Holme Grove Sargent, Chestnut gelding by Holme Grove Solomon out of PM Holme Grove Sante Fe by Kostolany born 10th March 2002 and now owned by Julie Beckwith

e-mail received 15th  April 2011

I am just so over the moon at the moment.
I attach another picture of the gorgeous ginger.  1st with 70% at Norton Heath.  Photo courtesy of John Tyrell (Big Time Media)

Holme Grove Sargent by John Tyrell

e-mail received 1st April 2011

Dear Susan
I have been meaning to email you for some time now but you know how time just flies on past.  I was holding off emailing as I had hoped to have a picture of Sargie from a recent competition that I could send you - I haven't received it yet so I will have to send it on separately at a later stage. 
I hope all is well with you and the horses.
Well, the winter has gone and Sargie has been fine.  He is looking super fit, healthy and we have been out competing.  He has won a couple of classes and then went out last weekend and got two second places with great percentages.  I hope to move up to Elementary this year but due to all his set backs I never push him too much and will move on up when I am ready.  At this rate I am going to have to prepare for the regionals!  I'd never have thought after what we went through that we'd be where we are now. 
I had to move my boys to a new yard last summer and they all settled in well.  I share  the place with an old friend so we have it all to ourselves.  I added another ginger to the gang just over a year ago so I have my own little herd now.  I might bring Sargie to the Trakehner show this summer - if so you will definitely have to meet him in the flesh.  Needless to say he is adored by all, is just the nicest chap and tries his heart out.  The setback he has had has meant we are behind for his age but he seems to be catching up fast with his work and quite often surprises me with how much he is willing to offer.  Despite all we have been through I would never ever swap him - he is absolute star, a saint and a gent! 
A photo will follow.  Meantime - I just wanted you to know he is back on form, still hugely loved and doing very well indeed....long may that continue.


e-mail received 6th December 2007

Dear Susan,

Its been a while since I last emailed you but here I am finally.

Its quite a shock to think that Sargie will be six years old next year. He is a far cry from the little 18 month old youngster that I picked up all that time ago. This summer was meant to be about getting him out competing purely for exposure and just giving him some experience. After the first eventful outing he has really knuckled down. He still has to show off every so often and I have been known to clear the warm up arena ... but I would want him to lose that spark! Due to his success at Prelim we have ventured into the world of novice and at Bluegate Hall Farm in August we came first in the qualifying class with 68% and second in the other novice with 67.2%. They were only our third and fourth novice attempts and we part qualified for the winter regionals. It was not my intention and I was not about to chase the other half of the qualification but boy was I pleased with him. Since then we have been out a few more times and came second and fifth at Norton Heath with 66% in both tests. He had a holiday at the end of September and I am going to spend the winter at home training. He has proven that he can knuckle down when out competing so I want to concentrate on building him up his muscle structure and getting him to take more weight behind. Due to his size there are moments when he still looks very baby but get him through, connected and boy he shows his talent.

I attach a couple of photos courtesy of JNA Photography (head shot) and JT Photography. Though I am biased I do think the head shot shows just how stunning he is. The other shot shows him in motion, though looking babyish still. I can't wait for 2008 as I know that he will mature even more over the winter. Being a tall 17.2 boy he still needs to develop a lot of muscle and that will take time.

I hope you are pleased with what you bred. I most definitely am. He is a true gent, sweet natured, good to handle, a poppet to clip but he still has that spark. He can be a real hothead in the wind but that gives him that real spark that gets everyone's attention. Its at that point that my days of eventing and 'sitting tight' are handy.

I hope all is well at Holme Grove and Holme Park and Merry Christmas to you all.



e-mail received 22 April 2007


I have been following Legend's adventures in Germany with great interest and am thrilled to see your latest news. Congratulations to you all on producing such a lovely horse and for making history with him. He really is a credit to you all.

Meantime, on a smaller scale of success than Legend's, my own (not so) little chestnut has been growing up in leaps and bounds.

We have been out twice since our last outing to Bluegate and the results


Sat 14th April - Oaklands College (affiliated): Prelim 17 - 3rd 65.42%

Sat 21 April - Bluegate Hall Farm (affiliated): Prelim 4 - 1st 63.18% and Prelim 16 - 1st 71%

He is going to have a mini break now and then when we go back out we are going to have to try a novice or two!

Keep on breeding these lovely horses!


e-mail received 1st April 2007

I thought I would drop you a quick email - photos to follow - to let you know about Sargie's second outing. We went to Bluegate Hall Farm yesterday.

First time an indoor school, first time with an arena made up of boards only etc. Well his confidence is starting to grow! We won the first class (the open section and overall - so got our first bit of prize money) with 68% and came third in the second class with 65%. He was still lacking in confidence, inattentive at times, but during the good bits the judges are pretty impressed with what they are seeing. The second judge even put 'Wow what a super loose horse! Only needs to show greater confidence and balance to gain 8's consistently'. I think I might well have to get the measuring stick out now as so many people asked me how big he is. His height alone seems to be quite intimidating. He is tall but what adds to it is when he stands really upright and proud and puts his head right up - even then his nose won't touch my head and I'm not short! We seemed to have quite an audience yesterday and plenty of admiring comments.


e-mail received 19th March 2007

Dear Susan,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Sargie attended his first affiliated dressage show on Saturday. He loaded and travelled like an angel and was a darling to deal with at the show. It was all very exciting for him and he spent a lot of his time in the warm up calling out to any horse that would answer. Despite glorious sunshine being promised it was rather cold and very very windy - which is the one thing that sets him off.

