14th March 2006

Millie our 6 month old brindle Boxer puppy was not well at the weekend and unable to keep any food down and generally very depressed which is not like her as is usually such a happy pup.  We took her for an emergency vet consultation on Sunday and they x-rayed her and suspected that she had swallowed something that was blocking her gut.

She was referred to Davies Veterinary Specialists where they would be able to examine her with an endoscope to see what was going on and hopefully remove the obstruction with forceps. I took her over Sunday afternoon and she was put on a drip to re-hydrate her.  On Monday she was put under anesthetic this morning and they had a look with endoscope  and could see a large mass of the purple material balled up in the bottom of her stomach but also going off into the intestine so they could not just pull it out as would have damaged the intestine.  They then proceeded to surgery but due to the distribution of the threads they could  not do from one incision so had to go in at 3 points.  She has now come round from the surgery and is in ITU for the next few hours.  They have started feeding her small amounts and she will have to stay with them on observation until the end of the week.  Prognosis for full recover good.  Only slight concern is there was some damage to about a foot of the small intestine which should repair but there is a slight risk that this may start to break down so they will have to monitor her very closely.

She is a much loved member of the family already but will end up a very expensive puppy with all her veterinary treatment !  She had been eating the bedding from her kennel!! It was very worrying to see her looking so sad when she was not feeling well - silly pup lets hope she is ok now.

16th March 2006

Millie has made good progress and is being collected today so will come home for some TLC.  Millie is now home but not allowed to play with her friend Honey yet until all her stitches are healed.  She is looking and feeling well so making a good recovery.  (We are recovering from a 2400 vets bill!!) 
18/19th March 2006

Millie has had a good weekend and her wound is healing well and she is eating well (chicken and rice only so far) but trying to keep a puppy quiet and still is not easy! she is feeling very well so wants to run around with her friend Honey.  She cannot understand why she has to be shut in her cage and wear a lampshade on her head!