Holme Park Sunray (aka Raymond), Chestnut gelding by Holme Park Krug  out of Holme Park Sundance born 2005 owned by Liz Gabriel

Letter from Liz Gabriel  20th July 2011

Dear Susan and Paul,

Please find enclosed photos of Holme Park Sunray taken just last week, I think you will agree he's a very very handsome boy!

When we came up to try him I was lucky enough to hack out on him with his father Krug, DAvid took some lovely photos of father and son together.  Looking at him now as a fully developed 6 year old, he looks so much like Krug and the work he does up and down the Devon hills is the best exercise for muscle development.  Everyone says he's grown in height too, he's 16.3 hh +, its a good job he stands perfectly for me to mount off the steps, I just have to hope I never have to get off on a ride, it could be a long walk home!

His character is amazing, he loves people and he and I have a very very close bond, he's a horse that loves that one to one relationship, he would have hated being in a huge competition yard.

We do hope you are both well, we saw your seasons foals on your website - just lovely.  I also saw Ray's full brothers and sister.  I think it was his sister that looked so like him.  It was interesting to hear that your niece has his full brother.

As David has a week off next week we hope to ride out together most days, Jack is getting a lot fitter, as is David, he's lost a lot of weight!

One thing I wanted to ask you was about the character of his mother Holme Park Sundance, was she a very kind nature as although Raymond is a very strong character and very very intelligent, there is not a nasty bone in his body.  I know Krug has a lovely nature because Debbie told me, but was his mother the same?

We both send you our good wishes and if you have an Open Day next year we would love to visit you again.  We very rarely go away as we hate leaving all the animals, but it is my 60th in January and we are coming up to London to see War Horse.  My grandfather was in the Royal Artillary in World War 1, and I remember hearing stories of the bond he had with his horses - must run in the family!

With love to you both

Liz and David and of course Raymond.

Reply from Susan:  Thank you for the wonderful photos - he is certainly a very handsome horse and in amazing condition!  His dam Sundance was a beautiful horse with an amazing character too so it is not a surprise that Raymond is such a kind horse - that is our breeding aim!  Our horses do though rely on going to the best partner who can appreciate them and give them the mutual love and attention that Trakehners thrive on!  Thank you so much for keeping in touch and for giving Raymond such a fabulous home!  Love Susan x 22/7/11


Message from Liz Gabriel 14th June 2011

With the risk of being boring - I just wanted to say Ray is looking so very handsome he takes your breath away. Because I hack out a lot up and down the Devon hill, his muscle development is amazing.  He is schooling so well, but most of all I love his personality, he's funny and cheeky yet always wants to please.  Everyone says what a lovely partnership we make.  I shall never forget our time at Northill, you made buying a horse so enjoyable.  Hope you are both well and the foaling season is going well.

Liz x

Message from Liz Gabriel 4th May 2011

Just to say it's Holme Park Sunray's 6th birthday today , he's having a Guinness in his feed tonight!  He looks amazing and is a total pleasure to ride and be around, I couldn't have found a more perfect equine partner.

Letter received March 2011

Dear Susan and Paul

Just thought we would send you some photos of Raymonds new friend, Hocus Pocus AKA Jack!  He is an ex show cob bought off a local girl and is David's first ever horse.

Raymond and Jack gen on so well and we went on our first hack together this weekend, both of them beautifully behaved.  We need to get some weight off Jack and our Devon Hills will certainly do that, Ray is getting fitter by the day and continues to be the love of my life .........after David of course !!??  He is now getting used to cows and this morning did cows, pigs guinea fowel, pheasants and white van man all at the same time!

As it says in his Poker Face music on your DVD "what a guy"!

Lots of love

Liz & David & Ray