Julmond '121' , Bay gelding by Holme Park Vincent by  Holme Grove Solomon  Owned by Frank Gahagen in USA

Hi Susan,

I want to thank you for thinking of us in sending a copy of the Open Days dvd. I am glad to see your program is gaining recognition around the world.

You and Paul look well, and Krug has developed into something special since I last saw him. Solomon is handsome and Prokofiev is looking elegent. I offer an update on my Julmond '121' by HP Vincent.

We moved to a well known Hunter/Jumper barn in July, BarGee Farm north of Pittsburgh operated by Barbara Bancroft who at one time not long ago made it up to Grand Prix level in jumping. We had schooled there several times last summer and wanted to give Julmond a new experience with a different rider or two. Not everything went to plan with the riders as Barb had a young horse fall on her fracturing her pelvis in 4 places and dislocating a hip. But she is home now and on the mend.

So Jim Boyce shown in the photo is pretty much the rider assigned to train Julmond these days. They ride 6 days aweek for only a 1/2 hour, jumping not more than 2 times a week, not long enough I think but that is the way it is at present. In spite of not doing many lead changes with Becky, Julmond learned very quick with Jim and it was suggested that they take Julmond to a schooling show that was this past weekend. A total of 12 horses went to the show from this barn, only a short distance away, in fact Joan and I hauled Julmond ourselves on Friday so the horses were properly settled in for the weekend.

The attached photo is one I shot during his Special Hunter/Pre-Green ride over 2'-0" - 2'-3" fences where he was awarded the tricolor Champion ribbon in addition to a first, 2nd and third place ribbon. He did so well he was entered in Sunday's Hopeful Hunter div 2'-3" - 2'-6" fences and he won the tricolor as well as getting blues in the 2 jumping classes and a third for the flat work. Jim couldn't believe how easy he was to ride, and I think it is a tribute to Becky's training. There were 9 horses in this class so this means something to us. All in all a fantastic intro to the hunter ring, don't you think?

I have other photos besides this one, but I like it the best as it shows off both rider and horse. I especially like the look in the eyes, they tell me they are on the same page and determined to get the fox. That is why I titled it OnCourse. hope you like it.