Holme Park Sovereign, Bay Gelding by Holme Park Krug out of Holme Park Schakara born 8th May 2002.

This gelding  went to live with Emma Fletcher at the end of June 2005

E-mail received 21st June 2007

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to let you know that Sovi started his journey to his new home in Italy this morning.
He has been bought by Kate Miller and her daughter Serena.
Serena is in the Italian Army and is a young event rider currently riding at CIC**. When Serena came to try him he was in a particually naughty mood but she quite happily jumped on bored and rode him beautifully and I knew they where going to be the perfect home for him.
Kate and her Husband came over personally to collect him and will let me know when he arrives safely.
Kate has said she will keep in touch so I will let you know how he is getting on.
I am totally devastated as I love him to pieces but I just cannot give him the time or career that he so deserves the chance to have now that my priorities have changed after the arrival of my daughter.
So watch this space as we may one day see him at Badminton!
I hope you are all well and preparation for the open day is running smoothly.
Kind regards,
Emma x

Can you help??

Since having her baby last year by emergency caesarean Emma has unfortunately not had much time to spend with Sovereign and he is bored and not getting worked.  Emma has him in a DIY yard but is struggling and now regrettably has come to the decision that she needs to either find a sharer to help look after and ride him or to sell him.  She lives near  Weybridge and if you are interested in discussing possibilities with Emma please contact by email emmafletcher@gmail.com .  Sovereign is a stunning horse and Emma would like him to go to a loving home where he can achieve his potential.

E-mail received 18th October 2006

Hi Susan,

Just thought I would send you a quick note and pictures of Sovi.
He is doing really well with his work and I have been able to go and lunge him over the past few weeks and he really does take it all in his stride. Hopefully I will be able to get on him soon and then he can have a well earned holiday.
I got back on board today for the first time since having Phoebe and it was great as I have missed it so much. I borrowed a nice cob from my friends riding school. Now I just need to go to the gym to get fit!
Hope all is well with you and all at Holme Trakehners
Speak soon,
Emma, Lyndsay and Sovi.

E-mail received 13th March 2006

Hi Susan,
Congratulations on your new arrival! He is truly stunning! I cannot wait to meet him at the open day!
Sovereign is enjoying playing in the field and getting covered in mud on a daily basis (he just loves being groomed!). He has far too much energy and drives the other horses mad as he just loves to play. He is so agile and moves around the field like a dream! (although at times he can get a little over exuberant)
I am limited to what I can do with him at the moment with my ever increasing baby bump but he is growing all the time so needs the extra time to mature. I have been doing little things with him to keep him mentally stimulated and as always he takes everything in his stride. I cannot wait until I can start riding him but for now he is enjoying being a cheeky youngster with his friends.
Sovereign is just growing and growing at the moment and he just gets more and more handsome. He is such a wonderful chap and as you say he remembers everything he has learnt.
I will send you some pictures of him soon.
Again congratulations and I look forward to seeing the next arrivals in April.
Take care and all the best,
Emma, Lyndsay and Sovereign.

E-mail received 3rd January 2006

Hi Susan,
I hope you have had a good Christmas and New year so far.
Just thought I would send you a quick email and a picture showing Sovereign and my other horse Charlie enduring my festive spirit! As you can see from the picture neither of them where at all fazed.
Sovi is currently being very cheeky with the other horses and wants to play all the time which lands him in quite a lot of trouble and he seems to have placed himself at the top of the pecking order even over my older horse Charlie although they get on really well. Luckily when he is with me and mum he turns in to a big soppy donkey and will happily stand all day to be groomed even putting his head down for us to brush and picking his feet up for you to pick out.
We decided to try loading him in the lorry yesterday and it was the first time since his journey here. He walked straight in had a nose around then calmly walked out again. I then left him nearby to finish off a bit of food that we had on hand to temp him if needed, I turned by back for a second and then heard him walking back up the ramp on his own. He looked so proud of himself! He is such a wonderful boy.
Me and mum are truly besotted with him. We can do anything with him and he loves it. I cannot wait to start our ridden career!
We look forward to seeing you in 2006,
All our love and best wishes,
Emma, Lyndsay and Sovereign.

E-mail received 18th September 2005

Hi Susan,

Wow what a great day I have had today!
I rode Sovereign for the first time and as normal he was unfazed by the whole thing. Mum led us around and he was such a good boy. I think once we have mastered how to walk and trot I will leave him until next year before we attempt anything more, he still has a lot of maturing to do.
We had a little local show at our yard the other day and this gave me a great opportunity for him to have a wander about. He grew to about 18hh and was quite confused to why these strange horses where there but he behaved so well. We will certainly get noticed when we compete in a few years, he is a bit of a show off.
I have attached a few pictures of us and will send you some better ones when we get them. (I wasn't really dressed for the occasion)
Hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you next week.
Best wishes,
Emma, Lyndsay and Sovereign.



We were delighted to receive the e-mail below on 21st August 2005 letting us know of his progress.

Hi Susan,
I cannot believe how well HP Sovereign has settled in. Me and Mum love him to bits!
I went on holiday a few weeks ago and found it really hard leaving him and was a little worried that Mum would struggle to do him by herself. 
Well I had no reason to be worried as he was an angel and mum is now so confident with him. He is such a wonderful horse and everyone that meets him says how beautiful he is.
He is slowly being introduced to new things and takes it all in his stride, he really doesn't mind what you do to him!
He is so stunning and I feel really proud when people come to meet him, I still cannot believe that he is my horse.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own him.
I will keep you posted on our progress,
Best wishes,
Emma, Lyndsay & HP Sovereign.