Email letter from Kojo - one of Millie's Boxer puppies born 2009.

Received: September 2010

Hiya Susan!

How are you?

Sorry I haven't mailed you for a long time, I have been very busy, my humans have been busy too.

This doesn't help as I need them to write for me since I dont have fingers and find it hard to use the keyboard to write recognisable words!  >.<

I didn't end up going to school in the end... well, I did, I went to 2 or 3 lessons around the beginning of the year but the teachers weren't very helpful. They told Yasmin to buy a choke chain for me on my first visit before watching me in action rather then showing my family how to control me on the lead in regards to my pulling. Funnily enough on the last session we attended, they had a display table of things you could buy off of them this table included choke chains among other things. They kept changing my teacher aswell so we gave up with them in the end because we didn't feel supported enough.

However, I think it was a waste of money myself as i'm doing a-ok without them. I'm a good boy all over but my excitement gets the better of me when I go out. Once I get to my destination and i'm let off my lead 99% of the time we all have fun playing games with my toys or walking in the woods. I have run off twice on a walk and later find out that running off doesn't benefit me as much as I thought it would because when I was found it was straight back onto my lead for the rest of the walk which wasn't much fun for me. =[

My family are teaching me some pretty cool tricks themselves.

So far I have learnt to:




*lay down


*side (lay down on my side)

*turn (walk in a circle going left)

*twist (walk in a circle to the going right)

*drop (release things from my mouth)

*stand (on two back legs like they do)

*spud me (tap a front paw on the top of human fist)

*toys away (put my toys in my toybox) Re-learning this one as i've forgotten recently

I am currently in the process of learning to "bow".

I am also learning "pass" taking objects like paper and letters from person to person.

I will also be starting agility training in the next few months.

I have already got a tunnel not sure how to use it properly yet though. Just between you and me, I have a sneaking suspision from over hearing a conversation that I maybe getting a jump hoop and a slalum set soon too. Can't wait for that, sounds like a blast.

I usually go to the vet monthly to get general check ups on my growth and development and get weighed for my worming and flea treatment. I have been a little bit poorly for the past few months. In June I went to the vet for a general check up. Came out with tablets to sort out my intestines because they were inflammed. July, I went in and left with ear drop beacuse I had a ear infection. End of August, I went in and came out with some gel drops for my eyes because they are too deep and i'm building up too much liquid and when it does finally drain out it makes my face creases really moist this has been making my face itch. Hopefully this will work, if not I may have to have an operation to shallow my bottom eyelids. I have also got a bacterial infection on my chin so I have got a pot of tablets to sort that out.

In myself i'm absolutely fine, i'm still bouncing all over the place and i'm still as cheeky as ever.

Actually this reminds me, I have got to tell you about the footballers! Haha! It's making me laugh thinking about it.

Sit back, relax and let me tell you the story....

A few months ago Yasmin took me to our local park for a walk and some games in the morning when it was quiet. We had been up there for about 40 or 50 minutes having a great time playing frisbee and ball. In our local park there is a brache which hosts footie games for little league teams. So anyways, we were playing frisbee when the first 5 or 6 footballers came out onto the field to warm up. At first I didn't notice them so we carried on playing frisbee but then they started doing kicky ups and that's when they caught my eye.

I am a footie freak, I love to watch football... so I sat and watched 3 them kicking the ball around to each other. It was so facinating to watch the way it glides through the air before bouncing to the next guy. Then there was another small group dribbling the ball to each other. I watched them doing this for about a minute and it looked like so much fun that I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to play with them. So I started running, I could hear Yasmin calling me back from the other end of the field but it was like I was possesed I couldn't help but run.

I ran up to them wanting to play with them but they wouldn't kick me  the ball so I thought maybe they want me to chase them and see if I could tackle them for the that's exactly what I did. I stole their ball clean off them and ran with it to the opposite end of the field and they were all chasing me shouting at each other "Get that dog we need the ball" We played this game for like 5 or 10 minutes because no-one could catch me. When they did finally get the ball off of me one of them said "I have brilliant ball control and they would let me join the squad but I had the wrong kit on!" :D

Had a great birthday, I got a atomball on a rope (toy in photo), some doggy safe chocs from pets at home, a new massive rawhide bone a card from the family and a cone hat which I enjoyed jumping on. =]

Gotta go now,

Lots of love Kujo xxxx