21st April 1989 - 26th July 2005


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our 16 year old mare Holme Park Sundance

We  brought Sundance in from the field very lame and with a very swollen shoulder.  Our vet brought in a mobile x-ray machine and our worst fears were confirmed that she had broken her shoulder.  We can only assume she slipped on the wet ground in the field. They can operate but this would be very expensive and at 16 years old we do not think this is an option as she would need intensive care afterwards and may have problems as all the weight on the other front leg.  and long term box rest for a mare who has lived in the herd all her life would be very stressfull.   Her foal this year, Holme Park Sunray  is now nearly 3 months old and she is back in foal.  We regretfully though have to make the decision to put her to sleep.  Holme Park Sunray will be weaned early.  This beautiful home bred mare has been an outstanding broodmare and the last Holme Grove Istanbul mare at Holme Park.  She has had 12 foals in 13 years which is not bad going! 


We have her daughter Sundowner in the herd to keep her line she has just been inseminated by Prokofiev so we keep our fingers crossed she is in foal