in Germany to undergo more training and then do his 70 day Performance Test so will not be back in England until August 2007. 

This is also an very special day for his sire Holme Park Krug who now has 5 Premium graded daughters and a Graded Son!

   Video Clip of Ridden Phase of his Performance Test

Holme Park Legend gets outstanding score in his German 30 Day Stallion Performance Test  and highest placed Trakehner !!


Holme Park Legend was presented for Grading in the UK in September 2006 but unfortunately he had to be withdrawn when he injured himself running through a temporary gate at Addington Manor EC.

Prior to representing him in 2007 he is now required to do a Stallion Performance Test as he would be 4 years old.  He has spent the past month in Germany at Stall Bescht undergoing his 30 day test along with 26 other warmblood stallions.  Paul, Mum and I attended the last two days of the testing on 27th and 28th March 2007 and were delighted with the impressive way that Legend performed.  He was number "1" in the catalogue and was first to go in each section and ridden by the owner of the testing station, Herr Helmar Bescht.  He was ridden by two test riders over the two days and the final section was loose jumping.  He jumped magnificently and got a round of applause from the audience and disbelief that a 'Trakehner' could jump so well.  There were a lot of Holsteiner stallions in the testing who are known as a breed to be very talented in jumping. 

Unfortunately we had to leave before the end on the final day to catch our flight so were not there for the announcement of the marks however we received a phone call at the airport to say he had scored an overall Score of 8.06 out of 10 which we are thrilled with!!  He was the highest placed Trakehner

On his final testing day the two judges gave him style and impression  marks averaging 9.13 one judge gave him 8 & 9 and the other a 9 & 10!!

30-Tage-Veranlagungstest vom 27.02.2007 bis 28.03.2007 in Schlieckau:

Charakter (T): 7,50 (8,31), Temperament (T): 8,00 (7,89), Leistungsbereitschaft (T): 8,00 (7,98), Konstitution (T): 7,50 (8,48), Schritt (T): 8,00 (7,74), Schritt (P): 7,38 (7,30), Trab (T): 8,00 (7,61), Trab (P): 7,50 (7,14), Galopp (T): 8,00 (8,17), Galopp (P): 7,88 (7,67), Rittigkeit (T): 8,00 (8,15), Rittigkeit (F): 7,50 (7,79), Springanlage (T): 8,50 (8,63), Springanlage (P): 9,13 (8,72),

dressurbetonte Note: 7,74 - springbetonte Note: 8,57 - Gesamtnote: 8,06.

Below are a few photos from the final days.  We are so proud of our boy performing so well and finishing in the top group of his test!


Video Clips   DAY 1      DAY 2     JUMPING

Below are the other 2 Trakehners that joined Legend on the Performance Test.

Hessencharme by Hibiskus out of Hoheit v.d. Heide by Pruessenprinz (scored 7.58)

Sunshine Reggae by Cadeau out of Starlet VIII by Starway (scored 7.68)

Susan 28/3/2007