Holme Park Starlet, Grey Filly by Rodania Mubarak (Arab)  out of Holme Park Sauturnes born 9th March 2004.


For those of you who have been following our website for some time you may remember the story of the twins born in 2004 by an Arab Stallion (click here for story).  The surviving twin was the beautiful Grey filly Holme Park Starlet who is now owned by Jo Hodgson. 

email received from Jo 11th April 2010

Hi Susan

I hope you are well. Just thought I would drop you an email as Starlet went to her first dressage competition yesterday and we can 5th - very pleased with my little mare. We even got a couple of 7's! One for her trot work and then for her overall paces.

I'll send a few more pics of her today all glammed up

See you soon & good luck with the foaling season

Love  Jo

email received 24th January 2006

Hi Sue,

Starlet is very much still 'pink' and beautiful - she' a proper lady. In the morning she insists on a kiss even if it's the gardener walking by and gets most disgruntled if she is ignored.

Her and my Arab seem to adore each other and they compete to see who can flick their feet out the most when trotting down the field and when rolling who can go all the way over first - definitely put the child back into my old boy.

Over the winter she managed to get in a spot of jumping - we had a temporary fence put up and that was something that just had to be conquered - twice!!

I will definitely get some pic's over to you when she's not so hairy

Hope you're all well at the Attew house hold and no doubt will see you soon