Holme Park Salcido by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Park Sauturnes  and Holme Grove Charleston by Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme Grove Cointreau are now living with  their new owners Louise Magrit and Natalie Dimond in Jersey.  August 2011

From: Louise Magris
Date: 16 August 2013 11:08:33 BST
To: 'Susan Attew'
Subject: HP Salcido is going to the Nationals !

Dear Susan,

I hope this email finds you, the family and the horses well.

Its been absolutely ages and I have kept meaning to write you a chatty email accompanied by photos of Sido who is fabulous and is the perfect pony both at home and at competitions !! He is the loveliest person and has a hilarious personality as well as now being pretty darn big and handsome - Not that he wasn't before but he is quite impressive now that he has grown into himself and is fully muscled up - I suppose I am biased but we do get a lot of complements so I don't think it is just my rose-tinted specs!

I will skip to the edited highlights which are that we have just returned from a trip to the UK where we were based at AM Dressage for 3 weeks training as well as competing at the Regionals. Despite this being his first attempt and biggest and scariest show to date (we went to Mt Ballan) he was an angel and pulled a great test out of the hat. To our enormous surprise we were equal second on 70.67% and so are going to the Nationals next month ! Its only at Prelim but hey, I am delighted ! We've qualified for the Area festivals at Novice so I'll do these in Guernsey in October and we're aiming for Elementary unaffiliated over the winter.

Of course I'll keep you updated of progress and will send you some photos soon and let you know how we do - He is eligible for the 'best UK bred' in our category so you never know !

Louise and Sido x


From: Louise Magris
Sent: 20 May 2012 18:55
To: Susan Attew
Subject: A good weekend all round !

Hi Susan,

I hope all is well at your end.

I thought you might like to hear that Sido is getting on great - he is really maturing and growing up and is being delightful. He has been out and about and is steadily improving and relaxing more and more every time. Its a noisy event when both the brothers go out to together but again it is all good mileage and they are learning to settle and work together (and apart) at an event !

We did our first novice test this weekend and scored 67% which I was delighted with and we also won our prelim class and broke the 70% barrier that we have been hovering around the last couple of tests so it is all going in the right direction! The judge loved his relaxation and was charmed by his (enormous!) floppy ears ..... we have Saturne to thank for those !!!

A couple of photos are attached that you might like ! You'll see Sido flaked out in the field after his first prelim test - it was a big day for him !

All the best

Louise and Sido

On 5 Feb 2012, at 18:13, "Louise Magris" wrote:

Hi Susan,

I hope all is well with you and everyone at Holme.

I thought you (and Vija) might like to know, Salcido went to his first little competition with me yesterday and despite it being freezing cold he was an absolute gentleman, behaved beautifully and I was delighted with him. And to top it off he won his class with 68.7% to boot which was lovely! 

So - the dreaded first competitive outing is over with and I am really excited about the year ahead. He is such a wonderful character and so much fun to have around and with so much more to give. He is now a pro on the beach and other worldly events such as ridiculous orange kites, sheep kitted out with bells, chickens  in his stable (he no longer eats eggs that he finds!) and on sand tracks although he did embarrass himself by dropping and rolling (fully tacked up with me leaping off to the side) in the sand on his first trip - needless to say it was hilarious (the tack survived) and that'll teach me to kick on when he next shows too much interest in what is under his feet !

We'll keep you updated  !

Louise and Sido


PS Charlie is being wonderful for Natalie too !

On 5 Jan 2012, at 16:33, "Louise Magris"  wrote:

Hi Susan,

Hello from a windy Jersey. Thank you for your lovely Christmas card! I've only just managed to get around to my 'Christmas catch up emails' but I just wanted to let you know how well Sido and Charlie are getting on. They haven't been blown away yet although it has been close over the last week with the crazy storms we have had but they have got used to it and have been unfazed which is brilliant when you consider how wild the wind makes some horses !

Natalie has started Charlie back in work and he has made a couple of trips rounds the block and been wonderful - Sido is of course an old hand and babysat him past a new set of cows which Charlie was gutted to discover can be found in all fields and not just the ones next to his !

Sido is doing great and has really changed shape through work and is coming along beautifully - I'll send some photos when we have a day nice enough to bother but we are hoping to go to our first little competition in Feb which will be a great opportunity to have a fun trip out to a party...... We'll let you know although I can't imagine he'll be surprised by anything - he hasn't been so far! (Well except some sheep with bells on (lots of jingly jangly behind hedge action) the other week which was the most tense I have seen him and it just consisted of him pricking his (substantial) ears VERY far forward and snorting before eyeing them closely and wandering on by - fortunately he is not one for swift evasive action and that is one of the many reasons I love him so very much !!

I hope all is well with you at your end and have a great 2012

Very Best wishes

Louise x

From: Louise Magris
Sent: 12 October 2011 13:36
To: Susan Attew
Subject: The boys.....

Hi Susan,

Just a quick update to say Hello and I hope that all is well with you. I can't believe the time that has flown since the boys came home.

The boys have settled brilliantly - the only hiccup being the appearance of a field full of Jersey heifers right next to the boy's fields about 2 weeks after they arrived. New-to-Jersey horses always have a hard time getting to grips with our cows and heifers are the worst since they are really curious and inevitably rush up to the hedge en masse and generally cause mayhem. This situation was no exception and it took a few days of patient leading behind the older horses for them to get the hang of it and reduce terror levels to manageable. However by the 2nd week they could be led on head collars on their own past the cows and had completely got over it which was terrific and an important learning curve surfed for such a cow-packed Island !

Apart from the cows nothing has fazed the boys at all and Charlie is mega chilled out. Sido is enjoying being worked and my trainer loves him and we both are really excited about bringing out his full potential over time. He genuinely hasn't put a foot wrong and is coping well with hacking out (we've not attempted the beach yet - that always ranks up there with the cows for panic stations!) and in the school he is lovely and very settled. Now he just needs the continued patient regime to strengthen him up and bring him on to his next stage. He makes me laugh preferring to use his whole head rather than his whiskers to feel his way around and his extremely food orientated adoring the fruits of the large apple tree we have. The funniest moment was when he discovered an egg in his stable laid by one of my many free range hens. True to form before I could stop him, he hovered it into his mouth in-one, causing it to explode  .... you can only imagine the shock it caused him and the faces he pulled I felt very sorry for him but I was laughing rather hard at the same time ! I'd like to say he has learnt to be a little more cautious but I don't think that is true !

Anyway they are adorable and their personalities continue to grow in the nicest possible ways and we couldn't be more happy.

I hope all is well at  your end with all your lovely horses and please do tell Vija that Sido is well and happy and having a whale of a time !

L x

Best wishes


From: Louise Magris
Sent: 29 August 2011 20:28
To: Susan Attew
Cc: Natalie Dimond
Subject: The Trakehners have landed!

Hi Susan,

We have all recovered from our mammoth trip and the boy are very settled and relaxed all things considered - they have made themselves at home in their new stables and field and Salcido has shed a few tears but has decided that Charlie will do as a subsititue for home and is being very brave and curious about everything!

We are so delighted with them - (that goes without saying) and I'm so pleased at how well they managed the trip, they weren't even tucked up this morning - a real testament to their tempraments and upbringing! In fact the only thing that really freaked them out yesterday was my pushy cat who appeared in the evening and planted himself firmly in the way and caused mush confusion and consternation for the boys!

I know that as the days go by they will be happier and happier and we can't wait to start to get to know them properly and enjoy them as part of the family!

I think its a early night for me - I'm sure not looking forward to going to work tomorrow !

Speak soon

Louise, Nats, Sido and Charlie xxx