Holme Park Satin, Bay Mare by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Park Schakara born 1999.

August 2008 and Satin has gone to her new home with Jane Howden. 

Email received 14th August 2008

Hi Susan,

Satin is really happy, this morning I was really early and I was 'poo' picking her stable before Jenny the Physio arrived at 7:30am.

Satin insisted on grooming me constantly and when Jenny gave her her treatment Satin enjoyed the 'H' wave and when I walked & trotted her up, she was a star & her weak hind leg was great to the point where Jenny said she could not find a weak hind? Yesterday I rode her in a very strong wind and Satin although worried didn't put a foot wrong she is a star. I will keep you in contact.

Keep in contact .

Love Jane XXX

Email received 12th August 2008

Re: Holme Park Satin

Hello Susan,

Lovely to hear from you, Satin is settling in well, she is great and is feeling settled enough for her personality to show through. Alan  the Farrier has shod her, Jenny Hadlan-Physio has treated her and will be back on Thursday to give a second treatment, she was pleased to  find how supple she is .

I love to groom and be around her in her stable and around the yard, but I love it most when I am on her back.

Sally has given me three lessons so far and we are getting on well.

We have cooled off by walking to the end of our lane and she didn't put a foot wrong.

I have included a couple of photos and I will keep in touch.

Love Jane x

Email received 4th August 2008

Re: Holme Park Satin

She has been so sweet and very well behaved, she's still not too sure what is happening but she went out today and Arnie took good care of her and was her constant companion all day just over the fence from her. I didn't get to ride her until today because she had pulled her shoe but today she was a star and behaved with such kindness and manners, and I can't wait for tomorrow.

I am just off out to do late nights and I will give her a cuddle from you.

Again all I can say is thank you and I will stay in touch.

Warmest wishes,