We received a very interesting email on 12th February 2007

Dear Mrs Attew,

First - sorry for my English.
I want to present myself:
My name is Serge Prokofiev Jr, I' am a Grandson of the Russian composer Serge Prokofiev.
Surfing on the web, occasionally on the key-word "prokofiev" I'm founded the picture
of beautiful horse - Holme Grove Prokofiev.
Then I discover the site
and here - the pedigree, performances and life story.
My question:
Why his name include the name of Prokofiev?
Is it in relation with name of composer or for any other reason?
Believe me - this is simple curiosity and of course not
any claim from my part!
One more time - the horse is beautiful!

Thank you to answer me -
Sincerely -
Serge Prokofiev Jr.


Our ongoing correspondence  The text in green is his reply to mine

Dear Mr Prokofiev,

How interesting to hear from you! Our horse Holme Grove Prokofiev is

indeed named after your Grandfather. We purchased him from Germany as

a  3 year old stallion and his name then was spelt PROKOVJEW which we

understand is the German spelling of PROKOFIEV. When he came to

England we changed the name to Holme Grove Prokofiev and when we show

him we often use some of your Grandfather's music. He has bred many

stunning children for us.

> Wonderful story! Which is his favourite opus? :)

We would thank you for your kind words about our stallion, he is indeed beautiful.

> Yes, I said it without any flattery. For me - horses (and dogs!) - the best and faithful friends of human race.

Would you mind if we published your email on our news page on our

 website as it is very interesting to hear from the Grandson of such a  famous composer.

> No problem. Condition: you need to edit my miserable English!

We have a DVD showing Holme Grove Prokofiev and all our youngsters -

if you are interested in receiving a copy then please give us a postal

address where we should send it.

> I can't resist to your proposal, very kind.

My address: Serge Prokofieff .....

I have a question for you.

For the web site of The Serge Prokofiev Foundation ( www.sprkfv.net) I prepare the article with theme of usage of Prokofiev's name in different situations.

Beautiful Holme Grove Prokofiev as you can guess - is one of "actors".

Is it possible to send me (by e-mail) one photo of him with right to use the picture as illustration of the text concerning HG Prokofiev?

On internet it is possible to take photos but in respect of other persons rights I don't like and not use this way.

Best -


email received 19th February 2007

Thank you very much for another two photos of HG Prokofiev.

Nothing to say! Marvelous!

I'm received also your DVD and Prokofiev is handsome!

The same is valid for his progeny and others Horses.

Nice to see the dance in slow motion mode, very very impressive.

Best wishes and kindest regards -

Serge Prokofieff Jr.