We received the very sad News that the 2003 foal by Holme Park Krug out of Duncombe Lady xx had to be put to sleep recently after braking her leg in the field.  This tragic news is the last in a tragic series of losses for her owner "PJ".  PJ purchased Duncombe Lady xx in foal to Holme Park Krug last year.  Lady had a beautiful filly foal by krug in June 2003 and she was named "Whipper"

She was a stunning filly and PJ was delighted with her.  The first tragedy struck when Duncombe Ladyxx died of an internal haemorrhage 24 hours after giving birth.  Whipper was then adopted successfully onto a Welsh Cob mare and continued to thrive and develop into a charming and beautiful filly who enjoyed life and people.

This was an e-mail message from PJ about Whipper's accident.

" Whipper had not been weaned yet but was quite independent.  I was there when her leg broke and saw it happen.  It was a truly awful sight but at least I know she didn't suffer for any length of time.  I have relived it over and over but can not see anything I could do to change it.  It was just an accident.  She was having a play then a bite to eat then a play and she ran into a fence that she had seen all her life.  The fence was in good condition, creasoted wood reinforced with high visibility white electric rope to discourage them fighting over the fence or eating it.  The other side of the fence was empty, the wood fence broke but for some reason the plastic insulators and rope didn't.  Blasted Welsh ponies constantly break insulators and rope but for Whipper the end stop holding the rope at the gateway 15 feet to the right came out of the ground, flew after her and hit her hind leg with great force.
Everyone who saw Whipper in her 4 months was hugely impressed by her beauty, presence and movement.  She has earned Holme Park some Scottish fans "

Our sincere condolences to PJ on her bad luck but hope she will persevere with Trakehners.