Holme Park Valentino II , Bay gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of Holme Park Vabanque born 1998. Owned by Alice Collins-Young

e-mail received 31st January 2007

Hello Susan!

Just wanted to tell you about Tio and his christmas holiday activities.

I've been on strike and refusing to do dressage whilst my exams are on. Its far too boring and Tio likes his variety! I've been concentrating on his jumping and Tio is being a very brave boy. He's had very little practise because of university but I'm really pleased with his progress. He's now jumping 3ft courses in training happily. He's been really good about bright, scary, spooky fillers and water trays. I've also started some simulated cross country fences and skinnies (with more water trays and flowers underneath) and he's been brilliant. He's jumping everything first time and only dodged the first skinny once. Thats much better than my last horse who won 3 BE ODE's!

I took him to a little jumping show at Swallowfield EC and he was absolutely brilliant. He was so calm and relaxed dispite getting drenched and the warm up arena being a complete bog. He jumped fantastically unfortunately just touched a pole in each class. They were just baby mistakes though and he still came 3rd in the speed class! I didn't even press the jump off button so I know he's going to be fast!!

I'm really looking forward to easter hols because we're going cross country schooling at Lincomb. I really hope he likes it because he'll be so much fun to event. Fingers crossed!

Daddy has been keeping his dressage up to scratch whilst I've been revising and writing essays. He has upgraded to Elementary after scoring 73% at swallowfield just before christmas. He would probably have got 75% if daddy had done the right sized circles and shown more give and retake in the canter. He has been to Hartpury for some Elementaries in January and scored 65% in both. Daddy forgot the test in one of those two!!

My exams have finished now but I'm busy with student riding so Tio and Daddy are off to Allens Hill and Hartpury again this weekend so fingers crossed they can improve.

Alice xxx

e-mail received 21st August 2006

Hello Susan,

Tio and I will be going to the Trakehner show in September and was hoping you could give me a bit of advice on what happens in the ridden classes. We haven't been to any breeding shows before. I've only ever done Show ponies, Workers and Coloured horse classes before.

Tio is being a very good boy at the moment. He was 3rd in his area festival yesterday so just missed out on qualifying but he scored 67.30%. I've ordered the pictures on CD so hopefully I'll be able to send you some when they arrive next week.

He also has part of his qualification for winter regionals. He got over 70% at Burrows court and had 9's for his medium trots!

He has been such a brave boy with his jumping. He came 4th in his first ever Sj competition. Then 2nd at the next one and 2nd in a 2ft9 class 2 weeks ago. He just gets beaten by super fast 12.2 ponies!! He's jumped some really scary fillers though and I'm very pleased with his progress.

We've also bumped into some members of the family on our travels recently.

We saw HP Verona at Hunters and HP Volnay at weston lawns yesterday. They are both gorgeous.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Alice x

e-mail received 25th April 2006

Hi Susan,

Just thought I'd let you know how Valentino was getting on.

He's been a very good boy over easter. He's been to a few competitions and is improving. He now has half his qualification for the regionals. He won

N21 at LVFRC with 69% and also came second in the trailblazers 2nd round at forest of dean with 69.57% qualifying him for the finals at stoneleigh in august. Hopefully we'll do some dressage with jumping qualifiers at the end of summer. I'm hoping to put together a novice music freestyle and do the riding club area competitions with him over the summer too.

Your new foals look gorgeous. Do you have a pic of valentino when he was a baby?

Alice x