We managed to get some concentration in the warm up but this was purely an outing for the sake of getting him out there and letting him see it all.

Once in the arena he lost his confidence and found the judge and her writer very frightening. We spent a lot of our time diving past the judge's hut in a panic during the first test but we completed it and still came sixth in the open section. The second test was better, despite still being very frightened of the judge (another sixth position). The really encouraging thing was that once past the judge he really knuckled down and got on with the job and all tension was gone. The scores reflected the fact that we spent most of our time avoiding one end of the arena but we still got a couple of 8's for our trot with the comment of 'impressive' and a couple of 7's for our canter work. The overall comments were really pleasing with both Judges noting his lack of confidence but the fact that there is plenty of promise there. The second judge in particular called him a 'super horse'

with so much promise and carried on to say that once he relaxes and allows me to ride him and as his confidence grows so will the marks! Not bad considering we passed the judge's hut on every occasion with our eyes on stalks and the wrong bend. That said he still picked up the canter transitions (albeit two markers too late) cleanly, balanced and carried on as though nothing had happened. He even got comments from other riders warming up - one of which called him 'beautiful' and asked which Trakehner stud he was from. I could not have asked for more. His behaviour when tied up to the lorry was impeccable and despite being a little hot to ride there was no escorting in to the warm up arena on the end of a lunge line which you see so much of nowadays with the young horses. I am incredibly pleased with him. Its simply a matter of getting him out there more and letting him get used to it all, once that's over with I can't wait to see the marks he will get once I can get him to the far end of the arena!

I attach a picture of him in the warm up from which you can see how well he has grown up. He is approximately 17.1 (if not 17.2 -don't really want to get the measuring stick out) now and is starting to fill out and build up some really good muscle tone. He is going to look so impressive once he has matured. He is really finding his balance now and his work at home is coming on really well. I hope you agree that he is growing up nicely!

I can't wait for the first foal to be born and will be watching out for photos. Good luck with this year's crop.


Julie Beckwith

e-mail received 7th August 2006

I have finally managed to get some pictures of Sargie under saddle and as you can see he is a big boy! I am taking my time with him as being such a tall boy he is still quite gangly and needs to build up a lot of muscle and strength. You will get to see him in the flesh at the Trakehner show in September when I hope he does not think its all too much and panic. He has been hacked out on the roads, loaded up and taken to Epping Forest and is taking most things in his stride! Long may that continue.

I shall leave you to look at the pictures. Belated I know but thank you all for a lovely open day in July.

Regards Julie.

e-mail received 3rd January 2006
I thought I would wish you all Happy New Year.

I thought I would attach a picture of Holme Grove Sargent for you. I took this Saturday afternoon at 3pm. He had decided that he needed to catch up on some sleep obviously before partying the night away to bring in the New Year! He always looks so small when curled up in his stable. Admittedly the stable is larger than average, but he still looks quite small and cute.

Generally Sargie is continuing to be a star. His work under saddle is coming along but we are more in 'tick over' mode at the moment until Spring comes and he can have some well earned time off. He hacks down our bridle path and back alone and/or in company and it doesn't bother him. He still has his moments, but generally is a 'very nice chap' to be around. He and my older horse are now the best of friends but not in the inseparable sense, which is a relief.

Good luck with the new crop of foals which will be arriving before we know it.  I can't wait to see the foals as they are born - still can't stop myself viewing the website for new arrivals and will definitely be returning for the 2006 open day. My favourite from last year is Brunel but then maybe that's simply because he looks like someone else!!! I meant to say it after the open day but never got round to it - I thought all the mares looked in wonderful condition last year. I think its the best I have seen them - they really did look in top condition.

Well I will continue to update you with news of Sargie's development. I am still in touch with the previous owner of my older horse (who I have now owned for 12 years) so be warned!

Happy New Year.


e-mail received 29th September 2005
Congratulations -  I have seen that HG Sante Fe won the Mare Championship and was Supreme Championship.  I await to see the full results to see how other HG and HP horses did, but congratulations!   You must have had a hectic weekend!

Well what can I say, Sargent is backed and being gently ridden.  After a few weeks of work he has had a little rest and, not surprisingly, has come with renewed enthusiasm.  I have hacked him round our fields, up and down the hills, past all the cross country fences, on his own and in company etc and despite the odd spook he has been very good.  He is doing some ridden work in the school but I am trying not to over do this; which is extremely hard given how easily he takes to things.  We 'accidentally' broke into canter during our last training session and I had to force myself to bring him back to trot.  I always thought he had good balance from the first time I saw him in the school at Holme Grove but the real extent of that balance is starting to show under saddle.  The minute I am on him he seems to rise to the occasion and have even more presence and lift.  His trot is incredibly forward, off the forehand and really off the floor.  I hope to get some photos taken of him under saddle maybe this weekend and will send you a couple.  Its all quite exciting for next year.....!


e-mail received 11th August 2005


What can I say other than What a Stunner.  I adore my horse.  He is so talented and so willing to learn. He is also so kind, gentle and, as anyone who comes into contact with him says 'a really nice chap!'.    I just had to send you some more photos.  I can't wait to ride him but I am being very patient.  I have time off at the end of this month and  plan to finish off the last few months work by getting on him and riding then!  He is a big chap and must stand at almost 17 hands now.  He is starting to develop some muscle and general bulk which makes him look all the more powerful.  When he moves, he belies his size though and his feet hardly touch the ground.  The long reining round the fields and the cross country course has been great for him; passing all the farm equipment, next door's golf course etc.  I do believe he is quite proud of himself at the end of it - and of course I am proud of him too!